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It’s clear: Davos welcomes with sycophantic and pathetic arms, their pick for the new Overlord of the world— Xi Jinping.

EVERYONE at Davos this year, came out kissing the lord and master of the New World Order: Xi Jinping.

While I’m familiar with Gates thinking HE is running the world and redesigning it like we are all his little play toy things, Nobody Wonders if Gates is so narcissistic that he thinks China will let him LIVE after they have used him up for the Global Road to Tyranny that Gates, Fauci and Nazi impersonation Klaus are so happy about.

I have never listened to a speech by Xi Jinping. I got 18 minutes into it and almost fell asleep. It was a speech that Obama could have given, or Biden, or Pelosi, which means, corrupt tyrants everywhere all sound the same. They try REAL hard to sound SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sincere, filled with promises and false lies, and yet, we all know that China released the virus and spread it around the world to destroy the economies of the world in order to bring in the GLOBAL world government. And that they killed millions and MADE millions while doing it. And he had Fauci and Gates and Zuckerfact to help him do it.

I got tired of hearing him say “GLOBAL”.

The question is: Gates, Fauci, Davos, our big CEOs all love this guy, because they don’t want ANY people in any of the world to have freedom.

They want it ALL. ALL the money, ALL the power, and if you think these horrible men even care about you or your life, or the planet, then I have another Windows version of 3.0 to sell you.

We don’t have to go into the damage that China and Gates have done to the world. But the fact that all it takes is a slick lying salesman to sell you your own death, and make it sound wonderful, well, I find it it rather—


History tells us, BOTH these guys need to be stopped. And add that nutcase/NAZI Klaus with them.

And we thought Hitler was bad.

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Sports, Iraq, and U.S. China Beginnings

Nobody Cares

About a few of my thoughts today:

There are two things that really seemed strange to this Nobody, and I noticed it right after Biden got into the White House…besides the fact that we weren’t even SURE that was where he was.

  1. All sports instantly came back on our TVS. Did you notice? As if they had never left. The fact that no people were allowed in the stadiums to watch, were underplayed and barely mentioned. The sounds of huge crowds were faked, and cardboard people were put in the stands. The announcers just ignored it— Completely. They were back in their sports seats, calling the shots, getting paid again, and that includes ALL sports. Trump was out, and suddenly, athletics didn’t get Covid. And yet, Fauci still says we are all in danger. It was as if they tortured America with sports lockdown until Biden got in. Okay, you can have sports now.
  • WE ARE BACK AT WAR. On the first day, Biden bombed Syria, and now, you turn on the TV and we are getting back to our daily news about our troops being hit in Iraq. It’s like the war never stopped.

Many, like me, loved President Trump for saying getting into the middle East wars was stupid.

So, why, besides the money that so many politicians make off war, do our politicians, democrats AND RINOS keep putting us BACK into the Middle East?

I found this paragraph today, in the unauthorized biography of George Bush, and it might show a bit of light on the ‘deep state’ mentality—

Before Daddy Bush was President, he worked for Nixon. In fact, he took his orders from Kissinger. He was basically a Kissinger clone. One of the reasons I blame the Bushes as much as the progressives.


“The most essential level of Kissinger was the British one. That meant that U.S. Foreign policy was to be guided by British imperial geopolitics, in particular the notion of the balance of power. The United States must always ally with the second strongest land power in the world. (Red China) against the strongest land power (The Soviet Union.) in order to preserve the balance of power. This was expressed in the 1971-72 Nixon-Kissinger opening to Beijing, to which Bush would contribute from his U.N. Post. The balance of power, since it rules out a positive engagement for the economic progress of the international community as a whole, has always been a recipe for new wars. Kissinger was in constant contact with British foreign policy operatives like Sir Eric Roll of S. G. Warburg in London, Lord Victor Rothschild, the Barings bank and others.”

(NOBODY NOTES: This is where the Pilgrim’s Society comes in…and that’s another blog)

Henry Kissinger openly expounded his role and philosophy as a British agent of influence within the U.S. government during the Nixon and Ford Years. On May 10, 1982, in a speech given at the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House in London he said this:

“The British were so matter-of-factly helpful that they became a participant in internal American deliberations, to a degree probably never before practiced between sovereign nations. In my period in office, the British played a seminal part in certain American bilateral negotiations with the Soviet Union, in that they helped draft the key document. In my White House incarnation then, I kept the British Foreign office better informed and more closely engaged than I did the American State Department…In my negotiations over Rhodesia I would form a British draft with British spelling even when I did not fully grasp the distinction between a working paper and a Cabinet approved document. “

Is that the SAME Secret Agent who was standing behind Biden at the inauguration? Notice, no hand on heart.

(NOBODY: Remember the Trump Coup was done with British helping the FBI.)

And why are we nice to CHINA?)

“One of the realities of 1971 was threat the bankrupt British had declared themselves to be financially unable to maintain their military presence in the Indian Ocean and the Far East, in the area “East of Suez”. Par of the timing of the Kissinger China card was dictated by the British desire to acquire China as a counterweight to India in this vast are of the world.”


