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Nothing Like a Little Free State Slave Labor!

Nobody Knows–

When the policy came about of making High School students do 50 hours of community service in order to pass high school actually started. It certainly wasn’t a requirement when I was in high school. But, here in my liberal neighborhood, if you don’t go out and pick up trash, or do telemarketing, or help your “community” while you’re in high school, you don’t service 3

In my local newspaper, they brag about it:

Hazelwood High Schools—Continuing their well- rounded scholarship, each of 1,261 graduating seniors completed at least 50 hours of community service. Students at Hazelwood Central amassed 40,791 hours. East gave 26,805 hours and Hazel wood West 42,928 hours.

They can’t read, add, or do simple math, but they will serve their community with pride. Who thought up this insane idea?Com servie 2

Nobody Knows, how ‘serving” your community can be considered even a logical thing for our kids to be wasting time on. After all, the U.S. compared to other countries, is hopelessly failing it’s students, even though we spend more money than any nation in the world. The time they are wasting being the government’s little communistic slaves, could be better spent on learning how to pass school. Most of the kids in Hazelwood would flunk a G.E.D test.

The Program for International Student Assessment measurement found the United States ranked 31st in math literacy among 15-year-old students and below the international average. The same 2009 tests found the United States ranked 23rd in science among the same students, but posting an average score.

And it’s not just the students doing the extra slave work: The Hazelwood teachers now are “volunteering” their time in various project, like “helping the poor.” They get written up in the papers, as if they are doing it of their own free will.
Ha! I saw these teachers after the tornado hit my street. They were NOT happy campers. They probably get their free laptops taken away if they don’t volunteer.

This is something from the old communist countries, but it has been going on years here in my liberal neighborhood. And the parents have no say in it whatsoever. Nobody Knows where else they do this insanity, but I can only imagine.

Here’s one kid’s opinion of it, and somehow, he managed to keep his brain, it’s the adults that have lost theirs.Com service 1

Posted on 2/23/2012 2:28pm
Unconstitutional and liberal socialism
I’m a student in MA and I think community service is a joke. I think it’s unconstitutional and the liberal education heads probably came up with this. I have to do 60 hrs over four years. I’d like to get a job, do drivers ed, and have a life. More importantly though, my town and school don’t do S*** for me. My parents pay their taxes (a lot of them), I don’t even do any school sports or clubs. Basically, my town doesn’t do anything for me that my parents don’t already pay for in taxes. Why should I give my time and effort to my town and/or school if they’ve never done anything for me except tax me? For those people who say making kids do community service is like making kids learn math and do their homework, your wrong. The government makes children go to school through twelfth grade (unless you drop out). The US constitution amendment 13 says, “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction”. If the government forces children to do community service to graduate in public government run schools, that directly violates the amendment our government created, basically hypocrisy. One might argue and say “you don’t have to do community service, you just won’t get your diploma”. Community service has no educational value to it, unlike any of the other subjects you learn in school. If it was a class that would be one thing. The fact that you have to do this community service on your own is different. The only possible educational value I can see is a moral or religious personal benefit, and in that case, church and state are declared separate in the United States. If you are going to make community service mandatory to graduate from high school, you need to make high school optional (I’m not suggesting that that be done). It might be different in a catholic or private school because you have a choice to go there. I’m not saying that community service is bad, for example I think it’s good to volunteer for your church, but only because your church provides you a basically free service. I agree that the parents should decide if their children volunteer or not.

EXACTLY. It should be up to the parents, not the state. Well said. The state is taking your kid out of the classroom, and using him to do free labor for the state.


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Women Are SUFFERING Everywhere

Nobody Reports

It seems being a woman in China is more dangerous now than it ever was before the revolution. One woman was actually KILLED by a runaway shopping cart. I can relate. One time, in a local shopping parking lot, some woman tried to kill me with her car, because she wanted my boyfriend. But I outsmarted her…meaning…I ran REAL hard, and graciously gave him to her. But, this poor woman didn’t see it coming. It smashed her into a pillar and that was about it.

Woman killed by cart

And it’s not just the shopping carts that are attacking Chinese women. (Maybe she was an old girlfriend of Jackie Chan) Breast implants are exploding.

A Chinese woman’s breast implant exploded after playing a game (Dragon Summon) on her iPhone while lying on her stomach for four hours.Implant

I’m sure her Dragon Summon score was worth the pain.

But, the Chinese women, are not the only ones who are suffering. Hillary Clinton is now selling tee-shirts with her facc plastered on the front to start up her Presidential campaign for 2016.  She looks like a Buddha-in-the-moon, with a serious 1984 big sister gaze.Hillary 2016

I’d take runaway shopping carts and exploding breast plants any old day. But what I really would like to say is:

Do you think some Chinese officials would take Hillary shopping next time she goes to visit? We really are NOT ready for her.

I’m just….saying. American women could use some help.

(It’s a JOKE NSA. Get real.)

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