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Homeland Security: Watching YOUR Underwear

Nobody Wonders

New polls show that women, are feeling very unprotected by Daddy Obama State. Obama, doesn’t seem to care about the threats from ISIS, or Ebola, or the electrical grid going down from a Sun flare, but we had proof today, that..he DOES care.Underwear

Homeland security is protecting us from…unlicensed underwear.

A lingerie shop owner in Kansas City says her store was raided by Homeland Security agents Monday morning over a few dozen pair of panties she made in honor of her hometown baseball team.

Peregrine Honig, owner of Honig’s Birdies Panties shop in Crossroads, said she designed the Lucky Royals boyshorts that were set to go on sale Tuesday. They told me they were from Homeland Security and we were violating copyright laws.”

While she was NOT jailed for the offence, I for one, feel so much safer knowing that Obama is making sure that the Kansas City Royals get their full share of profits from only licensed multinational companies, and those 7 pairs of home designed underwear do not get ANYWHERE near the underwear bomber.Homeland Secuity pants

Nobody Wonders who is running Homeland Security? MLB?

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Nobody’s Perfect: Charlo Greene VS Afghan Soldiers

Nobody’s Perfect

This week, we had several Nobodies in America who just couldn’t stand their job anymore, but the way they quit deserves at least a few lines on this Nobody’s not so famous page:

Numero Uno;

She pretty, she’s a cool dresser, she’s ever so articulate, but Charlo Greene, just did the report of her life on marijuana, and then…quit:

Charlo Greene was a reporter for KTVA-TV in Anchorage, Alaska. That is until Sunday night when she quit on live TV by uttering an obscenity and walking off camera.

Obviously, Charlo was more than a bit high herself when she just quit on live TV, and who doesn’t think that she was already making much more money than she could ever make as some measly token reporter? Selling pot is the biggest new market since White Lighting hit the streets of Chicago.

Can we expect more stoned reporters quitting their jobs?

YOU BET! You know Shark Tank? Let’s have a reality show of quitters! Better yet, a realty show of stoners! Afgan soldiers

Hey, I’d watch it. 🙂

Numero Dos:

What do you do when you don’t want to train to be a soldier in Afghan anymore? You go to the mall with your American military comrades and then say, “Hey, we’ve got to hit the hole.” (They are used to holes) and THEN instead—head for Canada.

Yes! Canada is right next door to Afghanistan! No?

Three Afghan soldiers, who went missing while in Massachusetts for military training, have been found trying to cross the border into Canada, a Defense Department official said Monday.

“I can confirm that the Canadians have them,” the official said.

The Afghan officers were reported missing late Saturday after a trip to a shopping mall in Hyannis, Mass., about 20 miles from Joint Base Cape Cod, where they were involved in a training exercise.

Earlier this month, two Afghan police officers disappeared from a Drug Enforcement Administration training program in Quantico, Va., and were found several days later in that area.

They did a Bergdorf! Aftgn soldiers two

Even in my little home town we train Iraq soldiers. Not sure if they are still here, because they didn’t tell us we were paying to have Muslims trained by our police force in the FIRST place.

So you tell me…who wins the “I quit” Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week? There is a proper way to quit a job, is there not?

Was it MS Charlo, who evidently just got a job as a reporter so that she could promote her new company?

Or was it those sweet Afghan soldiers, who just wanted to get into America and go find the local strip bars and move to Canada so they wouldn’t have to actually fight in their own country?Obama angry

Who wins?

The STUPID idiot in the Pentagon (Okay,White House) who think bringing Muslims into the United States to train on our dime, where they can escape and maybe even someday blow up a few cities here win.  Can this be any more idiotic? Or even treasonous?

Don’t get me started.

Who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award?

That corrupted, plutocracy of morons who call themselves the United States Government. (And since we live in a dictatorship, that means Obama.)

The ONLY thing they have perfected is disaster.

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“Nobody Is Spying On Americans”

Nobody Wonders

—Obama is so good at lying, you have to wonder why anybody would not believe what he says. Notice, he comes right out and says, “Nobody is spying on Americans.” Really? Then why collect all that data of millions of people who are  NOT terrorists? Of course you are spying on us!  It’s not like the Boston bomber is going to call Joe Tea Party and ask for directions to the hardware store. Add in the collection of all our financial transactions, being able to turn off our cars, every single thing we do on the internet…and the soon-to-be massive drone surveillance, and it’s a fact that the 4th amendment no longer exists because you simply ignore it.

