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“Some People Live, and Some People Die..”

Nobody Knows—

What monsters rule us:

How ironic–

 U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sibelius says she doesn’t want to intervene in transplant decisions about a dying Pennsylvania girl when three other children at the same hospital are just as sick.

The little dying girls just needs her signature…that’s it.  The other kids have nothing whatsoever to do with this.Kathleen Sebelius 2

They say she has been awaiting a transplant from a pediatric donor and is also eligible for a lung from an adult donor. But under existing policy all adults in the region with her blood type will be offered the lungs first, her parents say, even those more stable and with less severe conditions. The girl’s parents called for a change in the policy after their appeal was denied.

Kathleen (Goebbels) Sebelius, must have felt powerful because she holds the little girls’ life in her hands. And then she says that she doesn’t  want to have to decide who lives and who dies.

Have you got that?

She doesn’t want to be the one who decides who lives and who dies.

But she just did. She just killed her by denying her care. But, hey…she’ll look into the rule that keeping the girl from living.

A Congressman tried to BEG:

I’m begging you … Sarah has three to five weeks to live. Suspend the rules until we look at this policy,” Rep. Lou Barletta, R-Pa., told Sibelius at a session of a House Education and Workforce Committee hearing.

“Forty people in your home state are waiting for a lung,” Sibelius countered in the exchange in which the pair spoke over each other.

Remember this hypocrisy, next time you hear Michelle Obama claim that we must do everything for the children.young girl dying

This is compassion? This is ‘progressive’? We have the science but the great dictators will not let us use it?

Does everyone here realized that these people are going to start committing  genocide? Does everyone get it? Obamacare will decide  whether they LET you live or die, if you should need help.

What we can all do is PRAY..that some parent somewhere, whose child dies in the next few weeks, let’s pray that they hear of this poor child, and donates some lungs.

And may God help this monster called Kathleen Sibelius, because I’m pretty sure if she was lying on a road dying and asked for my help, I would not give her any…

I would simply say…”Some people live, and some people die.”

And walk away.

(Sorry, I’m pissed.)

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Who Let the Dogs Out? Wolf, Wolf,- Jim McDermott

Nobody Reports

Today, thanks to Fox News, who were the only ones carrying it because C-SPAN was too afraid to, we heard moving testimony from regular citizens who had been threatened and attacked by the IRS when they filed a “tax-free” form, paid their $800.00, and then…got harassed and ignored. The testimony was paramount to how Hitler must have started when he went after the Jews. The evidence is overwhelming that Obama and the IRS wanted information…and used intimidation with the full force of the government to get it, with threats of perjury and jail time, if these people did not comply and give them what they wanted. They targeted only the patriotic Americans.

Obama’s democrat whip boy today was: The psychologist turned progressive attack dog, Stay Puff-the-Daddy, Jim McDermott.

Remember, Obama does this all the time: Whenever democrats are accused of a feloney, they attack. Here’s a more of what he said:

“The mistake here was that the staff organizing the organizations used the names of the organizations rather than the work they do and asked improper questions to figure that out,” McDermott said. “It’s clearly wrong. It was inept, stupid and a whole lot of other things. But let’s not get lost. During the Bush administration, liberal groups were targeted without any concern by Mr. Issa or anyone else on this committee. The Republicans were looking for a conspiracy where there isn’t one. Mr. Issa says ‘he can feel it in his gut’ that someone’s broken the law.”

“Just ask yourself which is more likely,” McDermott continued. “That mid-level employees overwhelmed by four-times as many applications as before made stupid, irresponsible shortcuts? Or that there is an administration-wide plot to take down community organizers. Let’s not forget that this happened under an IRS commissioner appointed by George Bush and was investigated by a Republican inspector general.”

So, this whole IRS thing is just a political theater, Bush did it, the poor IRS agents are overworked, and some mistakes were made and YOU people sitting there whining shouldn’t even be here because your whole motive is political and you shouldn’t get a tax break. Shame on you. Castro with Obama

Jim McDermott even bought up the “communist party” to throw everybody off, to the fact that what Obama is doing is exactly what China or Russia, or Cuba would do. He knows we are all thinking it, so he is dismissing it with bringing it up. Paul Ryan smacked him down, but not well enough in my Nobody Opinion.

I would have bought up the many progressive organizations, (Like Obama’s brother) and who are nothing but political entities, who get tax exemptions. And also, all the subsidies that Congressmen put in all the bills that patriotic people have to pay for.

Jim McDermott: Another poster boy for term limits. Somebody needs to make a poster so patriotic Americans can post them up in their offices and walls…like the FBI wanted list.

If Obama can have lists…so can we.

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