Fast forward to 2021 and NOW China uses the U.S. to take over the world.

Great job there idiots. How’s that New World Order working out for us?

And this was from today’s news:


Xi Jinping has struck a confident posture as he looks to secure China’s prosperity and power in a post-Covid world, saying that the country is entering a time of opportunity when “the East is rising and the West is declining.”

“The biggest source of chaos in the present-day world is the United States,” Mr. Xi said, a county official in northwest China recounted in a speech published last week on a government website. He quoted Mr. Xi as saying: “The United States is the biggest threat to our country’s development and security.”

‘The East Is Rising’: Xi Maps Out China’s Post-Covid Ascent – DNyuz


So the question is: Are the globalists STILL using the same old playbook?

Nobody Seems to care. They are just glad to be back to things as usual.

And by the way…..HOW old is Kissinger?

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TEXAS…The Last Stance Against CHINA.

Last week, we saw a once in a lifetime event happen in Texas, the one state left besides Florida that holds on to it’s ‘republican’ roots. It was hit, with an event, that no one thought could ever happen. Freezing temperatures that was so severe the electrical company, the one with the new fancy windmills that actually froze over with ice and stopped working, was certainly the reason that millions were left in the dark. Without electric. Without water. And in many cases without food. Proving of course, the windmills are a joke.

It was so cold that one Texan actually froze in his lounge chair. One woman, died with her daughter from monoxide poisoning in her car.

Over 40 people died in this disaster, and Texas was BEGGGING for Biden to help. President Trump would have sent help in a heartbeat as he always did. Not Biden. He was playing Mario Carts up in Camp Davis. The one man who could have sent help didn’t, waited to pick and choose which counties he would help.

SenatorTed Cruz, left his cold house and went to Mexico. Was he just on ‘vacation?’ Or was Cruz having a very important meeting about his upcoming run in 2024 with some Mexican big wig? We don’t know.

You all KNOW I don’t trust Cruz.

But, who do you think the media attacked?

So, why did Biden NOT help Texas? While Bill Gates was out saying it wasn’t windmills fault, why, they work in the Artic! (He must have taken time out from his interviews to look that up.) The Texas government, mostly lead by the GOP, was totally unprepared and incessantly embarrassed.

So the democrats did their usual: Don’t let a crisis go to waste: blame the OTHER guy—their official motto.

The great state of Texas was brought to its knees.

THIS nobody finds it easy to believe it could have been a ‘weather’ attack by HARP and the Chinese/democratic/globalists connections, the fact is, this is GREAT news for China.

China recently purchased over 100,000 acres of land in West Texas. They built a wind farm near U.S. military Like Fort Hood, Fort Bliss and Lackland Air Force Base.


Plunging prices have wreaked havoc on Texas oil companies struggling to avoid a wave of bankruptcies that has ravished the industry during the past five years, leaving them ripe takeover targets for rivals from China and elsewhere.

The companies’ vulnerability to foreign buyers raises the risk that the U.S. might lose control over valuable oil-producing lands in the Permian Basin, a swath of land in western Texas and southeastern New Mexico that helped the country become the world’s largest crude producer amid a shale boom.

Isn’t that what the globalists want? Complete shutdown of all U.S. oil production?


Clearly, China has launched it’s attacks against the whole of Western Civilization.

So how did this happen? Well, the GOP is very guilty, and only RINOs would do this. They did NOT fix the electrical grid of Texas…like all politicians, they just put it off.


REVEALED: Texas Establishment Republicans Blew Off Securing Electrical Grid Since 2015 – National File

Texans never voted for anyone in ERCOT. What are the people of Texas supposed to do about ERCOT?

The chairman of ERCOT doesn’t even live in Texas, but Minnesota.

Oncor, the electrical provider of Texas, is owned by Sempra Energy, headquartered out of California. The sale to this company was authorized under the purview of the Texas legislature.

So what have Texas legislators been working on instead of securing the Texas electrical grid?

Dade Phelan, instead of looking at serious issues, has instead been focusing on “diversity” and the genitals of his appointments serving on house committees as being some kind of grand achievement.


Just this morning, My favorite Brit, Nigel Farage, made a video saying that the Chinese now owns most of the schools in England, and are promoting and brainwashing the English children to the communist Chinese government coming soon.

Here in America, we have sat by and witnessed our two biggest states, with the biggest economies, have been completely destroyed, by democratic governors. Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, Newsom in CA, and Cuomo in New York, have done EVERYTHING they could to destroy those economies.

Think: If you were going to destroy the United State in order to take over the world, you’d have to destroy the economy of the United States. Release the virus, put the top politicians in your pockets, and take out the big boys first. They used the machines to get rid of Trump, put in their favorite American puppet, and you are almost there.

Take out the biggest money makers: Both New York and California, will not likely ever be the same.

But there’s Still Texas. They MUST get TEXAS. Not only for the electoral votes, but everybody is moving there and TEXAS just might succeed from the union, which would start a new civil war.