Bush and Obama sat calmly and said….”Hey…we’re not doing anything here!”

It’s a dangerous road and they are our benevolent dictators. It frankly should scare the %$% out of all of us.

Notice Obama says they have found no abuse…which is insane because of the IRS scandal. Abuse and corruption is more the norm than not In that great oligarchy called D.C.

Nobody Wonders just how many idiots out there do NOT know that this man is an expert at lying?

The video is even scarier because Obama puts on his best “I’m the expert, I’m your daddy, I speak the truth” face and he is so good at it, and Jay Leno of course, is not going to say something like
“Well how about the abuse at the IRS and you put the women who was in charge of that scandal, in charge of OBAMACARE! WHY!!”

No, Jay Leno, who was being used, and was almost maudlin as the sit-in sycophant.  Jay still has a lot of garages to maintain….and Nobody Wonders why all the entertainers on the planet fall behind this man.

Nobody also Wonders, how long it took to do Obama’s makeup. It looks like it was sprayed on.

And one last point: If this cell phone stuff really works, then why in the world did you have to close down the whole city of Boston Mr. Obama?  How come it came down to a guy in a house who told you where the kid was? If this phone surveillance worked…you would have caught him in the hour. But you didn’t. And so, the real reason you are collecting data has nothing to do with following terrorists,  does it Mr. Obama?



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Sheila Jackson Running Homeland Security? Move over Snowdon.

Nobody Flashes

Upon hearing that the black caucus thinks that Sheila Jackson would be a good replacement for Janet Napolitano for Homeland Security, I at once thought of this video. Sheila Jackson

The “Gang of Spanky” explains pretty much how a good percentage of American people would feel…(This Nobody Included.) It would be “All for one and one for all” in trying to protect ourselves from the headmistress Sheila whose main objective would be to kill us all by sheer incompetence.

Enjoy! Or not…I’m having a hard time picturing it…add Hillary as President to that mix and you can imagine what would happen when we got Attacked—-

“What difference would it make!” will become Sheila’s great crying call…..especially if the city hit was in Florida.

Okay. I’m going to go take a nap. I am NOT handling this too well.double facepalm

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Miss Alabama Wants to Feel Safe at the Mall…Who Knew?

Nobody Wonders—

Where Miss Alabama got her education and her eyelashes. I want those eyelashes. I could paint my bedroom walls with both of them. I could float them in the local pool and scream “SPIDER!” and all the kids would jump out and I would have the pool all to myself. It’s a plan I’m hatching.

Evidently, MS Alabama has a bachelor’s degree in public relations, with a minor in communications, which means it won’t be long until we see Miss Alabama on CNN or MSNBC because, as we all know, FOX beats the liberal channel in babes, and it’s one of the reasons Rupert is so successful.

Sex sells, and the liberal channels are sorely lacking in sexy bodies. Who wants to bet me we see this parrot on them sooner than we can say, “Maddow is a cow.”?

Therefore, you have to wonder–Miss Alabama evidently ENJOYS being frisked at the mall and airport. What she doesn’t know is—so does Larry King. The rest of us have no choice.

But who needs choice when you have foot- long eyelashes?

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Smile! You’re On Napolitano’s Camera!

Nobody Wins

When the big camera’s went up all over our highways here in Missouri, they went up overnight. Nobody on the local news even mentioned them.

Every city is having budget problems, but there seems to be plenty of money to put up camera’s at every stop light. Surely all this technology had to cost a pretty penny…so just where was this money coming from? No one on the local news ever talked about the expense.

I don’t know about you, but while people complained, what was told to the public was that traffic camera’s were being put up for our ‘safety,’ and still, not much was said about the cost.

Like everyone else, I just excepted it…until one day I was sitting at a stoplight, and I was the first car to make a left turn, and I was just waiting for the light… and FLASH!…right in my face.Face Recognition

Someone had just decided to take my picture.  For no reason at all.

This has happened too many times, and I started noticing how often the camera’s were going off, when other cars were stopped. So, sometimes I drive with the sun flap down just to hide half my face. Having my picture taken like I was some sort of criminal really gets me…I would say angry, but pissed off is a better way of putting it.

