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Nobody Remembers Lilith: Adam’s FIRST Wife.

Nobody Remembers

Most of us remember the story of Adam and Eve. God made Eve out of the rib of Adam, and gave them paradise called Eden, where they remained in blissful ignorance, in a land of no taxes.  Adam had rule over all the plants and animals, and Eve was there just to please him, because there was no such thing as Football, and she was pretty happy.   And they walked around all day eating and sleeping and having a good time, and then…God said:

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. And the man and his wife were both naked, and they were not ashamed.Adam and Lilith

So, think of that? Running around naked and having a great time! And God did not judge them at all. This was before Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and Wall Street Bailouts.

Anyway, the story goes God told Eve and Adam they could have anything but they could NOT eat of the tree of knowledge……”Lest ye die.” (Fear usually works with leaders.)

But the snake (Who Eve loved to talk to, and I’ll explain why later) told her God was lying, and if she ate fruit from the tree, her eyes would be open and both she and Adams would be just like GOD. And any God in his right mind would NOT want his subjects to be as powerful as him.

Well, the snake didn’t tell her that last line, but it’s true.

It’s also why Presidents need to kept knowledge at a low minimum in the general population. Only they have the right to eat from the Tree of Knowledge (the NSA) because if we did, we’d be as knowing as they are. And they need this knowledge because otherwise we’d all be in danger. (Fear always works)

Not a good thing for Gods. Gods need to be on top.

So when Eve listened to the snake, and took a bite, and then got Adam to take a bit, they all of a sudden realized that— they were naked! And then they hid, and the whole concept of ‘sin’ was hatched, paving the way for Bill Clinton.

(Nobody frankly is glad that Eve took a bite. I don’t think I could handle a world full of naked people.)

Then God said to the woman, “What is this that thou hast done?”

And the woman said, “The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.”

Yes, she blamed it on the serpent.

BUT….did you know that the serpent was actually Adams FIRST wife? HA! Me neither…but check this out:

 The snake in the Garden of Eden was called Lilith. Rabbinical lore claims that Adam’s first wife was not Eve, but Lilith, made by God from dust like Adam rather than from one of Adam’s ribs like Eve. And who therefore refused to be subjugated by Adam. Instead she deserted him, becoming an evil demon, and in some texts she  is made synonymous with the serpent. The Tree of knowledge caused humanity’s fall.

(Lesson repeated: Don’t go seeking knowledge, only Gods can handle.)adam and eve two

Got that? The serpent was actually the first feminist who refused to bow to Adam , and deserted him. And then she got the NEW girlfriend talking to her (Girls LOVE To chat) and she got Eve to taste the tree of knowledge. Like the jealous hussy that she was, she tricked the new wife into disobeying God, and therefore, she didn’t have to watch Adam and Eve running around Eden naked while she was just a slithering snake and probably had changed her mind about Adam, and even though she didn’t want Adam in the first place, Eve was, I’m sure, was a lot hotter chick, and feminists HATE hot chicks.

You know that’s what happened.

But God was no match for a feminist either, and so, God condemned Eve to suffer and have children and obey Adam and all his commands for the rest of her life.

He punished both women, and poor Adam was the victim. So it took GOD to give Adam the domination over woman, because let’s face it, Adam was a wussy… And it was all because Lilith was such a…demon.

Lilith was condemned to stay the slithering snake she was, and be cursed forever more.

And why the men all over the world, in all the divorced sites on the internet, don’t take this story and run with it, I’ll never know.  The feminist have a magazine NAMED after the hussy! If they don’t…then they are somewhere running Adam and Eve threearound naked.

Anyway, I thought it was an interesting story and I had never heard about it before, but in the TV series Supernatural, some very clever men have incorporated it into some plots. This video gives even more background on Lilith, the first wife of Adam.  Enjoy!

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Nobody’s Fool: Mairead Maguire

Nobody’s Fool

Here, we see a REAL Noble Peace Prize winner put her two cents in about Obama, and other western nations arming radical Muslims in Syria.

Nobody Thinks: She’s right. It’s wrong.

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The Master Of the Key Says You’re All Screwed.

Nobody Wins

I just read the book THE KEY by Whitley Strieber. Who, you might say?The Key

Whitley Strieber was made famous by Art Bell, the Coast to Coast late night talk show host. Since my husband was a notorious snoozer, I always fell asleep listening to the program on the radio, and I still do today. Whitley was always on the program with Art…and I thought him rather entertaining, They were best buddies.

Before publishing The Key, Strieber co-authored, with Art Bell, The Coming Global Superstorm (1999), a book about the possibility of rapid and destructive climate change. He has said that it was based largely on things the Master of the Key had told him about the environment. The book served as the inspiration for the disaster film The Day After Tomorrow (2004) and Strieber later wrote a novelization of that movie.