Sadly, TEXAS…has a history of belonging to the globalists. Keeping Texas out of China’s hands will take men as brave as those at the Alamo. Which brings me to…the Bush Family: Not exactly the Daniel Boones of our times.

I was cleaning out my library last week, and found a book called the “Unauthorized biography of George H.W. Bush.” If you want to know how we got to this mess, by all means try to get a copy.

At the same time, I just watched the movie,”W” last week. It’s no coincidence that this movie is very high on Netflick’s list. I’ll talk about that tomorrow.

Here’s a scene from the movie…Brolin does George W. so well, it’s almost scary. In fact, the whole movie is just another rewrite of history, but mostly put out to bring the world back to believing that George W. was a good old Texas American boy!

Don’t let this scene fool you. Just watch. And remember, everything you read and hear…is suspect to propaganda.

The Bushes…and Texas. OMG. Have we been fooled. This week, I will write more on what I learned.

I know this was a long post, and I went from Texas to China to Bushes, but I swear, there IS a connection. I’m just setting it up…for more tomorrow.

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Nobody Wonders About The Deep State

Nobody Wonders

I wake up each day, and find myself wondering just WHO to believe. Everything in the news, and I mean everything, has to be taken with “Consider the source, and the motive.” in mind. I have been overwhelmed by the Orwellian nature of the U.S. Government. I always think it can’t get any worse, and it does.

Like many conservatives, I went to the Drudge Report in the morning, and trusted it. Drudge himself said that a Supreme Court Justice said they were coming after him. And sure enough, Drudge took a complete about face, into anti-Trump mode. Something I NEVER thought would have happened.

After all, how many of us, pass a certain age, one day wake up and say, “I don’t believe anything I EVER thought in my past…now I’m all on board for the left?

Ann Coulter did the same. A conservative by all her books, I loved the way she wrote and attacked the liberals with humor even. Ann wrote a book supporting Trump, and then wow…with the snap of her fingers she became one of his number one enemies.

When FOX news got rid of their biggest stars, Bill O’Reilly, I was like…whoa…what? Then, Roger Ailes. Now, FOX is starting to look like CNN. Newsmax has taken it over, but I remember Newsmax running a biography of Trump all through the 2016 election, and it was a rather damning piece. Newsmax, no doubt, will become the next FOX. Slowly they will start to say Trump should resign, while keeping a few money makers on tap.

There’s a pattern here: They get you hooked on the program (whether TV serious or movie, or News) saying the things YOU know are true, then slowly, they introduce the progressive mantras: Gays, blacks are oppressed, American history is bad, meat is bad, a borderless world is good, and only the ‘chosen few’, like past Presidents, know what’s good for the world. You would turn off the program if they started OUT with those messages, so it’s all done slowly.

Once we all believed in our Presidents, but Americans watched while Daddy Bush, Bill Clinton, Baby Bush, Obama and Biden, all gave away our country to outsiders and globalism, and they still are in the background working for their own families fortunes.

And Congress? Who can you trust in Congress? I can count them on one hand.

Even Rush…he is trying to promote himself again today, because many people are mad at his attacks on Trump’s lawyers. Would Rush dish Trump just to save his program? NO Joyanna…not Rush.

Hey, I listened to Rush everyday, and he was all for Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz did some really dishonest things, and both he and his wife are Wall Street. Remember when we thought George W. was a Texan? Yeah, how did that turn out?

I wouldn’t be surprised if Ted is hoping for the Presidential run in 2024.

Would Rush give up on Trump just to save his radio program?

What do you think?

Sadly, I remember thinking that the ‘deep state’ had Princess Diana killed AND JFK Jr. And I think Obama was born in Kenya like his real brother says he was. I think this global game of control has been around for decades and the American people have been kept in the dark.

The political game is so well played, that the deep state picks who gets to run, and who runs the country. They plan for our future, and now, we will be controlled like we have never have been controlled ever before. We will all be vaccinated (or else we won’t eat or be able to travel) Even Hitler would have loved that control.

We the people have been left out for many, many years…until Trump.

Is it ANY wonder that President Trump is the only one this Nobody trusts anymore? And one day, I’m afraid to wake up and find they even got to him.

(I’m hoping not..truly.)

As the saying goes, “The Surest Things can Change.” Like I said, I don’t know WHAT to think, or who to believe. I understand this is part of the Alinsky method, to confuse you with so many lies you don’t know what is true, but when they control the internet, it’s hard. When you lock down and purposely destroy a whole country, it’s hard not to get discouraged.

This isn’t a civil war just in America, it will be a civil war with the people of the world against the deep state of global/fascistic communism.

And THEY have all the bombs. They won’t have to use any of them. It will all be done under the “We care for you!” mantra of fear and control.

So, what can we do?


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Nobody Wonders about Mitt, China, And Laser Beams

Nobody Wonders

Nobody Wonders about a lot these days. Since RBG died, the cable news networks have been ecstatic. Everybody is so burnt out on politics, they were tuning out, going outside, enjoying barbeques…I mean “COME ON MAN!” every hour on the hour it’s reported that a guy who has dementia and can’t draw a crowd over 20 is winning every state.

