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Nobody Knows Obama’s Economic Policy

Nobody Knows….

How Obama gets by with so much stuff:  He has a spending limit, and Congress always gives him all the money he wants…but the date where the U.S. runs out of money is coming due again. So what do you do if you go beyond your limit of spending when your administration is run by Barack Obama?Obama spends

You LIE!

( – According to the Daily Treasury Statement for July 26, which the Treasury released this afternoon, the federal debt has been stuck at exactly $16,699,396,000,000.00 for 70 straight days. – Thus, the value of U.S. Treasury debt instruments circulating in the public has increased $53.267 billion since May 17–even though the Treasury says the debt has remained exactly at $16,699,396,000,000.00 during that time.

Nobody Knows why the clock ticker of the American Treasury got stuck, but Nobody is pretty sure it has something to do with Obama’s spending habits. The US Treasury gets to lie about its spending.. and the little nobody guy doesn’t.  If he goes over his credit limit, the bank shuts him down. But not Obama…he has so much more money to spend, so….he is just going to say, he isn’t spending it.  And where is he going to get more money after Congress tells him: NO MORE?

Why…he’s going to give big companies a tax break, and then INSIST they spend the savings on helping the middle class!

Oh..that makes sense.

The New York Times reports that President Obama is reviving an old proposal to lower the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 28 percent (and 25 percent for manufacturers). Obama’s push to lower the corporate tax rate to 28 percent comes less than a year after he raised the top individual income tax rate, paid by many small businesses, to 39.6 percent.

I don’t get it. The middle class, who are the small business owners, will have to pay MORE taxes? Why not a flat tax? Why not get rid of the big corporation loop holes?OMG

Nobody Knows, and Nobody can figure out, the economic policies of Barack Obama, but she does have a few words to describe it: Fascism.  Communism. Collectivism. Stupidism.

Early in his first term, he pushed through more than $4 trillion in deficit spending on stimulus, broader Medicaid benefits, alternative energy projects and other industrial policies. Sequestration will remove about 1 million jobs, while higher taxes and the trade deficit will cost Americans more than 10 times as many. Wall Street’s big banks have exploited Dodd-Frank to scarf up smaller banks that cannot cope with the avalanche of new regulations, and thereby monopolized the CD market in many cities. Even as mortgage rates have risen, the elderly are not being offered decent returns that once helped finance their retirements. Increasingly, they work in grocery stores and wait on tables, competing down the wages of the younger working poor.

So…everybody knows that Obama loves to spend as much money as he wants, with no limits, and that includes his vacations, and he doesn’t give a round of golf about the middle class of America,Obama CEO

But Nobody Knows..why Congress keeps giving  the biggest spender in American history money?

When somebody figures that out…let me know.

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Sheila Jackson Running Homeland Security? Move over Snowdon.

Nobody Flashes

Upon hearing that the black caucus thinks that Sheila Jackson would be a good replacement for Janet Napolitano for Homeland Security, I at once thought of this video. Sheila Jackson

The “Gang of Spanky” explains pretty much how a good percentage of American people would feel…(This Nobody Included.) It would be “All for one and one for all” in trying to protect ourselves from the headmistress Sheila whose main objective would be to kill us all by sheer incompetence.

Enjoy! Or not…I’m having a hard time picturing it…add Hillary as President to that mix and you can imagine what would happen when we got Attacked—-

“What difference would it make!” will become Sheila’s great crying call…..especially if the city hit was in Florida.

Okay. I’m going to go take a nap. I am NOT handling this too well.double facepalm

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