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Someday, You Will Want to Change the Channel….

Nobody Opinionbrainwahsing two

Here’s a question I would welcome feedback on: Do the ‘elites’ in power use television to manipulate the masses? Are your favorite sitcoms slowly getting you to vote and think a certain way?

Have you noticed the blacks are ALWAYS the police chief now, the bosses, and more gays and lesbians are in all the sitcoms? The women are always JUST as kick ass as the men?

If you have been reading here, then you know what I think. But, this weekend I was listening to C-Span, and there was a book panel discussing immigration. I don’t remember the names of the authors, but suffice it to say, all four authors were there to tell the audience about how the immigrants are suffering, and it’s the United States and its’ people who are at fault.

It’s was all about pushing amnesty.

You would have thought, in order to get both sides of the subject, at least one author would have had the opposing view, but— no. C-Span isn’t FOX.

One author on this panel, a white professor, told the audience that once upon a time, Mexico had a problem with women having too many babies, and he thought what the Mexican government did to solve that problem was so very clever. (Nobody says: They sent them here!)

No…he said what they did, was use characters in the most popular soap opera to influence the women to stop having babies. The women in the soap operas who had too many children had so many problems, but the woman who had fewer in the soap opera, had a much better life.

He said, with excitement…it worked! The birth rate went down 30 percent, in two years.Immigration cartoon

Another Spanish woman author went on to complain that Americans just don’t know how much the illegal’s are suffering, and she was so upset that OUR government wouldn’t give her grant money to research it. She actually believed that this was a slight on her and her people. She continued on about how the Spanish families have been in America forever (insinuating before the white people)  and too many people were being sent back, and the more I listened to it, the sadder and more maudlin the stories got.

Not one of these people mentioned the fact that these immigrants come and live off our welfare. Their kids get FREE education, they get FREE food, and FREE houses, free medical care, and cheap college tuition, while the American citizens living here and actually paying taxes…their kids can’t afford to pay for college. THAT’s not fair.

And where’s the author to point out that whole generations of American citizens are sacrificing their lives for the illegal immigrant’s dream of escaping their homeland?

And what is more astounding, is that they considered it their right to come to American, and their right to get whatever American has to offer them. After all, it’s all about…’ethics’.

Joe Biden, by the way, just said that every illegal here is already in his mind, a citizen. (I suggest we all stay out of his mind)

I was wondering how many people were watching this, and remembering that immigration is the next on Obama’s list. Coincidence?


After that program— more book authors: the subject— the economy.

The first author to speak, John Nichols, (I was so astonished at his absurdity, I wrote down his name.)–he had it all figured out. He made the point that the élites make all the rules, live by other rules, and the rest of us are not represented. He ranted on this for a good ten minutes.

Okay, I though. Sounds good so far. And then he came up with his solutions:Obama and Constitution

Throw out the Constitution, get rid of the electoral college.


Now you know, and I know, there is nothing wrong with the Constitution, just the criminals who ignore it, but here’s how the ‘progressive’ very cleverly use Television, books, and TV sitcom to engineer the masses.

They start out with what I call….The Hook of Trust: They say all the right things….the country is in debt, our politicians are fighting too much, the middle class is disappearing, the rich never go to jail….all true.

The conservative watching is going “Yeah! Yeah!” (The liberals could care less, they are talking on their Obama phones.)

And instead of the right solution, which would be to throw the traitors in jail, go back to the rule of law, they insist it’s the Constitutions fault. We need a new one.

Right. Sorry—– that dog don’t bark.

Now, getting back to the subject of just how MUCH of our TV is social engineering, you surly have noticed that for years now we have bombarded with doomsday plots: 2102, Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, Noah,….Defiance, Revolution, and everybody’s favorite; The Walking Dead.

In all of these, the earth is destroyed, and you have no internet, no TV, no fast food, in fact, you eat rabbits now that you shoot with an arrow. You will be living in the Hunger Games, where there ARE no Doritos.

Where America is taken back to the dark ages, and people have to learn to survive.the walking dead

I don’t like this one. There are just too many of these programs, and like the way they manipulated the Mexican women to have less babies, they want to condition Americans to expect some kind of disaster.

The very fact, that they don’t fix our electrical grid is enough to bother me.