And now, the democrats are threatening to burn down the whole system of government, something by the way, they have been doing for decades.  Impeachment, violence against Trump supporters, and years of not allowing ANYBODY to make a living, is on the table. Puerto Rico will become a state as will D.C. And all you rednecks in the suburbs…they are coming to burn YOUR house down too if Trump wins in November.

Yes, the upcoming fight for the Supreme Court is being advertised as the greatest fight in history.

Choose you man! Get out the popcorn! That is, if your popcorn popper wasn’t burnt up in some forest fire in California, or Portland, or New York, or by some hurricane.

Nobody Wonders, with all the fires being started by “the left” and countless of poor people losing their lives and homes, you don’t hear much sympathy for them, do we? The camera shoots of the devastation from the fire are not as important as the Wuhan virus. No, they are short.

VERY SHORT. Or…who is REALLY starting all these fires and natural disasters?

The deep state is keeping the news on the virus. It’s the only way they can continue with the global takeover of the planet. And everybody’s mind off the real threats we face.

In fact, I heard one guy on the radio claim that China will nuke us, and then we will all gladly come together to be controlled, and BEG for the state to come and help us. And then, those of us who do NOT want a world government will be…taken. It’s won’t be pretty.

I have another friend who swears that the East and West coast will be hit by a tsunami, caused by Russian submarines.

I don’t even think if we had an alien attack that the left and right would join together. No, Nancy would sacrifice us all to the aliens to destroy. And China would take them over offering them their cheap labor market to make their alien weapons.

So, all eyes were on Mitt Romney today, afraid that he would be the one to stop the vote on Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court…all he actually said was that he would vote for it.

But this Nobody Wondered if Mitt’s ‘deal’ for HIS vote was that he would insist on the woman the globalist want: Which seems to be Amy. The Catholic with 7 kids. (Or so it’s reported by some.)

And who is to say, that she won’t vote with globalists Justice Roberts?

Mitt will get his ‘revenge’ if she votes with Justice Roberts and votes against the President, when the dems take the whole thing to the Supreme Court.

Or maybe they will just skip that and come for us.

And then there’s this:

(Natural News) “Michael Caputo, an assistant secretary for public affairs at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), warned viewers during a Sep. 13 Facebook Live session that the Democrats are planning an armed insurrection against President Donald Trump.

Let’s hope Trump was not bluffing today. A few well-pointed American lazes from space would do fine.


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The LONG Plan of Global Takeover is Here: Stand Back.

Nobody’s Opinion

Yesterday, I was scrolling through my ‘phone’ news, a news app I did NOT sign up for, it just came with the phone, and I saw this headline:

Fact Checker DIES of exhaustion. 

According to the report, and NO this was NOT the Onion, some poor lady was so exhausted from trying to keep up with all the Trump’s family lies that she died of sheer exhaustion. The people that hired her to do this job did NOT expect so many lies to be told at the RNC convention.

At first I laughed out loud, and then I thought, how many people are reading this crap and thinking it’s true? It was in the regular news feed.

Today, it was admitted that only 10,000 people have actually died from COVID-19. Fauci had to admit it. But on the news, more shutdowns and it’s reported that almost 200,000 have died, you hear it everywhere. The mask wearing mandates are closing down businesses all over the country, and for what?

England and France’s people have figured it out.

How many times in the last few days did we hear that the boy that shot back at rioters was called again and again a “murderer” when he was was actually defending himself? There is lots of video to prove it.

Now, a young Trump supporter was point blank shot dead in Portland for wearing the wrong hat.

How does the media react? Well, Trump WANTS these riots, they are saying, and he’s the President, this is happening on HIS watch! In fact, all this is his fault. Never a mention about the democratic mayors and governors that are standing by and letting it happen.

The English people have woke up. They are protesting the “mask” charade. The French too. BIG protests. Their leaders want them all arrested.

Clearly, this is a planned GLOBAL takeover of the world…and whose behind it all? China. And our biggest companies.

And Amazon is right up there with the coup. Let me tell you why.

Bezos didn’t just buy the Post because he wanted to get into the newspaper business. They all know, they HAVE to control the news. They push out  the fake news and utter lies we hear and see every second of every day, whether you want to see it, or not.

Which brings me to Amazon. The other day, I read a report about how Amazon is putting ports into all these different cities. And I was very surprised to learn that OUR city was not one of them.

This is a global EFFORT, and here’s the proof to me that what we are seeing happening has the support of all the tech companies. And the major media here in our own country.

As you know, I’ve lived most all my life. St. Louis is smack dap in the middle of the nation. Missouri is why the stealth bombers are located here. Sometime during the last years of Bush, TWA, moved out of Lambert field…which once was so busy with air traffic that you could look up in the sky and see the planes lined up, at least 7 waiting to land. TWA left, was destroyed, and THEN the whole airport and surrounding area was transformed.

Oh, it took them some time, but where once thriving hotels, restaurants, neighborhoods stood, it was ALL torn down. It took them years, but they did it. Most of us could not believe that the construction went on, since the airport was dead.

