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Nobody Remembers: Detroit

Nobody Remembers

Detroit international river front

Obama promised, he would NOT let Detroit go bankrupt.

But today, it happened. The black President had no stimulus to bring back the pensions, the police, the lights, the sanity, OR the jobs. Can we say it’s because he’s a racist? He prefers the rich because he bailed out Wall Street? After all, Detroit ‘s population is 82% black, and Obama hasn’t done a thing for them.

Everybody knows what happened to Detroit: Democratic unions broke the manufacturing industry, and Democratic politicians drained the bank.Detroit

It’s not too hard to figure out. That’s what happens when democrats run the show.

From Wikipedia;

The Detroit metropolitan region currently holds roughly one-half of the state’s population.[4][ In 1903 Ford founded the Ford Motor Company. Ford’s manufacturing—and those of automotive pioneers William C. Durant, the Dodge brothers, Packard, and Walter Chrysler—reinforced Detroit’s status as the world’s automotive capital; it also served to encourage truck manufacturers such as Rapid and Grabowsky.[22]

With the factories came high-profile labor unions such as the American Federation of Labor & the United Auto Workers which initiated strikes & other tactics in support of such things as the 8-hour day/40-hour work week, healthcare benefits, pensions, increased wages & improved working conditions. The labor activism during those years increased influence of union leaders in the city such as Jimmy Hoffa of the Teamsters and Walter Reuther of the autoworkers.

More than half of the owners of Detroit’s 305,000 properties failed to pay their 2011 tax bills, exacerbating the city’s financial crisis. According to the Detroit News, 47 percent of the city’s taxable parcels are delinquent on their 2011 tax bills, resulting in about $246 million in taxes and fees going uncollected, nearly half of which was due to Detroit. The rest of the money would have been earmarked for Wayne County, Detroit Public Schools, and the library system. The review also found 77 blocks in Detroit had only one owner who paid taxes in 2011.Detroit 2

The resulting elevated unemployment was compounded by white flight and middle-class flight to the suburbs (and in some cases to other states), and the city was left with a reduced tax base, depressed property values, abandoned buildings, abandoned neighborhoods, high crime rates, and a pronounced demographic imbalance. This crisis almost resulted in the state of Michigan taking over administrative control of the city.[54] The state governor declared a financial emergency in March 2013, appointing an emergency manager. On July 18, 2013, Detroit filed for bankruptcy, which will have to be approved by a Judge.[55]

So, Nobody Wonders if the Blacks will EVER understand that the welfare “plantation” is not going to last forever and ever.

In the meantime, we all wonder…what city is next? Or…should I say, what country?


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Can YOU Afford Gold?

Nobody Wins

Here’s an ad sent to me by the Capitol Gold Group. While we are all bombarded with the racist America, our politicians are paying our debt with money printed out of thin air. NOBODY in Washington is talking about spending anymore.

The conundrum here is, most people cannot afford to buy gold, and I certainly have always wondered, if the government could pull another FDR and confiscate it all, like it did once before.  If I did buy it, would I want it kept in some other place besides my own safe?  Can you hide gold? Can you hide guns? Remember, they have complete surveillance over the world, they will find you.

They didn’t know where bin Laden was, you say, how can they find me? Give them time. Now, they can find out anything.

Nobody Wins when the dollar is devalued just to keep the rulers in money and power, while the citizens lose their life savings, to further the dream of globalization and mass markets uniting the whole world into some kind of utopian dream, where great companies and rulers merge to do what’s BEST for the people. What’s important, is to keep the big government boat afloat, and make it even bigger.

It’s the progressives that are smashing our dollar we are being told, but we must remember, the head of the Republican Party, the Bush family, was all for this.

I don’t know much about this stuff but what I’ve read, but I do know this: Inflation is only going to get worse…and because it’s creeping, we don’t think much about it.



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