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Sports, Iraq, and U.S. China Beginnings

Nobody Cares

About a few of my thoughts today:

There are two things that really seemed strange to this Nobody, and I noticed it right after Biden got into the White House…besides the fact that we weren’t even SURE that was where he was.

  1. All sports instantly came back on our TVS. Did you notice? As if they had never left. The fact that no people were allowed in the stadiums to watch, were underplayed and barely mentioned. The sounds of huge crowds were faked, and cardboard people were put in the stands. The announcers just ignored it— Completely. They were back in their sports seats, calling the shots, getting paid again, and that includes ALL sports. Trump was out, and suddenly, athletics didn’t get Covid. And yet, Fauci still says we are all in danger. It was as if they tortured America with sports lockdown until Biden got in. Okay, you can have sports now.
  • WE ARE BACK AT WAR. On the first day, Biden bombed Syria, and now, you turn on the TV and we are getting back to our daily news about our troops being hit in Iraq. It’s like the war never stopped.

Many, like me, loved President Trump for saying getting into the middle East wars was stupid.

So, why, besides the money that so many politicians make off war, do our politicians, democrats AND RINOS keep putting us BACK into the Middle East?

I found this paragraph today, in the unauthorized biography of George Bush, and it might show a bit of light on the ‘deep state’ mentality—

Before Daddy Bush was President, he worked for Nixon. In fact, he took his orders from Kissinger. He was basically a Kissinger clone. One of the reasons I blame the Bushes as much as the progressives.


“The most essential level of Kissinger was the British one. That meant that U.S. Foreign policy was to be guided by British imperial geopolitics, in particular the notion of the balance of power. The United States must always ally with the second strongest land power in the world. (Red China) against the strongest land power (The Soviet Union.) in order to preserve the balance of power. This was expressed in the 1971-72 Nixon-Kissinger opening to Beijing, to which Bush would contribute from his U.N. Post. The balance of power, since it rules out a positive engagement for the economic progress of the international community as a whole, has always been a recipe for new wars. Kissinger was in constant contact with British foreign policy operatives like Sir Eric Roll of S. G. Warburg in London, Lord Victor Rothschild, the Barings bank and others.”

(NOBODY NOTES: This is where the Pilgrim’s Society comes in…and that’s another blog)

Henry Kissinger openly expounded his role and philosophy as a British agent of influence within the U.S. government during the Nixon and Ford Years. On May 10, 1982, in a speech given at the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House in London he said this:

“The British were so matter-of-factly helpful that they became a participant in internal American deliberations, to a degree probably never before practiced between sovereign nations. In my period in office, the British played a seminal part in certain American bilateral negotiations with the Soviet Union, in that they helped draft the key document. In my White House incarnation then, I kept the British Foreign office better informed and more closely engaged than I did the American State Department…In my negotiations over Rhodesia I would form a British draft with British spelling even when I did not fully grasp the distinction between a working paper and a Cabinet approved document. “

Is that the SAME Secret Agent who was standing behind Biden at the inauguration? Notice, no hand on heart.

(NOBODY: Remember the Trump Coup was done with British helping the FBI.)

And why are we nice to CHINA?)

“One of the realities of 1971 was threat the bankrupt British had declared themselves to be financially unable to maintain their military presence in the Indian Ocean and the Far East, in the area “East of Suez”. Par of the timing of the Kissinger China card was dictated by the British desire to acquire China as a counterweight to India in this vast are of the world.”


Fast forward to 2021 and NOW China uses the U.S. to take over the world.

Great job there idiots. How’s that New World Order working out for us?

And this was from today’s news:


Xi Jinping has struck a confident posture as he looks to secure China’s prosperity and power in a post-Covid world, saying that the country is entering a time of opportunity when “the East is rising and the West is declining.”

“The biggest source of chaos in the present-day world is the United States,” Mr. Xi said, a county official in northwest China recounted in a speech published last week on a government website. He quoted Mr. Xi as saying: “The United States is the biggest threat to our country’s development and security.”

‘The East Is Rising’: Xi Maps Out China’s Post-Covid Ascent – DNyuz


So the question is: Are the globalists STILL using the same old playbook?

Nobody Seems to care. They are just glad to be back to things as usual.

And by the way…..HOW old is Kissinger?

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The RINOs Go on Defcon Five

Nobody Wonders

Funny: What a little beachlight can do!

