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Democrats LOVE Big Wieners!

Nobody Wonders–

If New York elections are rigged.

Anthony Wiener, a man who was exposed as being a big pervert because he liked to send pictures of his ‘wiener’ to young girls on Twitter, is now in the lead to be the next New York Mayor! While many of us non-New Yorkers would never vote for a man who was obviously a borderline sexual predator, we might remember that democrats love the sexual predators! And that’s probably why Bill Clinton was at Wiener’s weeding to Huma Abedin…which took place at the Oheka Castle in Huntington, New York, on Long Island.

Huma and weiner Mr. Weiner’s dramatic move to the front of the Democratic pack comes two years after he resigned from Congress amid a sexting scandal. He admitted he sent women sexually explicit photos via Twitter and then lied about it. Mr. Weiner has made asking New Yorkers to give him a second chance a central part of his campaign since he began flirting with a candidacy in April. Mr. Weiner carries his lead across racial, gender and geographic lines. He is beating Ms. Quinn among male Democrats, 29% to 19%, and just slightly among female Democrats, 22% to 21%.

But, Mr. Weiner is not the real concern here for New Yorkers…it’s his wife who they should be concerned about, and her connections to the Clintons. Huma has been Hillary’s Clintons best gal-pal since getting the top job as her advisor in 2000. Not only that, she was making $136,000 a year, and at the same time working a private six- figure consultant job on the side. But, more worrisome is her ties to “The Brotherhood.”Huma and Hillary

Abedin has three family members–her late father, her mother and her brother–connected to Muslim Brotherhood operatives and/or organizations”.[12][13] Abedin is a practicing Muslim.[17] She speaks English, Urdu, and Arabic.

Yes, Nobody Wonders if New Yorkers have a say whatsoever who their next mayor is going to be. And if Anthony Wiener becomes New York’s Mayor, and Hilary Clintons wins the White House, a new Mosque will be built at ground zero, and it will be the biggest one ever built in the United States of America. Hillary and Huma will see to that.

Nobody Wonders how the New Yorkers will like that?

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