A HUGE bunker and BIG hills were created. A new runway that would hold the biggest plane ever built was constructed.  It’s still there, just waiting for traffic. And If you could google Lambert field today, you would see what LOOKS like, a hidden bunker. A giant hidden bunker under the airport.

Recently, there were HUNDREDS of solar panels put up next to it. Across the street from the airport, where there IS no structures.

Now, several years ago, China wanted to buy the airport. Or rent it, I can’t remember. We had lots of our politicians say how WONDERFUL it would be so sell Lambert field to China, because it would bring so much business to the area. We lost a Ford Plant, and Boeing is at this airport. For years it was reported that a Chinese company right across the street from Boeing was a front for spying. This company ‘sold’ giant statues. Of course, they never sold those statues.

So, the people got to vote on whether they wanted China here, and we all voted NO.

During the Obama years, all was quiet. But since the election, Amazon has been on a real tear here in North St. Louis. Right next to the airport HUGE, and I mean HUGE warehouses have been built almost overnight. Old car dealerships are being tuned into PRIME TRUCK parking lots. More car washes are going up, and major work on our highways are being done, right next to the warehouses.

This is ALL for Amazon. So, why are they keeping this huge transformation of a town so secret?

I believe that Amazon is going in with China to make St. Louis a major hub for China/Amazon business. It’s part of the global takeover of the world that China has planned and THAT is news that you won’t hear about at all.

There’s the FAKE news, and the censored news.

A while back I told you about a Chinese guy that came up to my front yard and started taking LOTS of pictures. I thought he might have been my Pilipino neighbor, but then I remember, they moved out. No this guy took about 30 pictures of the front of my house…smiling an ignoring me. He did not speak a word to me even though I was talking to him.

I think this China guy was actually going through the neighborhoods looking for houses to ‘sell’ or use in propaganda in China.

Hillary Clinton gave us the biggest clue of all, when she said Joe should not Concede. Joe Biden IS on the payroll of China, That’s a fact.

And our President is right: If he does not win the election, we WILL be taken over by China. And our very own past President, have sold us all out. They’ve been in bed with China to make themselves very rich. And now, with the release of the virus, and the communist threat of having our lives ended by thugs in the streets, President Trump is the only one standing in the way.

That’s my Nobody Opinion and I’m sticking to it.

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What’s More Threatening: Old Confederate Flags or Big China?

Nobody Wonders

Just WHY our politicians are worried about destroying Confederate Flags and Statues, when China released a bio-weapon on the world, and destroyed world economies, and the United States? What’s more of a threat? Some old flag or thousands dying from a bio-weapon?

Yes, I’m calling it a bio-weapon.

A good friend of mine sent me this thought in an email yesterday:

When I went to sea with the Navy to run the trainings on North Korea and Myanmar, even graduates from the Naval Academy had no idea about China’s String of Pearls from Myanmar to Pakistan to Sri Lanka to Djibouti … Chinese Marines have been practicing the Yemen landing in the Gobi Desert with massive maneuvers.

China has now taken it’s move to take over the world, with the help of our top tech guys…like Bill Gates.

While ‘globalism” was praised by the Bushes, Clintons, And Obama, Trump is the only man trying to save Western Civilization. And China is our biggest enemy. China now is moving in for the total destruction…and they are using our own politicians and CEO’s to do it.

Yes, we are now in a Cold War with China. Have you ever asked yourself WHY the democrats keep harping on Russia? NEVER China? Why they don’t want Trump to get along with Russia? He wants to include them back into the G-7. To every democrat, and especially Joe Biden, China is our friend.

Well, here’s a few facts nobody in our Congress is NOT telling you. 

The past year was a watershed. As matters stand the United States will be overtaken by China in the next several years. China is developing its own intellectual property in key areas. Some of it is better than ours—in artificial intelligence, telecommunications, cryptography, and electronic warfare. In other key fields like quantum computing—possibly the holy grail of 21st-century technology—it’s hard to tell who’s winning, but China is outspending us by a huge margin.

The Chinese state used its absolute power to quarantine cities as large as some European countries, interdict transportation, and control the movement of hundreds of millions of people. It analyzed locational data from nearly a billion smartphones to identify likely clusters of infection, in what appears to be the largest-scale application of artificial intelligence to date.

U.S. officials warn that Huawei’s 5G systems will allow China to eavesdrop on the world’s communications and steal the world’s data. 

China has demonstrated its ability to sink American ships and blind U.S. satellites. The combination of Chinese rocketry, submarines, electronic countermeasures, and air defense makes our Western Pacific military assets sitting ducks. We lost the South China Sea years ago.

China was, and remains, utterly ruthless. China has succeeded in assimilating a critical mass of the West’s scientific and engineering elite and harnessing them to its global ambitions.

Compared to China’s airports, roads, and rail lines, most of the United States looks like a Third World country.

 Chinese have acquired the technical means from the West to ruin us. China’s critics complain it has stolen Western technology. Far more dangerous is the fact that China has learned to assimilate the West’s best talent.

