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The topic at the local ‘adult’ swim this afternoon was: “Who thinks he’s guilty and who thinks he’s not?” Pertaining of course to the Zimmerman trial in Florida.Zimmerman

Asked by me of course.

The lady who was married to a cop said: “He shouldn’t have even HAD a gun! He should have stayed in the cars like the cops said!”

The lady whose family is strong union supporters said: “He should at least get manslaughter.”

The lady whose husband mows lawns for a living said: “He should have just had pepper spray.”

The only thing I said was: “Didn’t Zimmerman think the kid was checking out his uncle’s house?’

That just got a lot of stares. I didn’t say anything, because that’s just the way it is in the U.S. today. Too many Americans…are not deep thinkers. I was the odd man out.

Today at the trial, Treyvon’s lawyers kept pushing home the fact that this was just an innocent little boy. Yeah, sure. He was big enough to beat the crap out of Zimmerman. And he NEVER said he was scared, as a little child would be.— Just that some white cracker was following him.

I wanted to say to the cop’s wife, that so many towns are laying off the police, and they simply can’t be everywhere, and citizens know this, and most people know that it’s up to them to keep a watch on their neighborhood. I really don’t think Zimmerman even expected that kid to attack him.

And why are they asking for volunteer citizens and TRAINING them in guns if they don’t expect them to use them? Isn’t the liberal program of “IT TAKES A VILLAGE” just an extension of Obama’s and Hillary’s policy of how we all have to spy on one another? Didn’t Janet Napolitano say “If you see something suspicious, report it?” They even made video’s of it for the “citizens” to see.Zimmerman riot

Oh…it takes a village…only when the village is the state.


This afternoon, they are already lined up to riot. It’s the weekend.

But if you go by the consensus at the pool…Zimmerman will go to jail for a very long time, and if that’s the case, I might just have to say something at my local “adult” swim club,—something like:

“The Village is stupid.”

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