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McCain, Obama, Race, and John Gault

Nobody’s Opinion:

Last week was a John Gault week.  Who is John Gualt you may ask?

John Gualt was the answer to tyranny that Ayn Rand came up with in her famous novel, Atlas Shrugs.  Her conclusion was, when the government system became so corrupt with socialism and tyranny, you best not fight the system, you’re better off dropping out and forming a new one. John Galt and all the great minds of the world, just went away and started a new secret life.

If ONLY we could, MS RAND.Ayn RAnd

 Last week, there were many white people in the country just wishing they could go find a paradise somewhere where they could work and live their lives in peace. Their own President had blamed them once again, for being racist. And John McCain jumped right in on the Obama bandwagon.

(Turn John McCain inside out, and you see Stockholm Syndrome maggots crawling throughout the corpuscles.)

Obama’s agenda as President, was to cut the military in half, (He succeeded in that.) and then disarm America. He didn’t get it done with the Sandy Hook Shootings—Fast and furious backfired, so, he had Holder send down paid protestors to start a race riot. A local shooting in Florida was grabbed— forced into the spotlight, and the full force of the Democratic Party was put upon the nation to in order to get us all talking about race, and the need to get guns out of the hands of citizens. The “concealed carry” laws, and how they should be abolished, was the main talking point.

Tell me, who carries a gun out in plain sight, unless you’re in the woods hunting? That pretty much covers just about everybody.

Last week we had 24/7 Zimmerman got away with it news. Obama came out and moaned and groaned that people locked their doors when black people walk by, even him.

I hate to say this: but I would not only lock my door if Obama walked by, I’d be saying, “Who is John Gault and why doesn’t he come to get me? “Ayn Rand two

Obama doesn’t give a hoot about the black kids dying in America. He will never accuse the black people for committing genocides of their own race. The blacks in Chicago act as if they live in Sudan.

No, instead of acting like the President of all  America, he came out and basically blamed all white people for the crimes of black men looting stores, beating up people, and killing each other.Ayn Rand four

Grabbing their moment in the sun, all the blacks came out to talk: “Black mothers, HIDE your children from that evil gun tooting white man!” Never mind that 93 percent of black murders are committed by black men.

And yet, on every cable station we heard the white reporters letting the blacks talk about white racism in America, and just standing there…embarrassed. I couldn’t watch it. WHY do so many whites buy this stuff?

Dinesh D’Souza explains why white people are so obsessively enamored  of Barack Obama in his book “Obama’s American”

He calls it the great shaming of America;

‘White s feel stigmatized by past racism and its continuing legacy, and whites also worry that they may harbor, perhaps even unknown to themselves, racist beliefs and sentiments. The vast majority of whites reject the ideology of white supremacy. Their moral code is anti- raciest

White guilt is the real source of black power. The blacks know this, and use it for all it’s worth.

In the bookA Bound Man” the author Shelby Steele argues that throughout black history there have been two types of blacks who have risen to the occasion.

The first one forages for opportunities to cry racism. He presumes that all whites are racist and he lets whites know this to put them on the defensive. It’s a shakedown. Jesse Jackson is the shakedown artist.

The second one is the bargainer: (Obama )

Bargainers begin by giving whites the benefit of the doubt. Whites are incredibly excited to have their own self image ratified and confirmed by blacks through the subtle transaction of bargaining.  They are excited about their discovery about what morally wonderful people they are. It’s not Obama worship, its’ self worship.

Obama detroit

Tonight I saw a bumper sticker on a truck: Save America: Impeach Obama. But Obama can never be impeached: Because there are too many white people who think it’s more important to feel good about themselves, than stand up to tyranny and theft of their own future.

So, once again, I know who John Gault is: I just wish he’d give me his address….

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Nazi VS Pinko

Nobody Rants on a Sunday

Last Saturday, there were not many people at my local pool. There I was, doing my water exercises when a young father jumped in with his 11- month old baby girl. She was as happy as a little chirping bird, as her father proudly claimed to me that he’d have her swimming by the time she was one…just wait. As she sucked on her daddy’s fingers and made baby noises, he continued to tell me about his life…the mother of the child, whom he never married and he was separated from, even though he had helped raised her other child by another man…a young boy, was not there. But, he was happy to have his little girl, and his bulldog, and his job as a construction worker. All the time he was talking to me, a nine-year old black child was swimming around us both, smiling as if there wasn’t a prejudice bone in his body. I wondered where his parents were, and then decided all he wanted was somebody to watch him do all his new “tricks” and so I became his substitute  parent in the pool.

As the morning went on, the young man told me he had ADD. He had been on all kinds of medication for it, and basically said, it was all speed, and it worked, because he just has TOO much energy.

Now, I don’t happen to think ‘energy’ is any kind of a problem whatsoever. But this man had been convinced though-out his lifetime that his ADD was some sort of mental disorder.

I couldn’t talk him out of that view, even though I tried. I’m just no good at talking anyone out of their view, and I wonder, am I alone in this?Truth

For instance, the next day, I visited an old high school buddy, and while we were outside, and I was helping her clean her pool, I asked her if there had been many riots in St. Louis, because she works for the crime lab, and she would know.

“Oh yes!” she said. Evidently, there had been beatings and other things, and then she said,

‘”I don’t blame them.”

“Gee, I think even YOU would shoot somebody if they were pounding your head into the concrete.” I said. I might add, this lady just bought three guns. I…have not.

Obviously…no, she would not have shot him.

My thoughts in my head were— nothing gives the right for any people to go around beating up other people…but I didn’t say it. I dropped the subject. Whatever views she has about Trayvon Martin have been formed from the local News stations she listened to and her own mind. And on one of those local News stations, I heard a black man say to the very experienced white woman reporter that Trayvon Martin was killed in cold blood. The white anchor woman,  agreed.

Zimmerman was a cold blooded killer. They play the “white guilt” card, and the white liberal feels good about him or herself for nodding and agreeing that all white people are basically raciest.

Why did I say nothing to my friend? The truth is…I don’t want to upset her. And HER anger is real.

I would never change her mind in a million years, and she would never change mine. And the country has come to that it seems.  It’s not just a black and white issue, it’s much deeper. The country is falling apart and each sides blames the other.

Conservatives, who have always been the norm in this country, now find themselves wondering what happened?  Truthe 2

But, back to the pool. After an hour of great conversation and watching a loving father bond with his baby girl, the man turned to the black kid and said: “I have to go change her, and we can get ready to go…”

The black kid nodded. He had come with the white man to the pool and his baby.

I had let him borrow  my mask…

“Okay, I  have to go too” I said. “If I’m here tomorrow, I’ll let you borrow it again.” He was a cute kid.

And the two racist white people got out of the pool.

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