Governor Newtron of California got pissed off that thousands of Americans disobeyed him and went out to the beaches last week. And that act, showed the rest of the globalist Nazi’s that maybe releasing the corona virus to “fundamentally change” America, was..well, even THAT was not enough to get rid of President Trump.

What do to? Everybody is finding out that the Democrats are sticking up with the Chinese! That wasn’t suppose to happen. They just haven’t gotten complete control of that pesky internet yet.

So, out comes good old George W. Bush. The man whose father help start all the NAFTA’s and merging of the 3 North American nations into one big Spanish/English continent. Trump is destroying that big Bushie dream.

Why, that nasty no good President Trump just won’t BEHAVE, or act like a good President should!

What that really means is that he won’t be the controlled KING, they want. These globalists’ who run everything want a KING…who will act gracious, and obey their commands, and read their Harvard written orders in ‘caring’ tones of loving dishonesty. Someone who will do whatever it takes to ‘fundamentally’ change America.

One, who can read a good flowery speeches, after disasters.

I don’t know about you, but when George W. flew around on his airplane for hours, and then took WEEKS to get to the ground on 9/11…that speech he made, actually looked fake to me.

I don’t believe for a Cuomo New York Minute that George W. Bush cares one wit about the American people.

This article, really pisses me off. Go ahead, read the “The Bushes were WONDERFUL” crap if you can stomach it. It’s a liberal praising the President for trying to ‘unit’ the country.

And here’s the Hollywood slick  video:

Sure, it was a very big attack on Trump. When you are an X President, and you release a video that ONLY the President has a right to do, you are telling the world that YOU think you made the better President.

All through the 8 years of Obama, X-President George W. said not one single word about anything Obama did.  And during all the NASTY attacks on Trump, he has kept silent. There is no doubt in my mind that George W. probably helped with the coup.

Would Obama have kept silent if some comedian held up his severed bloody head? Would Bush have kept silent if a likeness of him was assasinated every night on a Broadway stage? Would Obama put up with reporters insinuating he was killing people? I turned the channel the other day and the lady talking had a “FUCK TRUMP” tee-shirt on. Nobody complains. And yet, anybody supporting Trump is kicked off twitter and YouTube.

How would Obama and Bush liked that?

The article, and both video’s are attacks on our President.

But in other roles — addressing the nation in a time of domestic or international crisis, delivering the State of the Union speech to Congress and the country, meeting with foreign counterparts privately, in press briefings, and at state dinners — the president speaks differently. In these settings, he is the head of state, the country’s leader, charged with using his considerable powers to do what is best for the political community as a whole, not just the parts represented by his own party.

This is part of the job that Trump is thoroughly incapable of performing. Instead of aspiring to unity, he exudes divisiveness and provokes antagonism with everything he says. How  much time has he devoted  to expressions of condolence or sympathy for the nearly 70,000 people who have thus far died from COVID-19? Five minutes? It’s outrageous.

So, why are the RINO’s back? Well, I must admit, it was good to see our beloved Trumpster back in fighting form today…he countered it all with this:

“A group of RINO Republicans who failed badly 12 years ago, then again 8 years ago, and then got BADLY beaten by me, a political first timer, 4 years ago, have copied (no imagination) the concept of an ad from Ronald Reagan, ‘Morning in America’, doing everything possible to get even for all of their many failures,” Trump wrote online just before midnight on Monday.

And he didn’t even have to have a speech writer to do it.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t find any comfort in Bush’s leadership after 9/11. I thought, he acted just like a puppet. And then, protected himself.

A REAL President would have flown out of that kindergarten room, and not have flown around for 16 hours…I don’t care what he says. Bush, like the Clintons ALWAYS claim “I knew nothing!” while they knew everything.

Fifty years from now, the Bushes will be remembered much as the Obamas’….two dynasties trying to push America into a One World Government. Two lucky families that got to run the world.

When George W. Bush kept silent about all the crimes of the Clintons, he is just as guilty as the democrats FOR those crumbling cities in that video.

All talk. No action. Except to make sure THEY stay in power, and get richer.

What do most Americans think about George’s sly attack on Trump?

Well, they turned off the comments. That should tell you.



Go back into your hole George. AMERICANS think the video you did, was just another RINO sore loser message.

And TRUMP is back!

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Nobody Remembers the Petro Dollar and Assad

Nobody Remembers

Want to know how Syria got on the “EVIL” countries of the world we need to attack list?

