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Nobody Muses on the 4th

Nobody Muses on the 4th

July the 4th is my favorite holiday, but this year, for the first time in my life, it feels like a twilight. I love twilight, especially in the summer, and I suppose that if America is in its twilight as many people think, it should be a beautiful one.
But twilight leads to the darkness of night, before the next day.twilight

And so, I will be thinking tonight while watching the fireworks, of something I heard Rush Limbaugh say on the radio today. He has been talking this year about how there are those in the Republican Party that don’t like the real conservatives: They don’t like the tea party people. The tea party people are actually the last Americans. They just want to be left alone.
Rush, who has been so important to the Republican Party that he was given a birthday cake at the White House by the Bush Family, has been America’s voice of conservatism. And today, a patriotic American called Rush and lamented that the Republican Party has left us, and he found himself turning to the libertarians Ron and Rand Paul. And then Rush said, as he does in EVERY single election: A third party will never win. Don’t even think about it. Don’t vote for anyone but the Republican.Rush Limbaugh

Sarah Palin might differ.

There are those of us, who see an endless highway of Rhino’s and Democrats, really more like one party now, stretching out across the country, across time, forever more, leading America into the dark night

The leaders of the Republican Party are just as organized and entrenched as the Democrats, and they will never let that power go. Go ahead and hope for it, the odds of that happening are slim.

Whoever they have run for President in 2016, will leave even more conservatives staying home. They will lose. And Rush, should know that. But he keeps hoping I guess. He just keeps hoping. He will support Jeb Bush, if he runs, which most think he will.

Where does that leave us on this Independence Day? What options do we have for the future?

Will the Republican Party come around? No. And the reason is: Globalization. Both George W. Bush and Obama were in Africa promoting ‘women’s issues, which is just a smokescreen for global corporations and their interests. Now, I know that what Rush support is capitalism. As do conservatives. But crony capitalism  now runs the parties. An elite oligarchy has emerged that the leaders cannot ignore. It’s the elephant in the room that neither party talks about too much.

George W. Bush has already made the pack with Mexico. Obama will further it. We will stay involved in the middle East, as we are in Korea. Obamacare IS the wish of the global companies. They want a level playing field.

As I think of our founders, and the blood that was spent to start such a genius idea called America, and my dad’s generation— all the blood spilled to stop Japan and Germany—Vietnam, and Iraq, and now we see that idea is gone, it’s almost too sad to bear. To think that it’s going to come back, is folly, in my opinion. We wait. We hope. But it doesn’t happen.

Even Benjamin Franklin, who went to England so many times before the Revolution, had hoped that the mother land and America could resolve their differences. It was not to be, and they all spoke of the heartache of it in their letters. All the founders did.Happy 4th

So, we are at the point, like our ancestors before us, of the twilight before the dark.

Obama has driven the last nail in America, as we all knew he would. Soon we will realized that something else must be done. The political system and the career oligarchy that is so entrenched in place, will continue to fight for the global interests, not America’s.

What choice do we have now?

I understand why Rush insists that a third party will never win. To Rush, it’s the two -party system that he has defended for so long. What Rush doesn’t want to face, is that this system that our founders set up, has been discarded and demolished, by our own leaders.

Talk all you want Rush: Nothing changes. The only way Rush could save the Republican party would be to run himself, and he won’t do that.

The people of America will never rise up as one, as we saw in Egypt today, because they have kept us purposely divided by race, by wealth, and by sex. It’s how the powerful keep the masses from rising up against them. Say what you want about the Muslim religion: It unites a people.

And yet…miracles do happen.

I don’t think I’m expressing any thoughts that millions of others haven’t had. But tonight, it’s time we ALL start thinking about what the hell we can do about it.

Twilight is coming.

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Can We Go See the Pyraminds Now?

Nobody Knows

What exactly is happening in Egypt? We are being told, that since Morsi was elected legimatly by the Muslim Brotherhood, this is not how democracy should work. The people are mad that Morsi hasn’t lived up to his promises so they have taken to the streets and demanded he leave.

For the people to demand the military help them out, why, that’s just not right say our Newsmen. an American, who has to wait four to eight YEARS to see change, (which never seems to come) it seems kind of refreshing—they gave the guy one year….. and I wonder if our elites are worried about their example?

Everyone on TV is predicting violence, but I’d say, by the looks of things, the Muslim Brotherhood may be outnumbered. Egytion coup

Nobody Knows, if Obama is going to take credit for it.

Nobody Knows if Egypt’s military is REALLY under our control, since we seem to keep funding it.

Nobody Knows, why all the conservative pundits on TV are skeptical about Morsi leaving, because, by all accounts, the guy was a scumbag. It is said that Christians are going to be allowed on the parliament again, and how is that a bad thing?

Nobody Knows if Facebook and the tech guys are fueling the protests.

Nobody Knows if the Egyptian people really MISS American tourists and all their money?
Nobody Knows much of anything, but that the Egyptians are really tired of being unemployed.

And Nobody Knows, how to find out hard news about it all, because I sure can’t.

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Nobody Flashes: Reader

Nobody Flashes

Last week, a reader emailed me about how much trouble she was having reading the blog. I emailed her back, but it got returned. I’m blaming Al Gore and global warming.

So, I wanted to tell her, that this coming month, I will be working on making this read better, or trying out new templates, and to also inform everyone, if you just click on the Title of any piece, and it should take you to another larger version, if you are having trouble reading it.  The recent posts start at the left, and go to the right, then down.

Sorry I could not get to you to explain this, but I’m hoping you read this and it helps.

In the meantime, I appreciate all feedbacks, thanks!

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