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The Difference Between Obama and Bush: Russ Tice is NOT Living in Ecuador

Nobody’s Opinion

I was watching a movie today called IKE. Tom Selleck played the WWII general, Dwight Eisenhower and he did a fairly decent job. It was all about recreation of the days leading up to D-Day and the heavy decisions that the general had to make leading up to the invasion. I only mention this because in the movie, Eisenhower talked about psychological warfare.

Psychological warfare, was used during all our wars by the generals who wanted to influence the enemy.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but think that WE, the American people, are now being attacked by our own government…with…psychological warfare. We have been relentlessly manipulated on every issue: Gay rights, abortion, guns, illegal immigration. The right people to deliver this propaganda has been placed on every channel. The real news is being replaced with commentary, and psychological warfare.

And it’s all over our movies and entertainment. For years now, we have been watching endless doomsdays movies and TV sitcoms, which put fear into us. Our politicians are on TV daily, telling us what to think,  and what will happen to us if we don’t think or believe what they tell us. You can’t tell me the government isn’t in on all these “Zombie, end of the world.” sitcoms. Sure, they can be fun, but is that ALL they can think of?

Oh right. They did release a movie about two nutty guys joining Google, just to advertise Google.

No, to this Nobody it’s as obvious as the rain on my roof. The propaganda to change America has been ongoing and pernicious. And above all: Treasonous. For example, witness this gestapo like interview by David Gregory of the Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald, on Meet the Press this morning:

Yesterday, on all the Sunday talk shows, the gunning for the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowdon…… was surreal. I feel like my mind is being put under machine gun attacks.  Snowdon, has endangered us all. It’s official. Now the terroritst won’t use cell phones anymore. We are now, all in danger. High danger.


Gee, the Boston Bombers were on FACEBOOK and the FBI didn’t even notice them.

I’m going to write about Snowdow tomorrow. But today, take a listen to THIS former NSA agent, Russ Tice, who worked during the Bush administration. Mr. Rice, tells us that he was wiretapping Supreme Court Justices, Congressmen, and the then running for Senator, Barack Obama. He thought it was insane. Gee…wonder why Dick Chaney didn’t call him a traitor? Did I miss that? Why does he get a pass and Snowden doesn’t?

Instead of us all being outraged by the government that is doing this, our attention is RE-directed to the new villain on the screen: Snowdon. He’s in Russia. He’s in Cuba. He is cavorting with the communists. He is destroying the world.

There are two sides to this story. You either believe that the government is right, or you believe that Snowdon was trying to do the right thing. It depends on who you trust.

There IS a another side.—- IF we are attacked by terrorists, then you can bet your next boy-child that they will  blame that traitor, Edward  Snowdon for it. NOBODY in our government will be blamed for not protecting us.

Nobody. They are never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever to blame.

And that’s the psychosocial war-game that they have already won…isn’t it?

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Michael Hastings; The Reporter that Did NOT go to Moscow

Nobody Flashes

Gee…Michael Hastings, the reporter who brought down McCrystal, gets paranoid, and commits suicide by crashing his car into t tree. Of course, we have a video saying nobody was following him. Did somebody tamper with his car? Sure looks like he was going pretty fast.

But no! How dare you even THINK that anyone would harm this good reporter. Okay, you conspiracy nuts! Listen up. I’m only going to say this once:

JFK Jr. was NOT shot down by Bill Clinton because he was planning on running for the Senate seat of New York, thereby depriving Hillary Clinton of her chance to get into the Senate.

Princess Diana was NOT killed by some plot from the crown, because she was becoming a big embarrassment, why, it always takes an ambulance 4 hours to get to the scene of a crash. What, did you think that the royal family gets special treatment?

Vince Foster committed suicide and Hillary Clinton had to shred all his notes to protect their affair. Wouldn’t you?

There IS no conspiracy to gather all information about American citizens in order to control them forever. They NEED to listen to everyone to make sure grandpa isn’t planning on attacking the good citizens in the Mosques.

Obama really did win the election. There really is not one single person in Philadelphia that voted for him.

Obama really was born in Hawaii, because if he was born in Kenya, he would go and visit his brother on his next trip to Africa!

What is wrong with you people! You honestly think that the 4th amendment is all about your right to privacy? No, a President’s right to protect you from all harm trumps that…what is your problem?

Really. You people who think our government would kill a reporter for revealing secrets…don’t know what you’re talking about.

This is America.

And the feds have all the hallow-points, because they love you.

Don’t you forget it.

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