Yeah. It’s complicated.

According to one source, Michael Savage, from his book, “Scorched Earth” we can blame it on Nixon. Nixon, took the U.S. off the gold standard.

Nixon took us off the gold standard, changed our currency from an asset backed currency to a commodity as a petrodollar. He approached the royal family in Saudi Arabia, he approached the Egyptians, they were the two dominate forces in the Middle East. He sold them on the idea of the petrodollar. Got all the other Arab countries to fall in line. We put the Shah into Iran, we put Saddam Hussein into Iraq, we put Gaddafi in Libya, and for decades were controlling everything. That’s how the U.S. dollar became the reserve currency and everybody that wanted to buy oil from the Middle East had to buy the US dollar to trade it for oil, so it became a commodity.

So, Gaddafi and Hussein got together, and they developed what they called the gold dinar, that was to replace the petrodollar. They wanted people to buy the gold dinar, which they would trade for oil, when they stared doing this, Gaddafi got taken out, Hussein got taken out, and we stared screwing around again.

Assad wouldn’t play ball with us. So, as we do, we play both sides against each other. The CIA trained both the rebels and a false flag force that was represented as Assad’s people. 

He goes on to explain that Obama was sending WMDs into Syria.

Assad was duly elected. Russia knows what’s happening. When Chris Stevens found out about these weapons of mass destruction, the gas that was being smuggled in there, and the CIAs involvement, he threatened to expose it.

They blocked ANY aid that was coming to the conflict. The two Seals that were trying to defend the CIA outpost that were killed, they were killed because the CIA was not supposed to take action. They were supposed to be lying down and let Chris Stevens be taken out.

It was Hillary and Obama who were responsible for the Arab Spring (with the help of FACEBOOK) and THAT was the cause of ISIS and the refugees, and the war in Syria.

I don’t have too much to add but to say that not too many people know that H.W. Bush was in a meeting with the brother of bin Laden the day before 9/11.

And just last week, the LAST visit the Saudi Prince made on his visit here to the United States was to the Bush family. Don’t miss the rest of the pictures…


The gas attack came days late….and now everyone is talking about war with Syria and Russia.

Coincidence? Mmmmmm……If we DO go into war, I don’t think we should just assume these meetings were just friendly get together’s, do you? Sure, the Prince was wined and dined by all the richest Americans, but he visited the Bushes…last.

It seems to me, that since most of the 9.11 attackers were Saudi’s, common sense would tell you that maybe these gas attacks were NOT by Assad, but once again, the Saudi’s.

Who benefits? The Saudi’s, and the war hawks in America.

The only reason I suggest this is because nobody else has even mentioned it anywhere.

Assad is not a Sunni Muslim. He is a Shia, an Alawite, which is a branch of Shia Islam. He has never really been a follower of Islam. He’s a scientist, a doctor. He was not educated in a madrassa, as was Obama. He has always protected the Christians in his country. They don’t mention that much.

So Iran and Assad are Saudi Arabia’s bitter enemies, and let’s go visit H.W.! Swell guy.

Complicated enough? Is this chess game good for America?

You tell me.

While all the pundits and their politicians want war…it’s clear, the rest of the world is tired of it.

I wouldn’t put it past the Bush family, to have something to do with this.

After all, they really didn’t have any plans for the aftermath of Iraq did they?

They just told us we were to be there forever. We hear the same thing day, after day:

“We must fight them OVER THERE, so we don’t have to fight them here.”


The Bushes are STILL the oil dynasty. Like the Clintons and the Obamas, the Bushes remain behind the scenes, still trying to run the world and make their riches off it all.

And the media makes sure we all think all X-Presidents are true patriots.

Except the one in office. He’s just a real estate builder.

And he is “Draining the swamp.”

Right now, President Trump is finding oil underneath all that swamp mud.

President Trump doesn’t have to go to Syria to start a fire,

He’s lighting the match right here.


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The Bushes Bring Out their BIG GUNS Against Trump…STILL PISSED.

Nobody Knows

Telling the American public that the polls show Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump by leaps and bounds, even though…it was just released that a ‘spy’ in Iran was killed due to her emails…which by the way remember…she didn’t bother to secure, and blame Wikileaks or not, without Hillary wanting to HIDE her vast web of daily criminal activities, that man would still be alive….Michael Chertoff and Bush

Nevertheless… the news today shows the panic of the established…their ‘poll’ propaganda must NOT be working.  Fix the polls all they want, the American people are still enraged at the establishment.

