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It’s clear: Davos welcomes with sycophantic and pathetic arms, their pick for the new Overlord of the world— Xi Jinping.

EVERYONE at Davos this year, came out kissing the lord and master of the New World Order: Xi Jinping.

While I’m familiar with Gates thinking HE is running the world and redesigning it like we are all his little play toy things, Nobody Wonders if Gates is so narcissistic that he thinks China will let him LIVE after they have used him up for the Global Road to Tyranny that Gates, Fauci and Nazi impersonation Klaus are so happy about.

I have never listened to a speech by Xi Jinping. I got 18 minutes into it and almost fell asleep. It was a speech that Obama could have given, or Biden, or Pelosi, which means, corrupt tyrants everywhere all sound the same. They try REAL hard to sound SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sincere, filled with promises and false lies, and yet, we all know that China released the virus and spread it around the world to destroy the economies of the world in order to bring in the GLOBAL world government. And that they killed millions and MADE millions while doing it. And he had Fauci and Gates and Zuckerfact to help him do it.

I got tired of hearing him say “GLOBAL”.

The question is: Gates, Fauci, Davos, our big CEOs all love this guy, because they don’t want ANY people in any of the world to have freedom.

They want it ALL. ALL the money, ALL the power, and if you think these horrible men even care about you or your life, or the planet, then I have another Windows version of 3.0 to sell you.

We don’t have to go into the damage that China and Gates have done to the world. But the fact that all it takes is a slick lying salesman to sell you your own death, and make it sound wonderful, well, I find it it rather—


History tells us, BOTH these guys need to be stopped. And add that nutcase/NAZI Klaus with them.

And we thought Hitler was bad.

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