Or is this all about just keeping us in fear? Obama, George Bush, AND Dick Cheney have ALL three said their worst fear is a nuclear bomb going off in America.

Well, how is that suppose to make us feel?

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who get tired of watching some sitcom, only to be waiting for the politically correct moment: gays, global warming, men are wimps and stupid, women are powerful and strong, the SWAT team is your friend, and you just take another sip of your beer and think: It’s all just TV.

Or is it? Have you ever seen the TV sitcom, Person of Interest?

Person of Interests is about a guy who designed a super computer that sees every person on the planet, and this machine actually looks over them like a kind parent. The machine contacts the man when someone’s ‘number is up” and then the man and his partner go out and save their lives.

Nobody Wonders if the show wasn’t created, to get us all used to the NSA and the government spying on us. It’s a great show, very entertaining, but it’s still disturbing, because thanks to the talent of great writers and producers, slowly we are all being condition to accept whatever they want us to…like the NSA is GOOD for you! It will save your Life, just like it does on TV.Person of Interest

If the Mexican government can put on a TV sitcom to get a certain behavior out of their population, what makes you think our government hasn’t been doing that for years?

And yet, most people don’t even think about it. Because it’s done so entertainingly, we learn to accept it. We are mulled into a fantasy world that never hurts us, and then one day—-

Reality will hit. And that strong SWAT team, with the tank parked outside your house, won’t act anything like that handsome guys on TV.

And when that happens, you won’t be able to change the channel.

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Dianne Feinstein…Shocked, That Obama Used a Drone to Spy on HER!

Nobody Flashes

A while back, Dianne Feinstein complained about the drones being used to “kill” innocents in public. And so, Obama sent a drone to spy on HER!

It’s pretty funny, to see how Obama is using his power on his enemies…especially those who dare to question him. When is the Congress going to wake up?

“When is a drone picture a benefit to society? When does it become stalking? When does it invade privacy? How close to a home can a drone go?” Feinstein said, listing questions she would like to see answered in the complex regulation process.

“I’m in my home and there’s a demonstration out front, and I go to peek out the window and there’s a drone facing me,” she recalled

See that video here. (I couldn’t find it on Youtube, it’s a trip.)

Yes Dianne, I saw my first drone at a tea party gathering in St. Louis in 2007. You KNEW they were spying on citizens then. Why are you just upset now?

Because it’s YOU? Or is it because he’s been spying on your Hollywood buddies and they don’t like it?


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Have You Checked Your Baby Monitor Lately?

Nobody Reads

I was cleaning out junk yesterday in my ‘storage’ room —-you know, that room filled with…maybe I should save this, you never know when I might need an actual phone that you can plug in…(of course I have over 10 of them that I don’t need)  when I came across my old baby monitors

If you’ve ever had a kid, you know how much those things came in handy. I loved my  baby monitor. Since my son was born at six months, and had been on a respirator for over a month in a children’s hospital, when I finally got to bring him home, I didn’t let him out of my sight. BUT…I got tired of sitting by his crib and leaning over just to make sure he was BREATHING.  Sooner or later you have to wash the dishes.

The reason I bring this up, is I am here to inform Edward Snowden of something he forgot to mention: If you have a baby, and a baby monitor…better check it. Baby monitors are being hacked.

This from Forbes issue Feb, 2013: A Google for Hackers—

“Marc Gilbert got a horrible surprise from a stranger on this 34teh birthday in August. After the celebration had died down, the Houston resident heard an unfamiliar voice coming from his daughter room: the person was telling his sleeping 2 year old, “Wake up, you little slut.” When Gilbert rushed in, he discovered the voice was coming from his baby monitor and that whoever had taken control of it was also able to manipulate the camera. Gilbert immediately unplugged the monitor but not before the hacker had a chance to call him a moron. The monitor, made by Foscam of Shenzhen, China, lets users monitor audio and video over the internet from anywhere in the world. “

Now, one HAS to wonder why anybody would want to sit and watch a baby sleep…maybe he was hoping mom would come in and breast feed, but in the future, they want to put monitors on refrigerators so the government can actually know when you are eating and when you’re not.  A voice will come out of nowhere and say, “You are not allowed to have that today.”