And so, the “establishment” came out today, (mostly the still pissed off Bush associates) and announced to the world on the Huffington Post that 50 of the Bush’s global banking cartel and the REAL people who run the world, decided to write a letter to the American people attacking Donald Trump.


“We are convinced that [Trump] would be a dangerous President and would put at risk our country’s national security and well-being,” said the former officials, many of whom held top positions in the George W. Bush administration.

“Most fundamentally, Mr. Trump lacks the character, values, and experience to be President,” they added. “He weakens U.S. moral authority as the leader of the free world. He appears to lack basic knowledge about and belief in the U.S. Constitution, U.S. laws, and U.S. institutions, including religious tolerance, freedom of the press, and an independent judiciary.”

So, who are these astute and ever-wise government officials who prefer the “moral authority” of crooked Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump?

They are the Bush men who were in POWER during 9/11, and who did NOT prevent the attack on the World Trade Center.

How'd you do on that Cyber Security Mike? China? REALLY?

How’d you do on that Cyber Security Mike?
China? REALLY?

Yes, they have the audacity, and the NERVE to say Donald Trump is not fit to be President. The men who lead America into a war, that cost us trillions, left thousands dead and millions home to suffer without help, and then LOST the war with no apology at all. Right. Let’s trust them.

The older I get, the more I read, the more I do think that 9/11 was an inside job. When you realize that these big companies and countries are on a whole other planet of business, conducting business outside all laws, meeting in secret, controlling vast wealth and media outlets,  you could see the decision being made and rationalized as necessary for…..’world peace.” .

Just the fact that they are running and now, the republican BUSH establishment coming out and supporting Hillary Clinton for President, who by all accounts, is mentally unstable, brain damaged, and a complete f*$&-up, shows that it’s more important that the global world stays in their pockets. All Hillary will have to do, is do whatever they say.

The Bushes are the puppet masters, I’m beginning to think the Clintons are just there for the free stuff and the glamorous ride. (Pretty much like Obama.)

Let’s just talk about a FEW of these that signed the letter.

Michael Chertoff signed: He was right there on 9/11, and took over AFTER the attack. They accuse Donald Trump in the letter of not being able to protect us after Isis…..Tom Ridge and Bush

Where were you Michael? Did YOU protect those poor people in the Tower? Did YOU prevent 9/11?

Tom Ridge: Another Bush Butt-Buddy. Another globalist.

By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

Tom Ridge, the first head of the 9/11-inspired Department of Homeland Security, wasn’t keen on writing a tell-all. But in The Test of Our Times: America Under Siege…and How We Can Be Safe Again, out September 1, Ridge says he wants to shake “public complacency” over security. And to do that, well, he needs to tell all. Especially about the infighting he saw that frustrated his attempts to build a smooth-running department. Among the headlines promoted by publisher Thomas Dunne Books: Ridge was never invited to sit in on National Security Council meetings; was “blindsided” by the FBI in morning Oval Office meetings because the agency withheld critical information from him; found his urgings to block Michael Brown from being named head of the emergency agency blamed for the Hurricane Katrina disaster ignored; and was pushed to raise the security alert on the eve of President Bush’s re-election, something he saw as politically motivated and worth resigning over.

Robert Zoelick. Major POTUS of the world…Zoelick and Bush

Let’s just say, I just found this website, I dare you to read it and ignore it.

It’s clear, the Bush/Wall Street/ Clinton/ Obama…is all about the global business corporate world agenda. Trump is right: it’s all rigged. Hillary Clinton, as DAMAGED as she is, will be pushed into the White House come hell or high water.

The globalists have been controlling the world for many, many years…but…

They never expected the American people to get tired of being told to shut up, and be good little boys and girls and give up their country. They had all the money…and it takes BILLIONS to get into the club. They did not expect a rich man like Trump to challenge them.

So, today they are letting some CIA guy get into the race to take votes from Trump. Make no mistake, the Bushes are back, and pushing as hard as they can.

To repeat: To have the men who were in CHARGE on 9/11, to charge Trump with not being able to handle ISIS is a joke. They have absolutely no track record to stand on.


Trump is right.

The system is rigged, and the American people don’t know the depth of the corruption that these leaders are involved in.

But…the fact that 50 of them said they were not going to vote for Trump?

