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A Reason to Go White Water Rafting in Alaska

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I love it when someone comes out and starts promoting herself for President, simply because her main qualification it that she IS a woman. Hillary said this in Canada, because she wants their vote to help her become President:

In a video of a private Clinton speech posted to YouTube on Friday, Clinton told a Canadian audience that she hoped the U.S. would elect a woman to the White House because it would send “exactly the right historical signal” to men, women and children. She said women in politics need to “dare to compete” and the nation needs to “take that leap of faith.”

So, you want us to take that leap of faith for you Hillary? Just like the people in Benghazi did?
Remember when your mother told you that just because your friend Johnny jumped off a cliff, does that mean the you have to follow him? Same thing. Go ahead! Vote for the first woman President, Hillary Clinton, and jump off the cliff with her!

Oh boy. Is the first black man to be President going to let the first woman be President, or are the American people going to “elect” the THIRD family Bush into the White House?thCA0F14J2
All of a sudden, I want to go whitewater rafting in Alaska.thCA5IQ21Y

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Nobody’s Email: Why Women Live Longer

Nobody Gets Email

Hey, it’s Saturday. The men are out doing the “Honey-do list” and the title of this picture was: Why women live longer.

I know. I really don’t think this was staged.

Men Die One

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