This will be done of course, to protect you from terrorists.Chinses computer hacking

You know where this is going don’t you? I’m a night person. I stay up late, which means, the last time I saw the sunrise Carter was President. When your TV is hooked up to the internet, anyone will be able to turn on your camera in your bedroom, and even say things like…

“Wake up, you big slut.”

I can’t wait.

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If You Can’t Tell a Patriot From a Traitor, Stop Watching Amanpour

Nobody Wonders

The liberal lefts are between a rock and a hard place, when trying to excuse the Obama administration calling Edward Snowden a traitor for telling the world what our government was doing. Many liberals are appalled that Obama is doing this. They were out of their minds when they thought Bush was doing it.

So, Obama has a problem. Just calling Snowden a traitor is not enough.

Notice how, with a little touch of association, Christiane  Amanpour puts Edward Snowden in with the same likes of Ahmadinejad and Bart Simpson, (not to be taken seriously and dangerous) thereby trying to keep her reputation as a REAL reporter, and satisfying the Obama administration.


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Two Whistleblowers: Two Different Times

Nobody Remembers

“This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs.: When he first appears, he is a protector”–

                                                                                        —Plato, the Republic.

I was cleaning out some files this morning when I came upon this drawing. It was made by a young guitar player named Glenn Fink, in a hotel room, and if I remember correctly, we were  in Omaha, Nebraska. I was a drummer on the road with a group, and I do remember Glenn played just about the best Jeff Beck around, so we were best buddies. While I was watching the Nixon interview Glenn kept laughing at me, because then, just as now, I get real intense when I hear a politician talk nonsense. So..he  drew a quick sketch.img004

I had to laugh. I still have this same expression on my face whenever I’m watching Obama  on TV.

The picture also brought me back to the question of how Nixon was brought down…it was really by one man:   Daniel Ellsberg. Nixon was taken down by Watergate, and Watergate was all about Nixon’s ‘plumbers” looking for psychological dirt on Ellsberg because he had just leaked the Pentagon papers.

For those of you who are younger and don’t remember, basically the Pentagon papers revealed this:

From Wikipedia:

After serving in Vietnam, Ellsberg resumed working at RAND. In 1967, he contributed to a top-secret study of classified documents regarding the conduct of the Vietnam War that had been commissioned by Defense Secretary McNamara. These documents, completed in 1968, later became known collectively as the Pentagon Papers. It was because Ellsberg held an extremely high-level security clearance and desired to create a further synthesis from this research effort that he was one of very few individuals who had access to the complete set of documents.

In late 1969—with the assistance of his former RAND Corporation colleague Anthony Russo and the staff of Senator Edward Kennedy—Ellsberg secretly made several sets of photocopies of the classified documents to which he had access; these later became known as the Pentagon Papers. They revealed that the government had knowledge, early on, that the war could most likely not be won, and that continuing the war would lead to many times more casualties than was ever admitted publicly. Further, as an editor of the New York Times was to write much later, these documents “demonstrated, among other things, that the Johnson Administration had systematically lied, not only to the public but also to Congress, about a subject of transcendent national interest and significance”.

Yes, WE were being lied to…by three President no less.  See…it’s not the first time is it?vietnam

Daniel Ellsberg became an overnight hero, but unlike Snowden, he didn’t leave the country.

On June 28, 1971, two days before a Supreme Court ruling saying that a federal judge had ruled incorrectly about the right of the New York Times to publish the Pentagon Papers, Ellsberg publicly surrendered to the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts in Boston. In admitting to giving the documents to the press, Ellsberg said:

“I felt that as an American citizen, as a responsible citizen, I could no longer cooperate in concealing this information from the American public. I did this clearly at my own jeopardy and I am prepared to answer to all the consequences of this decision.

Now, fast forward to today–it’s much the same thing that Edward Snowden said, but Daniel Ellsberg had something Snowden did not have. At that time, the government couldn’t legally listen to your conversations, and Nixon was wiretapping him.

On May 9, further evidence of illegal wiretapping against Ellsberg was revealed in court. The FBI had recorded numerous conversations between Morton Halperin and Ellsberg without a court order, and furthermore the prosecution had failed to share this evidence with the defense. During the trial, Byrne (The judge in the case) also revealed that he personally met twice with John Ehrlichman, who offered him directorship of the FBI.