When I told my husband that I thought they were taking pictures, he thought I was crazy.


Today, I heard a Missouri Senator on the DANA Show (See video) say that he had just found out, that they have been taking face recognition pictures and storing the pictures  in a big data base, and by law, in Missouri, they cannot do that. It’s against the law. The Senators were lied to.

In fact, when you go to get your driver license, they are supposed to erase all information, but Sen. Schaefer had found out that they were storing all the data from the license bureaus and erasing none of it.biometric

This republican Senator has introduced a bill to try to stop this face recognition technology, but our Governor…who IS a democrat, has to have known all along that all this information was being gathered and stored. Of course, like all the other liberals, he will say he didn’t know..and keep on doing it. The truth seems to be, that states have no rights in this matter. The FBI just got a billion dollars for the face recognition program.FBI biometric

State and local officials are increasingly granting the federal government access to their registry of motor vehicles databases and, thanks to a FBI program announced to the public in August 2012, deploying their own powerful face recognition tools. Zooming out to the bigger picture we find the mother of all biometrics programs, the FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) — the biometrics databank to beat all biometrics databanks. It will contain fingerprints, iris scans, face recognition ready photographs, palm prints, DNA and innumerable other biometric data points on tens if not hundreds of millions of people, both US citizens and foreigners.

And that’s not all: Now, the President is giving the FBI full reign to look at everyone financial records.

(Reuters) – The Obama administration is drawing up plans to give all U.S. spy agencies full access to a massive database that contains financial data on American citizens and others who bank in the country, according to a Treasury Department document seen by Reuters.

Once again, we are told it to look for criminals.George Orwell 2

We need more Senators to stand up to this.

The Senator suggested we contact our congressmen and complain. It seems to me, it’s up to our “representatives” to take care of this. Anyway what can we do? We didn’t break the law. But data is being gathered and for what reason, I can only guess at.

Nobody Wins when we live in a “guilty until proven innocent” Orwellian society

But that’s exactly what they are building.


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Nobody Cares About 1984

Nobody Cares

Nobody confesses: We (my husband and I) are among the last people on the block to own an HD TV flat screen, and I should know, because every night as I walked the dogs around the block, I peer into all the living room windows, and have yet to see anything BUT flat screens. While I long for the days when the airwaves were free…I still haven’t gotten into the “I simply MUST have a flat screen. ” state of mind. My reasoning has always been, with music, books, or TV…it’s the content that matters the most. I don’t think American Idol is going to impress me that much more in HD than in the old-fashioned Zenith that’s in my work room.

But…today, this was in the news:

That’s exactly what Verizon is proposing in a patent application filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The application describes a system that uses infrared cameras and microphones to watch what people are doing in front of a TV. If two people are cuddling on a couch watching TV, the system might show them a commercial for a romantic vacation, flowers, and yes, even condoms, according to the application. The system could even figure out what pets are in the room and start showing dog food commercials or flea treatment ads.

The problem with traditional TV advertising is that it can’t account for what users are doing, the patent says. This limits the effectiveness of the ads.

Really. What a reason to argue for a patent…you can’t see the person. What benefit does that have for society?

But, if you watch the video, it seems Samsung is already watching people have sex, scarf down old pizza, burp, snore, you name it. All in the name of “better advertising.”
I’m glad I searched for this, because just last week, we went into Best Buy to look at flat screens,…and we found one.. a 40″   HD LG TV for only $270.00.

“Hey, that’s not a bad price…should we? We could put it in the kitchen.” I said…looking for further discussion. NO…I was looking for mainly some feedback, which with a x-navy seal–discussions are not usually optimal. Even though I never seem to learn that and it hasn’t stopped me yet from thinking out loud.

He picked up the box and dragged it to the counter.

The salesman said, “Well, do you have the right connectors? Do you have a power strip? Screen Cleaner? I have a special right now on all this.” and he went over to a display and sure enough, for ONLY $150 you too could get the things you need to hook up your new HD flat screen TV.

I thought all I needed to do was plug it in….so right away I was going…”I don’t NEED a screen cleaner, I have a dustrag…and don’t they have power strips less than $100? When did a power strip cost $100?”

And they call this progress? What? Did Al Gore creep into the HD TV business?