At this point the US is hardly even in the game. China dominates in 5G infrastructure and Quantum Communications. The US pisses away trillions on Regime Change War; Green Energy boondoggles (the Chinese are building 500 more coal plants); legacy weapons systems based on WWII strategies etc. Not to mention a massive cultural and political crackup, huge divisions stoked by vicious lying MSM ; a Deep State obsessed with a Cold Coup. and a degenerate Apex Predator Class that only cares about the latest Ponzi finance scam leveraged to infinity and guaranteed by the Fed to be made whole despite the most colossal frauds imaginable.

The Chinese have already won and can pretty much disregard the failed US Empire as a second rate failed state.

This might be hard to swallow, but ask yourself. WHY have we not seen the huge magnificence cities in China all these years?

WHY have all our cities look like third world countries? Detroit? Baltimore? St. Louis? Philly, New York?

The United States is dying, and China is coming in for the kill. In fact because of the greed of our past politicians and CEO’s, we might soon find ourselves powerless to the new Gates/China rule nightmare.

Our democratic politicians have already taken sides.

So have the RINOS.

China has now changed our whole way of life, and our politicians are helping them to take over.

So, it’s not the Confederate Flag we should be concerned about. It’s not Bubba, or BLM, or President Trump’s Tweets.

It’s China.

Unless the country rallies behind the President, we will become…little China.

That’s been the plan all along.

And that’s why, only one Congressman, Tom Cotton, is talking about it. Besides President Trump, he stand alone, like Winston Churchill once did, calling out the enemy.

Is anybody listening?

 Nobody Wonders. 

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Nobody Wonders How Many College Professors are Owned by China?


 Nobody Wonders.

I saw another one of his tweets, and tried to transfer it to my blog, but no dice. Cabot Phillips is the editor in Chief of Campus Reform. I ended up just typing the tweets. To see the article that he uses to back this up, you’d have to go to his twitter feed yourself. Sorry bout that. I tried.

President Trump has been saying that the Chinese have been stealing our secrets for years. We are led to believe it’s by cybersecurity, or just the price of doing business there. But there is another way:

And here Cabot explains it: Our own college professors are SELLING them their research.

Nobody WondersWHY this isn’t big news? And how many have NOT been caught? Here’s a few sentences from his tweets:


  1. This Professor was caught selling Air Force/Navy missile secrets to the Chinese. He’s facing 219 years in prison.
  2. The head of the Chemistry Dept. at Harvard was caught secretly taking $1.5 million from the Chinese to set up a medical research lab in…WUHAN. In addition, he was paid up to $50,000 a month for other research he smuggled to the Chinese.
  3. This professor from Kansas had 2 research contracts with the Department of Energy. Turns out he was secretly working for the Chinses and smuggling research to them all along. He now faces 50 years in prison.
  4. This is Zaosong Zheng. He was caught trying to smuggle 21 vials of cancer research from a Harvard medical lab to the Chinese government. He now faces 30+ years in prison.
  5. This Professor from the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic was secretly giving information to the Chinses while receiving $3.6 million in tax-payer funding for his “research.”
  6. This Professor in West Virginia took ‘paternity leave” …then flew alone to China to secretly conduct research for their government. There, he was given a half a million dollar “research subsidy’ along with over $250,000 in “living stipends.”
  7. This Professor in Arkansas was applying for a federal research grant from NASA when an investigation showed he was simultaneously receiving payments from the Chinese government. I’m sure it was just an accident that he forgot to disclose that part.
  8. This Professor in Tennessee faces 6 felony charges after trying to cover up his secret work wit the Chinese while applying for a research grant thorough NASA.
  9. This Professor in Georgia was fired after it was discovered he tried to cover up money he’d been paid by the Chinese government while conducting research with the National Institutes of Health.

We had almost zero evidence of foreign interference in our elections, and half the country freaked out. Now, we have endless evidence of foreign interference on our campuses, and no one is batting an eye.

Do the liberals even care? NO! They love the communists.

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Sherlock Solves the Mystery: Who Killed Democracy?

Nobody Knows

Who done it? That’s the basis of every murder mystery novel ever written. From Agatha Christie to Nagio Marsh, you don’t find out until the end…but you always find out. Too bad real life isn’t like that. No matter how many detective shows, and cop shows we watch on TV, where the criminal is always caught, in real life, when it comes to politics, the game is: Sorry. You’re not allowed a happy ending.

But what if we could resurrect Sherlock Holmes to solve our mystery?

He’d start with clues. So— what do we know so far about who destroyed our economy? Was it China? Was it Bill Gates? Was it Hillary Clinton? Was it…all three?

Can we solve this mystery? Or, more to the question, are we allowed to solve this question?

Let’s be like Sherlock: Start with the clues:

CLUE NUMBER ONE: It’s pretty much verified that the virus came from a Chinese biological lab in Wuhan. A lab that the

U.S. government gave $3.7million grant to Wuhan lab at centre of coronavirus leak scrutiny that was performing experiments on bats from the caves where the disease is believed to have originated.

The WHO (World Health Organization) of which the U.S. gives $500 million every year to, and China gives $40 million to, told the world that the Wuhan virus was not one to worry about. It did not go from human to human. We now know they were covering up for the Chinese. Right away, President Trump put that money on hold.

