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Nobody’s Fool: Dr. Robert Malone

The hero of the day is Dr. Robert Malone. The inventor of the mRNI ‘vaccine’ who has been censored as much as any Doctor. He’s been ostracized by so many liberals, that he MUST be speaking the truth.

And the truth is very scary. Anyway, if you haven’t seen this video, pass it around, and don’t miss any of his interviews. He was on Steve Bannon’s War Room today and I stopped all my work to make sure I didn’t miss him.

If anybody knows what’s going on, he does. He’s trying to tell EVERYONE not to let your children be vaccinated. DO NOT DO IT.

Yes, hero. Dr. Malone is not only Nobody’s Fool, but he is also the hero of the year.

I never miss him, and hopefully, he will keep spreading the truth of this horrible experiment being foisted upon the whole world.

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