He also wrote a book in where he THOUGHT he was abducted by aliens, called Communion, which later became a movie. In his new book, THE KEY, he swears that late in the morning of June 6, 1998, he was in his hotel room, and got a knock on the door, and there was a very ordinary elderly Caucasian man, who told him the secrets to life, and he took out a pencils and made notes. (oh sure)

To save his own face: Whitley says he didn’t believe it happened for years, and thought it was a dream. He said that about Communion too. Hey…you can make a decent living selling UFO abductions, not too many people took him seriously.

His feelings were hurt. They put him in the fiction section.

But now, Whitley is telling us what this MASTER of the Key told him about our lives, and it sounds just like a blueprint from Al Gore’s trust fund. Just so you won’t waste your time reading the book, I’m lifting a few quotes from the MASTER out of the book, and also putting in my favorite quotes.Whitley Strieber

MASTER: The Holocaust reduced the intelligence of the human species by killing too many of its most intellectually competent members. It is why you are still using jets seventy-five years after their invention. The understanding of gravity is denied you because of the absence of the child that was not born. Because this his parents went, the whole species must stay.

NOBODY: Okay. According to the master, because we did NOT mate with the Jews, our species was reduced to the intelligence of ovulating pumpkins. So Whitley is saying the Jews are the smartest members on the planet, and the one man who could save the world was not born. He SAYS he’s Catholic, but Strieber sounds Jewish to me. Or German. Or both. Where’s a psychiatrist when you need one?

MASTER: The Holocaust was triggered when economic disorder combined among the Germans with a feeling of being trapped due to overpopulation.
(Whitley’s little pencil was going REALLY fast.)

NOBODY: I know a lady who survived Dresden. The Germans didn’t even think about ‘overpopulation.” The Master forgot to mention Hitler.

MASTER: How do we surrender to GOD? Return to the forest. Otherwise you will destroy the earth and yourselves.

NOBODY: I bet old Whitley loved Joni Mitchell at Woodstock. No doubt, he was there. No doubt, he could write a book about it.

MASTER: (On why alien abductions are brutal) Many of these ( Alien Abductions) Many of these encounters are brutal. The Kitten is terrified of the veterinarian. To subdue the little creature, violence is unavoidable.

NOBODY: Right. Kittens really need to be subdued They are such terrifying creatures.

Can we expect to be “probed” by the NSA?  WAIT! We are being probed by the TSA, and now we know why—it is unavoidable!

MASTER: The teachings of Buddha, Christ and Muhammad are interlinked. They are one system in three, not three separate religions. This has been hidden from you for a long time. Christianity is the active side of the triad, Islam the passive, Buddhism the reconciling. Christianity seeks God, Islam surrenders to God, Buddhism finds God. Seek the kingdom as a Christian. give yourself to God as a Muslim, find your new companion in the dynamic silence of Buddhist meditation. You can become perfect. Buddha did. Muhammad did. Christ did.untitled

NOBODY: Uh…right. I’m sure all the religions want to merge. Can’t wait to see James Cameron’s version of the AVATAR BUDCHRISMUHANNED. Who are “they” and ‘why’ are they hiding this from us?

MASTER: Read the Koran, listen to Muhammad. He brought the message of surrender impeccably.

NOBODY: We get that they want us to ‘surrender’ part. What…Christ just FINDS the god, and then lets us surrender to Allah? And then Buddha makes us think about the ‘surrender’? I’m confused. Was the Master working for the CIA? Another thing: Impeccably? Really Whitley? Is your vision of an impeccable surrender when the head is cut off precisely?

MASTER: The Civilization of the northern peoples will be reduced to shadows and memories in the minds of the living. After the suffering you are about to endure, mankind will never again lust after material wealth. You are about to suffocate in your won garbage. You treat the black man as if he was some sort of demon, but God sees all of you with the same eyes. imagesCA05PU2O
NOBODY: Okay. The Master sounds like a cousin to bin Laden. And he should come to my neighborhood, the blacks have hummers, and 350,000 dollar homes.  Sounds like the Master is getting a bit nasty here.

MASTER: Global warming produces ice ages. The storms will bring about the end of the northern civilization and the climate change that follows will lead to the starvation of billions. The obsession with material is a symptom of despair. If a child is starving in Libya, you are responsible for them. You are responsible for a half a billion deaths during this period. You are responsible for the suffering of Central America and Southeast Asia and much of Africa. You supported the dictators, you strangled every vestige of good government again and again.

NOBODY: It sure took the Master long enough time to blame America for everything. I would have gone down to the bar for a drink about this time.

And then he told Whitely that he must go to Africa, find an orphan, give up his riches and do penance by helping that orphan. To which Whitley says he can serve mankind MUCH better by writing books, but when he retires, he might go fund an orphanage.

Libya, I suggest you pray for he Master, because I don’t think Whitely will EVER retire.

Nobody Wins when liberals get make up stuff to sell what are obviously, complete, in the words of the Master, ‘garbage’ propaganda for the elites wackos.  It’s the United Nations Agenda 21 wrapped up in a nice “Alien says you people are all doomed if you don’t give us all your wealth.” book.

At least this time, they won’t make a movie. And for that, we can finally, thank….The MASTER. 

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