Because every country in the world was going by the information from the WHO, who is PAID big bucks to protect everyone, the whole world was infected. The few Chinese professionals who tried to get the news out to the world, well, they died.

CLUE NUMBER TWO: The Chinese closed down Wuhan and all its borders, which is why it did not spread outside Wuhan. What they DID do was let those people travel all over the world, after they KNEW the virus had been released. To help them spread that virus was none other than our own Nancy Pelosi who ran to Chinatown’s celebrations and told everyone to COME ON DOWN! Bill De Blasio, mayor of New York, did the very same thing.

Did they know? Sure, they did. They had gotten the message in January. We can therefore assume it was planned to spread it. And Nancy and Bill helped out. Remember, both George Bush, Bill Gates and Fauci said there WOULD be a virus, and that was years ago.

President Trump, after he stopped the planes coming in from China, was ostracized by every single democrat. He was called his usual racist names. Joe Biden leading the way. When President Trump starting saying that Hydroxychloroquine was a cure, every single democrat and health official tried to stop anyone from using it.

I’ll go further. If we can verify that China protected its own citizens from this virus, while sending those likely infected all around the world like human bioweapons … that’s an act of war.

And a much more infamous one than Pearl Harbour, in fact. At least that sneak attack targeted soldiers, not old people in nursing homes.

CLUE NUMBER THREE: Bill Gates, has the patent on this virus. He also is working on the vaccine. According to Robert Kennedy Jr., Bill Gates has been killing people all over the world with vaccines. The Gates Foundation AND the Clinton Foundation are big supporters of the WHO, and they all have people working IN this lab in China. Why else were they there?

CLUE NUMBER FOUR: Who benefits from this horror? Why, the ‘progressives’ which is just the American word for communists. China is now making money off selling masks, and other supplies: which was a typical action right out of the Alinsky playbook: Cause the problem, come in with the solution. Every democrat will attack ANYONE who says that the virus came from China. Instead, they blame President Trump for the deaths.

CLUE NUMBER FIVE: The only thing standing in the way of the globalists government is President Trump, who built America into the strongest economy it’s ever had in just three years. By releasing the virus, all his work has been destroyed. All their dreams of a global world, will come to past: they hope. And they continue to try to destroy the economy with their endless propaganda and false reports on actual health data, which has proven to be wrong. Millions of the small jobs left in America, will be destroyed forever. And Nancy is SO happy.

Future viruses will be released, they are already reporting this for fall. This will kill off as many ‘undesirables’ as they can manage. Which brings me to the last very important clue.

CLUE NUMBER SIX: This virus was made in a lab, according to the world’s top virologist who would know.
So, now that we see the obvious, the people VS the communist elites, let’s add one more thing:

CLUE NUMBER SEVEN: The protests in Hong Kong just HAD to be stopped. Hong Kong being the money engine of China. Trump had to be stopped. China is meant to be the New World Order of global government. Hong Kong was not about to give up their freedom, and China couldn’t come out and kill them all, this was a perfect way to stop the protests.

What would Sherlock say, after seeing all these clues?

The world has been attacked: Viciously, and there’s more to come, and it’s not just China, it’s our own American elites that have joined their forces and who THINK they will become masters of the universe. Guess what Bill Gates? Better get in your bunker now.

What has China said about this?

“The COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus] spread in the U.S. is almost like that of a primitive society. It should not have been like this if the U.S. had the slightest science and organization,” the propaganda outlet asserted. “To put it bluntly, the U.S. is no match for China in terms of anti-epidemic organization and mobilization. The U.S. political system has been hit by the pandemic on its weak side and we were willing to show understanding for that. After all, every system has its weaknesses.”

What is fact, is that Beijing is using the virus to position itself as the savior of much of the world, sending medical equipment and doctors, building political indebtedness and loudly claiming that authoritarianism is doing a better job of beating the virus than the US and many democracies.

So, what would Sherlock’s conclusion be?

“It’s elementary my dear Watson. The virus plan has been in the making for many years, just waiting for the perfect moment to release it and take control in order to “fundamentally” take over the world.

Of course, they had a little help from their friends. The PROGRESSIVES of the Western World.

Will the killers be brought to justice

Only in the movies.


Why Did China Stop Travel From Wuhan to the Rest of China, but Not to the Rest of the World?


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Nobody’s Fool: Tucker Carlson Talks About China

Nobody’s Fool

Tucker Carlson leaves out nothing in this brilliant explanation of how our own government sold us out to china.

This was from February, and it’s worth the watch.

If you are like me, it will make you feel hopeless, than angry.

And it’s why I think, in the next election, Trump will have one of the biggest landslide victories in history.

IF good Americans can keep the voting fraud down.

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Nobody Wins With “Diversity” Brainwashing.

Nobody Wins

Here’s a Chinese woman gloating over the fact that she got so many stupid nice people to sell her all the masks. So was SO happy. She was also pretty stupid to think that because she didn’t speak in English, nobody would pay attention to this post.