So, Daniel got off, Nixon quit, and many of his boys in the White House hood went to jail.Watergate

(Ahhhhhhhh, those were the good old days!)

Later on, Ellsberg claimed that Watergate Prosecutor William H. Merrill told him of an aborted plot by Liddy to kill him. In his autobiography, Liddy said it was an “Ellsberg neutralization proposal.” They were going to put LSD in his soup. And then, kill him, and let’s see…didn’t Obama just say he was REALLY good at killing people? So, in light of this knowledge,  many said that Snowden should have stayed here and gone on trial. But, does anyone think, that Snowdon would have gotten a fair trial?

Nobody Thinks that Snowden would have just ‘disappeared”  Remember, Obama has GIVEN himself the power  to  put anyone he deems a threat to the United States away forever, without a trial. While Daniel had a decent court system to protect him: Snowden does not.

I doubt seriously if China would have ‘protected’ him.

Putin, on the other hand, gained immensely from welcoming Snowden into Russia. Putin would protect Snowden–if only to rub it in Obama’s face that Russia, is superior…and that’s exactly what he did. Snowden is a bright shiny feather of an American pawn in Putin’s game.Putin

And IF your FIRST plan is to stay alive—-let’s just say that Nobody Thinks I might have made the same choice as Snowdon with Obama as President, being as he did sign the National Security Authorization Act, giving himself the power of judge, jury and executioner.  Nixon did NOT have that luxury.

Both these men, Ellsberg and Snowdon, in their time, have done the world a great service. It’s clear that both men, did what they did because of their own conscience and morality.

And Ellsburg recently, had more to say:

“Various things that were counted as unconstitutional then have been put in the president’s hands now. He’s become an elected monarch. Nixon’s slogan, “when the president does it, it’s not illegal,” is pretty much endorsed now. Meaning not only Obama but the people who come after him will have powers that no previous president had. Abilities on surveillance that no country in the history of the world has ever had.”

Hey, makes perfect sense to me. See the rest of his interview where he enlightens us about the Manning arrests here:Obama NDAA

By the rights of our Constitution, we have a right to know what our government is doing, and let’s hope more whistleblowers come out…

Common Core, Obama’s new educational tool for America, is teaching our children that you must NEVER disobey the government.

Tyranny—-is just a whisper away, I’ll be listening for the whistlers.

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Nobody Remembers..Lost U.S. Spy Planes

Nobody Remembers

Everyone was talking today about how Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin wrote a scathing remark about America in an opinion piece.. The old cold war tensions are starting to blow up again, thanks to BO…and you might think this is the first time Russia has embarrassed the United States, but it’s happened before. Before Putin, there was Nikita Khrushchev.Khrushchev

According to Brian Thomsen in the book: Lies and Propaganda Thought History, America has stepped in deep doo-doo before. We have a habit of losing our spy planes:

In 1960 the cold war was heating up and an effort to defuse the tensions there was a summit meeting for May 16, bringing together the four heads of state of the United States, Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union. Unfortunately on May 1, a U.S. Lockheed U-2 plane disappeared over the sovereign territory of the Soviet Union.  Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev declared that a “spy plane’ had been shot down, whereupon the United States issued a statement reaffirming the claim that the plane was a ‘weather research aircraft” and the pilot had difficulty with his oxygen equipment during a mission over Turkey” The administration stated, “There was absolutely no deliberate attempt to violate Soviet airspace and never has been.”

The U.S. was lying.

The U-2 pilot, Francis Gary Powers had left Peshwar, Pakistan, intending to fly over the Soviet Union and land at Bodo, Norway with the intention to photograph Soviet intercontinental ballistic missiles development sites in and around Sverdlovsk and Plesetsk….but he was shot down by a 14 SA-2Guideline surface-to-air missile which brought the plane down.  Powers was suppose to destroy the plane and/or himself, but he was captured after he abandoned the aircraft by parachute. The Soviets got the film, and found 7,500 rubles on him.U spy plane

Powers was put on trial for espionage, pleaded guilty (to avoid being executed) and was convicted on August 19. After serving three years hard labor he was exchanged for Soviet spy master Rudolf Abel  in 1962. The Paris summit was called off, and Eisenhower, Charles De Gaulle, Harold Macmillan, and Khrushchev. didn’t meet and things got worse.Putin cartoon

As usual to American politics, a cloak of deniability was quickly fashion for the president to protect him from scandal….of course. Later on, when asked how high he was flying on May 1, 1960, he often replied, “evidently not high enough.” Many of you do not remember, but Obama lost a valuable spy plane to Iran in 2011.  No, there wasn’t a pilot, but gee…nothing like handing over our best technology. Nobody Really remembers that now do they? That was an even bigger blooper than the U-2 taking pictures.