By the time the guy added up all the extra stuff we needed to take care of our big sale, it came out to $445. My husband said…”No thanks” and walked off. I was left there staying at the guy..

“Hey, I TRIED to get you to throw out the screen cleaner, but you persisted!”

So now, I know I will never buy a Samsung…(do watch the video to find out why) but something tells me that in less than five months, every single flat screen sold will have face recognition, and the government will be collecting every single image of you watching your TV.

And then…when we are all too fat to get out of bed…1984. Big Brother TV

You TV will start talking to you, saying your name…telling you… “Bob…do NOT eat that cupcake. You will be docked twenty dollars from your paycheck.”

Or a sweet female voice will say…”More foreplay would be nice”

Or a man’s voice will says…”If you were thinner, he would be more amorous.”

Or..”You are falling asleep at work, you’re productivity is down, GOODNIGHT.”

AND…you can’t turn it off….Nope….and you watch, Nobody will care about this massive invasion of privacy becauase all the people that DO care, you will never, ever, ever, see them on your TV.

So someday all the good loving freedom people like me, will just stop watching it. And that’s when my computer will report to Samsung…

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Nobody’s Perfect: Firefighters VS Mannequins

Nobody’s Perfect

First up— we have the Detroit Firemen, who are complaining about running out of toilet paper. It’s bad enough they say that they are having to take cutbacks in their big union government budgets, but the paper towels and toilet paper are not being refilled due to a mess up at the main office. Some of them are having to bring their own …from HOME!!

Second Up— We have an example of the new spy mannequin, (see video) which has face recognition software, and by the claims of this video, can tell you everything you want to know about the person standing in front of it that you will ever need to know, in order to make a profit.

Since a REAL human cannot look at somebody and tell you much of anything for sure, how does a computer do it? If a person is standing in front of a mannequin too long, and smiling, maybe they are just standing and smiling because, as they say in baby lingo, they just passed gas!

Or…they just got a raise and are in somekind of “I don’t believe what just happened to me!” mode.  It might not have anything to do with the outfit on the mannequin.

So, therefore, the only way they can know about you is if they are linked up to the police database, and then EVERYTHING about you will appear.

Nobody Thinks the firemen should get some of these mannequins and put them in the bathroom WITH the toilet. Then, it will become clear who is stealing the toilet paper. If we don’t nick this in the bud now, next thing you know, all the firemen will be wanting free condoms.

Also, I’d have one in all the rooms to watch and make sure our Firemen are actually doing their jobs. HEY!…Maybe we should have them in all our government building, and post the videos on the internet “public service” website with live feeds!

Why shouldn’t the taxpayers know what their ‘public servants’ are doing? They are spying on us, and WE pay their salaries! I think it should be the other way around, don’t you?

And after Monica…I think a spy mannequin that looks like George Washington, should be put in the Oval Office.

I don’t know what’s worse: Fireman complaining about lack of toilet paper, or these idiots trying to convince everyone that getting spy mannequins will help profits.

Both of them are absurd.

Do they have to spy on us shopping now? Didn’t that job use to go to a HUMAN?

I’m thinking…the solution is gum. If I ever see one of those things I’m going to take my wad out and place it in the right places. Really, it would be a whole lot better than talking to one. Surely, they would NOT like what I would say.

Gum, in both eyes. That way they wouldn’t be able to see me wrapping the whole thing in toilet paper.

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Homeland Securtiy: Protection or Gestapo?

Nobody Flashes

Here is a woman who is trying to get home to her son, and she is carrying breast milk. She follows all the rules, but the stupidity of the TSA agents really don’t care, and she misses her flight. (The eleven min. goes fast)

The fact that she is threatened repeatedly with arrest if she does not comply with them, shows you just how far America is going towards the communist state. This has nothing to do with keeping us safe,  and everything to do with building a police state. The sad thing is, I bet this kind of stuff happens daily, but you just don’t hear about it.

And Homeland Security just bought 450 million bullets for Homeland Security. Oh yeah…that’s makes us all feel good. Arming stupid TSA agents with guns.

If she had been a Muslim women with breast milk, you can bet your booty she would have been let through.

One thing is sure: if you are an intelligent person, and need a job, you won’t get hired by the TSA.

Don’t even go there—only morons allowed.

(Thanks to amfortas)

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