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Obama Admits: He NEEDS Intelligent People: It’s a Start!

Obama: The government is us and we’re doing things right


Nobody Wonders

If Obama made Joe Biden stand purposely beside him when he made the comment, “We are going to need the brightest minds.” just to convince us, he is in dire needs of some intelligence. (Actually, both of them are out of their league.)

And then, because he KNOWS America is furious over his unbelievable grab of unconstitutional executive power, he is now telling us that HE, Obama, is actually, us. Yes, he IS the people. And so that makes it okay for him to do whatever he wants, and it’s NOT okay for anyone to be cynical about whatever he is doing, because you see, he IS the people. And because he’s not that bright, he thinks we have a democracy instead of a Republic.

And then: The great surprise: He is doing everything right. The tornado victims should be happy because they are tracking storms better. I hate to tell him, but nobody in my neighborhood even knew a tornado had touched down until after the fact.

Nobody Also Wonders how he figures that by saying the word DATA, that he is saving lives. He’s got his mind on data. All kinds of data. In fact, children all over America are starving because Michelle want them to eat Obama’s favorite food: Broccoli. Data did that, so he needs less data.

And that’s why he flies his favorite pizza guy in St. Louis to the White House to make him pizza.  The guy really know how to make a good broccoli pizza.

So, all you cynical people who think that the scandals of the IRA, Fast and Furious, Obamacare, Benghazi , and the NSA, are the RIGHT things, I suggest you stop eating broccoli.

Because Obama needs the most intelligent  people, and obviously, Broccoli is killing great American brain cells.

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