At least we know 50- men who are NOT on the side of America, and have committed crimes that they do NOT want anybody to find out about.

I hope Trump has great men guarding him.



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The Bush/Clinton Dynasties : NO! NO! NO! No More.

Nobody FlashesBush dynasty one

Here’s ONE of the big reasons I don’t like the Bushes. They have this “polite” policy of never criticizing past Presidents.  NO crime of a sitting President is too big for the Bushes to ever make a comment about.  A sitting President could bomb an American city just because they felt like it, the Bushes would say…nothing.  Their reputations are worth a thousand times more than any damage done to the country.

I find that insidious. It’s almost snobbish. I’d rather hear the Bushes berating Obama than taking the “high” road of …oh…I just won’t resort to that and come off my high opinion of what I think of myself.

The Democrats do not have this policy. For years, Obama has been blaming past President George W. Bush for his own poor performance.  They blame the Republicans for everything.

And whatever Bill Clinton did in office–and he did a lot… the Bushes remained silent.

Now, Jeb Bush has come out, in an effort to distinguished himself from Marco Rubio, who continues to repeat that Obama is changing the country ON PURPOSE.  Rubio is pointing out the bad things about Obama…and like the rest of us, he is angry about it.

Is Jeb Bush…angry? No.  It’s more important he be looked upon as a “nice” boy.

(THE HILL) Jeb Bush vowed Monday that he will not scapegoat President Obama for any challenges he faces should he be elected president.

“My pledge to you: When I’m president I will not blame Barack Obama for a single thing,” he told listeners at the Nashua Country Club in Nashua, N.H. “The day that I’m sworn into office, I’m on watch — whatever it is.”

“I am really tired of politicians that blame their predecessors,” the Republican White House hopeful added. “I have a personal kind of feeling about it having watched it for a while.

Wow. How does that make you feel? Talk about being “sensitive.” Obama completely destroyed the country, but don’t worry, Jeb Bush won’t even mentioned it. His momma brought up a “nice” boy.

The real story is the Bushes are more concerned about Daddy Bush or the two sons on whatever they do in the Office—the office they have helped morph into a Kingship, than having any of their mistakes being pointed out.bush dynasty four

If they make mistakes, then they SHOULD be pointed out.

When you come down to it, it’s “You are NOT allowed to criticize any President.” It’s an ego thing. It’s censorship. They want to rule and not be blamed for anything, so since they don’t talk about Presidents who are not in their family, they don’t want the democrats to say anything about them.

Notice, neither Bill or Hillary say anything rude about the Bushes…they’ve agreed to the Bushes terms.

With the help of the Bush family, Bill Clinton’s was able to resurrect himself again as a lovable guy.

Remember…Daddy Bush loved him, and George W. says Bill is like a brother. It’s been almost sickening the way they have embraced each other.

Nobody Thinks the two dynasties merged a long time ago…and they have been ruling this country for too many decades, and I can see why Rubio is furious.

And for that: Rubio is the better man.Bush candidate



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Jeb Says He ‘Trusts’ Ben Carson…Do We Trust Jeb?

Nobody Cares

Jeb Bush just came out on Neil Cavuto’s Show this afternoon, and commented on the controversy going around the news today — The big new? Ben Carson lied about getting a scholarships  to West Point…long ago when he was a young pip of a kid.Ben Carson and Bush

Wow. Somebody call Homeland Security. Can we even believe that he got a metal from President Bush? He could have made that up too.

“I trust him” Jeb said. He said he trusted Ben Carson over Politico, the website which, according to Rush Limbaugh, releases all the ‘republican’ leaks and attacks, as they once did the bimbo stories on Herman Cain.

Everybody has a different story about it, and it evolved as the day went on. The emotional OMG! this could be serious was put into every pundit’s report. Ben Carson lied about meeting General Westmorland when he was young, and he lied about being offered a scholarship, and of course, the usual Friday, Let’s make this a big emotional attack on this LIAR! was strong.

The Carson camp apologized, and then Rush devoted a good two hours to the subject on his afternoon program,  the “got cha” news report that the story was pretty bogus and thin, he laid it out clearly, and it was THEN that the Carson camp came out and said it was all a lie.

It seems Rush had the real story figured out before Ben Caron’s camp: Not a good sign.