Will she be arrested? Or even fined? She should be.

Americans have been so brainwashed into not discriminating ‘diversity’ that we now will commit our own destruction.

Yes, the Chinese are laughing at us all.

It’s hard to know the enemy within, when they smile to your face, and talk in another language behind your back.

But there IS one enemy right out front in the open, and her name is Nancy. And right now, she is just as happy as this disgusting woman because of how she is destroying and hurting us all.

Damn them all.

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China and The Art of War

Nobody Remembers

President Donald Trump, says that Sun Tzu’s book, The Art of War, is a book everyone should read. Many people, James Wood among them, thinks that China released this virus as a warning to President Trump for what he was doing.

I would add the Democratic Party who ALWAYS is at war with not only Trump but his supports, also is with China.

So, let’s think about some of those pearls of wisdom, shall we?

Sun Tzu: All warfare is based on deception

Nobody: Let’s see, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” Boy, the democrats have been lying to us for years. And how about China? Keeping the virus hidden from the rest of the world until they were sure it could spread?Was that NOT an attack on the world?

Sun Tzu: If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.

Nobody: Could this be why our President gives all his enemies silly names? And how they HATE everything he does? Is this also why they continue to call the President vicious names? (Yep.)

Sun Tzu: There is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare.

Nobody: Gee. Couldn’t someone have at least told Presidents Bush and Obama to get out of that stupid war? Or is this book banned at Harvard?

Sun Tzu: Poverty of the State exchequer causes an army to be maintained by contributions from a distance. Contributing to maintain an army at a distance causes the people to be impoverished.

Nobody: It’s been reported that the Iraq war cost the American people $7 trillion. This war on the virus will cost us so far, $2 trillion. Mmmmm  Funny, Maybe someone should bring that up.

Sun Tzu: Hence a wise general makes a point of foraging on the enemy. Once cartload of the enemy’s provisions is equivalent to twenty of one’s own, and likewise a single picul of his provender is equivalent to twenty from own’s own store.

Nobody: PROVING President Trump was right to criticize President Bush for NOT taking over the oil fields of Iraq. And by the way, General Grant did this to the South in the Civil War. He raided all the farms to feed his army. I bet he read the Art of War too.

Sun Tzu: Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.

Nobody: I’d say China did this, although, Trump expected a bio weapon, just not the many people in our own government who are siding with our enemy. They make up half of Congress. Even THAT had to be a surprise.

And one of my favorites

SunTzu: Walk in the path defined by rule, and accommodate yourself to the enemy until you can fight a decisive batter.

This is one that President Trump has mastered.

The Art of War has been read by almost every general and politician since it was written. Even Paris Hilton has a copy she loves.

And I would say, the MASTER of remembering it’s lessons, is our President.

The democrats think they have won the war with this virus…pushing socialism down our throats by extorting their policies on the backs of a deadly virus.

Something tells me, their hatred of Trump makes them easy pickings for China. But, you can be sure President Trump is balancing it all…trust me, Nobody in history except maybe Lincoln is more prepared for what is going on. I just read ALL of his books. I doubt if any democrat has.

And one more:

Sun Tzu: In the practical art of war, the best thing of all is to take the enemy’s country whole and intact: to shatter and destroy it is not so good.

Nobody: And that’s exactly what a virus does. The people die, the country remains whole and intact.

THIS is the China way. THIS is what they are doing.



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Nobody Flashes:

Just in case you missed it: WHY again would the Chinese promote ‘hugging’ if they were NOT guilty of trying to bring down the world, and take over?

Nobody Wonders. 

Italy now has more dead than China. (Because China has now recovered and is “helping” Italy by sending face masks and gloves over that they can buy!

How sweet it is to be a communist!

Tucker once again, points out how the left uses “Woke” to destroy us all.

(Just ask Hillary.)

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China’s Control: Over their Students and American Companies

Nobody Reports

This is what will happen here, if our corporations continue to bow to China: Thomas Edison did nothing BUT daydream inside his school classes, and thank god for us that he did. This will take away ALL creativity, and it’s why China has to steal, even now, all American’s greatest inventions. Robotic minds, completely controlled, will imagine nothing.

Here’s what Kurt Schlichter….had to say: (read the rest here.) 

The NBA can’t disrespect Americans enough for knowing which bathroom to use, or having guns, or not being sufficiently woke, but let the Chinese communists get fussy because some dude dunks the reds over oppression in Hong Kong – you know, supporting freedom – and the billionaire ballers can’t gimp it up fast enough for Mao’s heirs. We haven’t seen such pathetic, eager submission to the forces of evil since the last time some Bulwark scribbler got a chance to be on a CNN panel about Trump with Ana Navarro and a cross-dressing furry.

And it’s not just the rich schmucks who own the basketball teams. It’s our entire elite, the whole useless lot of them, who can’t wait to bow down to the Pinko Peril. You just sprinkle a few bucks around DC and NY and the whole sorry lot of those who presume to be our betters start chanting, “Thank you, comrade, may I have another.”

Would you like YOUR child this controlled in school?

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