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Nobody’s Fool: Wild Bill—Again.

Nobody’s Fool

Wild Bill sums up Marco Rubio pretty well in this video. Marco Rubio has been the biggest promoter of amnesty for illegals of either party. He is on every radio station. I am starting to see him in my garage, my grocery store…the local gas station. This weekend is the Fiesta here in my neighborhood, where hundreds of people from all over South America come up to sell their blankets and stuff, and no doubt, never go back. Frankly, I think this figure of 11 million illegals that Marco keeps spouting out every chance he gets is a very low number. According to most experts, it’s more like 40 million. And if they are all “In the shadows” then who is counting them?

 Wild Bill is my Nobody’s Fool of the week, because he states what many of us feel but don’t dare say, Rubio is a disappointment. He’s hard not to like so therefore, harder to put down. Like Bill says, almost all conservatives liked Rubio when he first appeared on the scene.

Harry Reid can have his July 4th amnesty bill in the Senate. I’m wearing a cowboy hat with the words (Follow the Wild Bill) on my cowboy hat because I’m pretty sure only a handful of people know who he is. Speaking of that….I need a new flag. My liberal neighbors and Muslims have had it too good for too long.

Wild Bill hits the mark, I adore his “take no prisoners” attitude. Who wouldn’t want this man at their next summer barbecue?


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