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Nobody Cares About Michael Moore

Nobody CaresMichale Moore and wife two

Michael Moore, probably the first socialist-capitalist-pig in America, is getting a divorce:

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has filed for divorce from wife Kathleen Glynn. The story appears in Michigan’s MLive. The Moores have been married since 1991 but have been together much longer than that. They are said to have a net worth of around $50 million. All of Moore’s hit movies– from Roger and Me to Sicko– have been made during the marriage. Glynn was a producer on several of the films and worked with Moore for at least 20 years. The couple otherwise has no children.

So we can only guess why: Too many Fast Food Nation hamburger? Not enough Bowling for Dollars nights? The feminists should ask, did he beat her when she said she actually LIKED Hostess cupcakes? Has she got another man? Was she sick to death of listening to him talk about Hillary Clinton?Michael Moore and wife

You know what?…Nobody Cares.

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