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Is Obama a Muslim, or NOT?

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Is Obama a Muslim, or isn’t he? In the next four years, are we going to see more Muslims brought into our country?

His father was a  Muslim who had four wives, and Obama has proudly taken his father’s  name to show the world that he is proud to be the son of a Muslim.  As we have seen in the last five years, Obama has been almost obsessed, with empowering the Muslim Brotherhood time and time again. Egypt’s ‘democratically’ elected  Morsi, a real Jew hater, was given billions of dollars in military help from Obama. And now that the Muslim Brotherhood has been forcefully removed by the people, Obama is holding back all support. Well…aren’t they Muslims too?

So, whose side is he on? Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood, the very people who want America destroyed, and he does it with our money.

How $&%% up is that? And why are our own politicians so blind to it?

Obama spent years in Revered Wright’s church, and he and Michelle GO to church you might say. But Reverend Wright hated America, just like the Muslims. Obama has said time and again he is a Christian.  Even Dinesh D’Souza, who has studied Obama’s background more than  anyone thinks that Obama is NOT a Muslim, to which Nobody Asks: So why did he keep his Muslim name then?

And then, there’s the video below taken at this year’s celebration of Ramadan. Obama continues to rewrite American history to appease his Muslim comrades. Right. I wonder what the Chinese think about the fact that it was the Muslims that built the railroads? Obama has done more for the cause of Muslims in this world than he has done for the country he is supposed to represent. That IS a fact.

So I ask again: Is Obama a Muslim? (His wedding ring has a “Allah is great” on it.)

Again: Is Obama a Muslim? Or is he a wanna-be because his father was?

“I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.” Barack Obama,the Audacity of Hope.

Dinesh D’Souza made a movie last year right before the elections, to try to warn everyone about the danger of re-electing, who he considers, a very dangerous man. In his book Obama’s America, he makes the case that everything that Obama does, is based on his anti-colonial objectives, which he got from his father, Barack Obama Senior. Therefore everything he does is too diminish America’s role in the world:

“He wants America to be poorer so that Brazilians and Colombians can be richer. He thinks it would be beneficial to us and to the world for there to be many rich and powerful nations, with no single nation able to dominate or dictate terms.  Obama is a visionary for global justice. “

The Christian Obama doesn’t want you to know about the “phony story” about Benghazi that never came out.  Obama was using ambassador Stevens ….to give weapons to a-Qaeda in Syria. It was documented, but there was no proof, because the proof was killed,  But now, with John McCain’s help, Obama can give weapons to al-Qaeda freely, and they are killing Christians for sport. (See video above.)

Because in Islam, it is written, that if you are Christian you are an infidel.

So, does that make Obama an infidel?

Nobody has to disagree with D’Souza, Obama was raised a Muslim, he is arming the Muslim Brotherhood, and his sympathies lie always with the Muslims over Christianity. He himself has said that he will—

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Barack Obama— Audacity of Hope.

Reality is more that Obama is a madman. He worships himself as God, but then, he thinks that Christians have dominated the world much too long, and so, he sides with the Muslims. And therefore good Christian men beware lest the political winds happen to blow in the Christian direction because Obama will have Allah’s back–not yours. You’d better pray your God is stronger.

America was founded on Christianity, and remains a Christian nation. And make no mistake about it–Obama wants more than anything, to change American history forever.

Let’s not let him.


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