Anyway, this came after a morning filled with the great “remake” of the Bush family. Am I the ONLY one who thinks that Daddy’s Bushes autobiography came out at this exact time, to help BLAME the wars and mistakes of that war not on his son, but on Donald Rumsfied and Dick Cheney?Daddy bush bio

As if to say: We the Bushes are always honorable, it’s the people who work for us that made the mistakes. Jeb can be trusted!

George W. of course came out and looked honorable by saying, “No…they were loyal men” thereby showing what a magnanimous man HE was by NOT blaming his advisors— Thereby softening America into seeing what “fine and noble” public servants the Bush Family really is. The American people have it all wrong, and so FOX news is going to put on a big special showing what great Presidents both 41 and 43 were.

Nobody wants everyone to remember, these people pay millions of dollars to leading PR firms to plan all this stuff very carefully. When the Bush’s act ignorant, you better believe they are not.

They are, politicians. It’s what they do. And convincing the American people that dynasties are good, is not going to be easy.

Jeb coming out and defending Ben Carson, who is beating him in the polls, tells me, that my origianl summation of the Bush’s wanting to USE Ben Carson to help Jeb get on the ticket still stands.

As some of you might remember, I wrote a piece several weeks ago, that I thought that the Bush’s had a plan for Ben Carson.

In the meantime, the PR on the GREAT BUSH LEGACY will be notched up. The elites have always wanted a Bush/Hillary ticket, and they are NOT giving up without a massive fight. They even got Obama to put in his two cents:

President Barack Obama said President George H.W. Bush “was one of the more underrated presidents” the U.S. has had in modern history.

“He had principles, but he also had common sense,” Obama told Fox News. “And when you look at both how he managed foreign policy and when you think about how he handled domestic policy in each case he was thoughtful, restrained, and made good decisions. And I think that ultimately he was one of the more underrated presidents that we’ve ever had certainly in modern times.”

Right, and did you get to keep your doctor?

I liked to ship them ALL to some faraway Island.


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The House of Saud: Are Really Jews?

Nobody Remembers

X President George W. Bush was on TV again today, pleading for his brother Jeb to run for President, while we have Benghazi in the news, and it doesn’t leave Americans with much hope left, does it?

The one thing that has puzzled me about Presidents, (Reagan excluded) is that they keep doing things that do not benefit America. How long have we been arming our enemies? How many wars do our men have to die, while we put our own country in debt? Iraq now sends it oil to China.Bush and Saudi King

What have the last three Presidents done for us, really?

Last night on the radio, I heard a Russian expert say that while Putin got along with George Bush, Obama had promised Putin he would not go after Gaddafi, and broke that promise. And as if by following the McCain WWIII dance, we are now sending troops over Poland—

Some would say, to get out of depressions, the rich start wars.

As Eisenhower said, most wars could be avoided if our politicians didn’t do such stupid things. But if you believe, that we are being ruled by a global oligarchy, wars are money, and so many actions that they take that seem stupid to us, makes perfect sense in that global world of finance and control.

The one thing that sticks out in my mind about George W, was how very close he was to the Saudi Kings. After 9/ll while all planes were grounded, OUR president sent planes to pick up bin Laden’s relatives in our country and get them to safety.

He did this while the smoke was still billowing over the skyline of New York.

The more you witness the day-to-day news, it becomes apparent that our Presidents and their top officials are playing more on a global stage. We give billions to other countries, instead of taking care of our schools, our roads, our massive debt. We build those roads in other countries.

They have run us into debt, which doesn’t hurt them because they don’t play by our laws. They have the Fed and the stock market. Our billionaires in Congress are talking about the NBA, instead of the very real threat of nuclear attack by our enemies, which are everywhere now. And why should they worry? They have money AND bunkers, and mansions all over the world.

If you believe, like some believe (And that includes Lord Monckton, see video below) that there are a top elite class ruling the world, then you might like me, wonder why we have always been such friends with The Saudi’s?

