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Nobody’s Perfect: Obama’s Irish Ancestors Weren’t There…

Nobody’s Perfect

Obama ran his last Presidential campaign on how much he was watching out for women. He had the utmost concern for woman all around the world, who according to him, were getting the shaft.

But here is ONE woman in the world, who resides in the Irish Parliament, that is more than fed up with him, and has no trouble at all saying so.

She may not be perfect to many (amfortas hates the Irish) but this Nobody would LOVE some of the women in our Congress to have as much spunk. Our ladies of spunk, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, have been kicked so many times, they are ignored by the media.

But, thanks to Youtube, we can at least get some satisfaction.

Obama wins the Nobody’s Perfect in Ireland award for the week! He just can’t help himself.

Nobody also notes: Watch the gentlemen listening in the peanut gallery. Priceless!

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Let’s All Go to Africa and Celebrate Women!

Nobody Reports

Barack Obama will met up with former President George W. Bush while they are both in Tanzania. Good old George is going to help polish up Obama’s lame legacy at Benghazi by standing with him at a wreath-laying ceremony in honor of the 1998 bombing there that killed 11 people at the U.S. Embassy. George is there to promote African women. Michelle Obama and Laura Bush will also team up at a conference on African Women organized by the George W. Bush Institute. If they think this is going to help get Jeb Bush the black vote in 2016, they need a Tanzanian transplant. Tanzanian Women

In September, Jeb Bush, will be giving the 2013 Liberty Medal, to Hillary Clinton,  in Philadelphia.

He had this to say about Hillary:

“Former Secretary Clinton has dedicated her life to serving and engaging people across the world in democracy,” the former Florida governor said in a statement announcing the award. “These efforts as a citizen, an activist, and a leader have earned Secretary Clinton this year’s Liberty Medal.”


The Bush family must expect Jeb to win the White House, and they are just handing out some goodies to Obama and Hillary as consolation prizes: OR…Jeb and George are just really nice guys.

Nobody Thinks if the Republicans really want to win back the White House, the last thing they should be doing is helping their opponents.Jeb and Hillary

I would rather see Presidents putting wreaths on the graves of the recent firefighters that lost their lives in Arizona, but, that’s me. I can’t wait to see what’ Obama’s “institute” is going to be, but one thing we all know, the x Presidents make more money out of office than in. Which is why they are willing to spend billions to get the job. Obama & George H.

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