Yes, Nobody Remembers so I just thought I’d bring it up. Oh yes, George W. Bush lost a plane in China…but…he at least tried to get it back.

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This is NOT the Phone-call You Are Worried About…

Nobody CaresObama in Ohio

Obama made an appearance today, and granted the permission for a hand-picked reporter to ask him the question about the fact that the government is collecting all our data, including internet, phone, email, and financial information. And with his usual wide-eyed, I am innocent look on his face proceeded to say…pretty much this:

“Uh..well you weren’t suppose to find out about this, because it was TOP SECRET and by the way, I had nothing to do with this: Congress has approved it, I didn’t do anything about this, and we looked over it, and we are NOT reading your emails, we are just collecting them, for the safety of America, and really, my job is to protect the American people (Like he protected the men in Benghazi) and trust us, this stuff had been going on for a long time, and so you don’t have to worry about it. Nobody wants to read your stuff.”


We should trust the NSA, just like we trusted the IRS.

And if you believe anything Obama says anymore, than I have the biggest shark ever caught on record to sell you residing in my basement, as a reminder to us all—-the humongous appetite, just one shark can have. I’d say there’s more than one cell phone in that baby. shark big

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Nobody Cares About 1984

Nobody Cares

Nobody confesses: We (my husband and I) are among the last people on the block to own an HD TV flat screen, and I should know, because every night as I walked the dogs around the block, I peer into all the living room windows, and have yet to see anything BUT flat screens. While I long for the days when the airwaves were free…I still haven’t gotten into the “I simply MUST have a flat screen. ” state of mind. My reasoning has always been, with music, books, or TV…it’s the content that matters the most. I don’t think American Idol is going to impress me that much more in HD than in the old-fashioned Zenith that’s in my work room.

But…today, this was in the news:

That’s exactly what Verizon is proposing in a patent application filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The application describes a system that uses infrared cameras and microphones to watch what people are doing in front of a TV. If two people are cuddling on a couch watching TV, the system might show them a commercial for a romantic vacation, flowers, and yes, even condoms, according to the application. The system could even figure out what pets are in the room and start showing dog food commercials or flea treatment ads.

The problem with traditional TV advertising is that it can’t account for what users are doing, the patent says. This limits the effectiveness of the ads.

Really. What a reason to argue for a patent…you can’t see the person. What benefit does that have for society?

But, if you watch the video, it seems Samsung is already watching people have sex, scarf down old pizza, burp, snore, you name it. All in the name of “better advertising.”
I’m glad I searched for this, because just last week, we went into Best Buy to look at flat screens,…and we found one.. a 40″   HD LG TV for only $270.00.

“Hey, that’s not a bad price…should we? We could put it in the kitchen.” I said…looking for further discussion. NO…I was looking for mainly some feedback, which with a x-navy seal–discussions are not usually optimal. Even though I never seem to learn that and it hasn’t stopped me yet from thinking out loud.

He picked up the box and dragged it to the counter.

The salesman said, “Well, do you have the right connectors? Do you have a power strip? Screen Cleaner? I have a special right now on all this.” and he went over to a display and sure enough, for ONLY $150 you too could get the things you need to hook up your new HD flat screen TV.

I thought all I needed to do was plug it in….so right away I was going…”I don’t NEED a screen cleaner, I have a dustrag…and don’t they have power strips less than $100? When did a power strip cost $100?”

And they call this progress? What? Did Al Gore creep into the HD TV business?

By the time the guy added up all the extra stuff we needed to take care of our big sale, it came out to $445. My husband said…”No thanks” and walked off. I was left there staying at the guy..

