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Nobody’s Perfect: Chicago VS Cairo

Nobody’s Perfect:

This week, we have two places on the planet that excel in violence: Chicago VS Cairo

Let’s start with Chicago.

You could blame the high murder rate in Chicago on Al Capone and the Mafia, who took Chicago and made it the crime-ridden city that it is today, but the Mafia couldn’t have built this city of excitement without the help of the unions and the Democratic Party. Somewhere in the halls of Las Vegas they merged, and Chicago hasn’t been the same since. Harry Reid and Rahm Emanuel are proof enough.Chicago

So let’s deal with some numbers: 532 people were killed by criminals with guns In Chicago during the 2012 calendar, and this year, Chicago is on a roll: This month, there were 500 murder victims, and hey, it’s only July! And don’t forgot, apart from those who were killed, over 440 school age children were shot and wounded in Chicago during 2012 as well.

But, to put a smiling face on Rahm Emanuel’s’ city of Oz, there were only 65 shootings last week, this time last year, there were 76! But the July 4th holiday was rough—11 killed and 62 wounded.Chicago two

Ask anyone in St. Louis and they will tell you why. The hotter it is, the more the blacks take to the streets at night to drink and party, and last year it was really hot. Between 2003-2011, in Chicago, blacks were victims of 75 percent of 4,265 murders, and blacks were also the offenders in 75 percent of the murders. The black population is only 33 percent, and the gun laws are very strict.

So go figure.

And then there’s Cairo:

This from The New York Times: .

At least 51 civilian demonstrators were killed and more than 300 were wounded, all or almost all of them by gunfire, health officials said. Dozens of witnesses said the soldiers and police officers had opened fire unprovoked, an assertion that was immediately challenged by the military authorities.

Okay. Cairo really got ahead of Chicago on this one, because the score here is 51 to 11. Sure, the military had tanks, and the Morsi supporters had machine guns, but in Chicago, they just mostly shoot four or five at a time.Cairo

BUT…Chicago has a chance to catch up. Over the holiday weekend, the Morsi supporters came out to protest their loyalty to Morsi…IN Chicago. If they ever get together with the criminals on the streets of Chicago, Chicago could go from 11 people killed in one night, to 70 or 80. It could happen!

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect award for the Week?

Chicago. America has lived in freedom for 236 years, blacks; over 147 since their emancipation. Cairo on the other hand, has no clue what real freedom is.

Therefore, I suggest…both cities need more hockey.
(What do you mean that’s no solution? )Hockey

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