I read this today, and share it here because I thought it was a concept that I had never heard: Are you ready?Obama and Saudi Kings

The history of the Saudi Family. (Taken from Human Race, Get Off Your Knees)

Have you ever wondered why the ‘home’ of Islam, Saudi Arabia, says and does nothing in the face of what is being visited upon the Arab world? There is a reason for this. The House of Saud is a fake front for the House of Rothschild and they are not ‘Arabs’ or “Muslims’ at all. They are Rothschild Zionists who can be traced back to a Jewish man called Mordakhai bin Ibrahim bin Moshe. Researchers say That in the year AD 851 members of the Arabic Al Masaleekh clan formed a trading caravan and met with Mordakhai bin Ibrahim bin Moshe, a merchant in Basra in what is now Iraq. Mordakhai was Jewish, but told them he was from their clan and had relocated to Basra after a family feud. He asked if he could join them on their journey to Najd, in Arabia, where he changed his name and eventually settled in the town of Al-Dir’iyyah, or Diriyah (where the founder of the modern House of Saud came from in the official story.)Mordakhai gathered support among the Bedouin tribes and then declared himself their king, this research suggests. Some tribes resisted and attacked Al-Dir’iyyah. Mordakhai was forced to flee and take shelter in a farm at near Al-Arid, which in now the Saudi capital, Riyadh. Within a month it is said, he had killed the farmer, blamed it on an band of thieves and then took ownership of the property, which he called Al-Dir’iyyah after the town had been forced to flee. Mordakhai, who now claimed to be an Arab Sheik. His family secured greater swathes of land through violence and deceit.

According to this author, Muhammad Ibn Abd al Wahhab claimed (from the Saud family) to be both Jew and Muslim and the country is now founded on his law of Wahhabism.

Which is a ruthless and fascistic, totalitarian theocracy.

According to this source, The Saud’s are really Rothschild Zionists, and this is why they are so close to the Bush family (also Rothschild Zionists) It’s why they supported Bush, and in 2009 gave Israel permission to use its air space if it chose to attack Iran., They called Israel their cousins.

So, while I have read that the Shiites and the Sunnis are the reason the Arabs are always fighting each other, and this historical rendition of the House of Saud could be true or not…. I must admit. I always found the relationship the Bush family had with the Kings were strange beyond comprehension. What else explains it?

The men that attacked us on 9/11 were almost entirely from Saudi Arabia, and yet, Bush attacked Iraq. Our media guided us all into blaming one man…bin Laden, to take us all off the fact that these men were from Saudi Arabia. Their pictures were shown briefly, but NEVER anywhere did they go into any of those men, or their lives.

I found that a red flag waving at the bull.

That is something that just doesn’t muster up, and never will.

Lord Christopher Monckton, a former policy adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and an activist against global warming “alarmism,” went all-in on questioning President Barack Obama’s citizenship.

And he is alarmed at what many call…the illuminati, the rule of 300.

In this video, Monckton warns us of the global government.

I think he is absolutely right. Did Obama sign the Copenhagen Treaty? I don’t THINK so…but then, I’m not sure, Nevertheless, the Benghazi cover up was just as much about the NEW WORLD ORDER of making it a crime to speak against Mohammed, as it was to cover up Obama selling weapons to Al-Quada. But from now on, I’m keeping my eyes on the House of Saud, and the House of Bush, the House of Clinton’s, the House of Obama….because the House of America seems to be the farthest thing from their minds.


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Let’s All Go to Africa and Celebrate Women!

Nobody Reports

Barack Obama will met up with former President George W. Bush while they are both in Tanzania. Good old George is going to help polish up Obama’s lame legacy at Benghazi by standing with him at a wreath-laying ceremony in honor of the 1998 bombing there that killed 11 people at the U.S. Embassy. George is there to promote African women. Michelle Obama and Laura Bush will also team up at a conference on African Women organized by the George W. Bush Institute. If they think this is going to help get Jeb Bush the black vote in 2016, they need a Tanzanian transplant. Tanzanian Women

In September, Jeb Bush, will be giving the 2013 Liberty Medal, to Hillary Clinton,  in Philadelphia.

He had this to say about Hillary:

“Former Secretary Clinton has dedicated her life to serving and engaging people across the world in democracy,” the former Florida governor said in a statement announcing the award. “These efforts as a citizen, an activist, and a leader have earned Secretary Clinton this year’s Liberty Medal.”


The Bush family must expect Jeb to win the White House, and they are just handing out some goodies to Obama and Hillary as consolation prizes: OR…Jeb and George are just really nice guys.

Nobody Thinks if the Republicans really want to win back the White House, the last thing they should be doing is helping their opponents.Jeb and Hillary

I would rather see Presidents putting wreaths on the graves of the recent firefighters that lost their lives in Arizona, but, that’s me. I can’t wait to see what’ Obama’s “institute” is going to be, but one thing we all know, the x Presidents make more money out of office than in. Which is why they are willing to spend billions to get the job. Obama & George H.

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