“Hey, I TRIED to get you to throw out the screen cleaner, but you persisted!”

So now, I know I will never buy a Samsung…(do watch the video to find out why) but something tells me that in less than five months, every single flat screen sold will have face recognition, and the government will be collecting every single image of you watching your TV.

And then…when we are all too fat to get out of bed…1984. Big Brother TV

You TV will start talking to you, saying your name…telling you… “Bob…do NOT eat that cupcake. You will be docked twenty dollars from your paycheck.”

Or a sweet female voice will say…”More foreplay would be nice”

Or a man’s voice will says…”If you were thinner, he would be more amorous.”

Or..”You are falling asleep at work, you’re productivity is down, GOODNIGHT.”

AND…you can’t turn it off….Nope….and you watch, Nobody will care about this massive invasion of privacy becauase all the people that DO care, you will never, ever, ever, see them on your TV.

So someday all the good loving freedom people like me, will just stop watching it. And that’s when my computer will report to Samsung…

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Nobody’s Fool: William Binney

Nobody’s Fool

Every American should take 12 minutes out of their day and watch this video. William Binney is a true hero in my Nobodys’ Opinion…he is trying to warn the public that every single email they send is being filed away illegally, so that our government can have the ammunition to call you on some crime they think you have committed. While you might think that since you are a law-abiding citizen, and have no need to worry, let me remind you, IF you have said anything against our government, or voiced strong patriotism for America, you are a terrorist according to the Obama Administration.

They are especially fearful of veterans, who they fear might just side with citizens one day and kick them all out.

William Binney is trying to take this unlawful and disgusting practice to the Supreme Court, and by law, they should shut it down. BUT, as we saw with Obamacare which was unconstitutional, that doesn’t mean they will. The Supreme Court now works for the elites agenda, not the people OR the Constitution.

And to all you dweebs at the NSA who are reading this…May Obama someday do unto your children, as you have done unto us.”

In fact, that’s the ONLY good news coming out of all this.

Remember in your emails to give em all hell.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Firefighters VS Mannequins

Nobody’s Perfect

First up— we have the Detroit Firemen, who are complaining about running out of toilet paper. It’s bad enough they say that they are having to take cutbacks in their big union government budgets, but the paper towels and toilet paper are not being refilled due to a mess up at the main office. Some of them are having to bring their own …from HOME!!

Second Up— We have an example of the new spy mannequin, (see video) which has face recognition software, and by the claims of this video, can tell you everything you want to know about the person standing in front of it that you will ever need to know, in order to make a profit.

Since a REAL human cannot look at somebody and tell you much of anything for sure, how does a computer do it? If a person is standing in front of a mannequin too long, and smiling, maybe they are just standing and smiling because, as they say in baby lingo, they just passed gas!

Or…they just got a raise and are in somekind of “I don’t believe what just happened to me!” mode.  It might not have anything to do with the outfit on the mannequin.

So, therefore, the only way they can know about you is if they are linked up to the police database, and then EVERYTHING about you will appear.

Nobody Thinks the firemen should get some of these mannequins and put them in the bathroom WITH the toilet. Then, it will become clear who is stealing the toilet paper. If we don’t nick this in the bud now, next thing you know, all the firemen will be wanting free condoms.

Also, I’d have one in all the rooms to watch and make sure our Firemen are actually doing their jobs. HEY!…Maybe we should have them in all our government building, and post the videos on the internet “public service” website with live feeds!

Why shouldn’t the taxpayers know what their ‘public servants’ are doing? They are spying on us, and WE pay their salaries! I think it should be the other way around, don’t you?

And after Monica…I think a spy mannequin that looks like George Washington, should be put in the Oval Office.

I don’t know what’s worse: Fireman complaining about lack of toilet paper, or these idiots trying to convince everyone that getting spy mannequins will help profits.

Both of them are absurd.

Do they have to spy on us shopping now? Didn’t that job use to go to a HUMAN?

I’m thinking…the solution is gum. If I ever see one of those things I’m going to take my wad out and place it in the right places. Really, it would be a whole lot better than talking to one. Surely, they would NOT like what I would say.

Gum, in both eyes. That way they wouldn’t be able to see me wrapping the whole thing in toilet paper.

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