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Will the Cops HELP the Blacks Riot in Broward County?

Nobody Knows–

–Just exactly what idiot thought, that by making a video to warn the black kids in Florida not to riot, that he would be doing something constructive? Really. Look at this video. The girl has “HOPE” on her chest. I guess she just didn’t have enough room for “change.” And that guy (Miami Heat?) looks like he is five years old. And THEN to make matters even more ridiculous, the white sheriff and his big thug looking black cops go, “Raise your voice, not your hands” because the COPS got your back.

WHAT? Does that mean that the cops are going to protect the black kids that riot in the streets of Florida as long as they don’t beat up anyone? I’m confused. Did Obama’s people write this video? Nobody Knows, but it’s pretty pathetic. It also sends out two sorry messages: Black kids are very stupid, and haven’t got a brain in their heads, (and Treyvon’s best girlfriend was a pretty good example of that) and white people should stay inside because the cops have the BLACKS back. If your white, you’re in trouble.Justice Obama

At least that’s how I took it.

I haven’t gotten  caught up in the trial. To me, it was a well picked incident by the liberal press to get America to stop thinking about Benghazi, the IRS scandal, Syria, and the NSA. In fact, I bet you Obama and his boys are praying for riots, because that will take over the news for another month. Why is there no outrage about blacks killing blacks? Why not pick one of THOSE trials? Mmmm? Well…that’s a Mexican looking boy, and the proof that they wanted to use this story to get America off Obama’s house of terror is that Obama came out himself and said that Treyvon could have been his son if he had one.

And then all the black rappers and movies stars jumped on Obama’s Zimmerman lynching wagon.Trevon's fingers

The cards seem to fall into Zimmerman’s testimony as being true.  Nobody Knows why Zimmerman wanted to be on the community watchers group. It seems he had dreams of getting a job in law enforcement. He seems to have a strong sense of right and wrong, And even though he shot the kid, most of us, if we had a black kid full of hate, pounding our head against the concrete, and smashing our broken nose with his fist and saying he was going to kill him, well, most of us might have fired more than one shot. The facts here are: Zimmerman had a right as a community concerned citizen to ask the kid a question. How it got into a fight…can easily be imagined. The kid went on the attack. Which is the typical reaction when someone is guilty.

Hillary Clinton is a master of it.

I’d say the fact that Zimmerman called the police in the FIRST place shows that he wasn’t out to shoot anybody. But that’s too logical when a President and his black army of followers want riots. A big riot would be good for Obama right now…anything to get the public’s mind off of his everyday criminal action. In case you haven’t notice, it’s all about controlling the news.Geroge Zimmerman

Nobody Knows why the fight started. Treyvon was probably checking out the apartments, and acting suspicious, but it’s unfortunate that Zimmerman even bothered to approached him. Whether he goes to jail or not, his life is ruined.

Nobody Knows what the message is out of all this, but it seems to be: Stay out of everybody’s business. Let the kid rob the house. It’s one of the reason’s we see the black kids robbing and beating up people all over the country, most people are scared that THEY will go to jail for even trying to stop it. Kris One

In this country, you could go to jail just for trying to do the right thing. In Obama’s world, if you are black, you can do just about anything….especially in Broward County— Because the cops have got your back!

But hey! Nobody Knows another thing: The jury could find him guilty of murder!

We once witnessed a black murderer get off because of race. We might just see a man who was innocent, go to jail, because of ‘race.’

Because the “race” card is a sure bet with the Democrats, every single time, and that’s why they keep playing it.

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Nobody Reports: Amfortas Has His Own Blog!

Nobody Reports

For those of you who have been reading me for some time, I am here to give a BIG shout-out today on AMFORTAS.

Amfortas, has made the comments sections of this blog come alive every day with wit, wisdom and a bit of British humor as only the British can do!

And NOW…he has his own blog called “The Knight and the Drummer” …Right now he has an excellent blog on abortion.

So give him a visit, and sit down at his pub for a drink, and a chat. You won’t regret it.

Nobody gives a big Toast, to amfortas! Welcome to the blogging world my friend! The world is a much better place now that your ideas can be read everywhere!


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