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Nobody Flashes Amazon Prime

Nobody Flashes

While this seems to be a pretty cool idea, and if it works, will cut delivery time by hours…

I still have my doubts that it’s going to work.  Follow the drone, and you can have a free prize! Or try out that new BB gun! Or how about a rock attack? Or a bird attack? What happens if it gets destroyed on your property? Will you be liable to replace it? What if your dog attacks it?

And how many jobs will be lost if this catches on? Will UPS and the post office get in on it?

I know. I know. Jeff is a fun guy, and life goes on…so enjoy the commercial…and wonder…what happens if it get hit by lighting?

Or…in another world…what if it gets hacked into and taken over by visiting Syrians?

(I had to spoil it didn’t I?)



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Hawk VS Drone

Nobody Flashes

—-Just about the most popular video of this week….a hawk destroys a man’s small drone.

Something tells me a lot of people are going to be training hawks soon…just like the Saudi Kings.

And another thing….has Amazon really THOUGHT about how the drone delivery that they want to start is going to go over with the big birds?

Can you imagine your new toaster lying damaged on your front lawn?

Not to mention…books. Birds LOVE to chew books. I ought to know.

I once knew a parrot that eat half a picnic table.

Anyway, It’s Sunday. Obama is playing golf, and for a brief moment in time, we can all enjoy the silence…and the birds singing….and soaring…and attacking your neighbor’s new toy.


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Dianne Feinstein…Shocked, That Obama Used a Drone to Spy on HER!

Nobody Flashes

A while back, Dianne Feinstein complained about the drones being used to “kill” innocents in public. And so, Obama sent a drone to spy on HER!

It’s pretty funny, to see how Obama is using his power on his enemies…especially those who dare to question him. When is the Congress going to wake up?

“When is a drone picture a benefit to society? When does it become stalking? When does it invade privacy? How close to a home can a drone go?” Feinstein said, listing questions she would like to see answered in the complex regulation process.

“I’m in my home and there’s a demonstration out front, and I go to peek out the window and there’s a drone facing me,” she recalled

See that video here. (I couldn’t find it on Youtube, it’s a trip.)

Yes Dianne, I saw my first drone at a tea party gathering in St. Louis in 2007. You KNEW they were spying on citizens then. Why are you just upset now?

Because it’s YOU? Or is it because he’s been spying on your Hollywood buddies and they don’t like it?


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Nobody’s Fool: Senator Ted Cruz


Nobody’s Fool

Senator Ted Cruz is great in this exchange with Eric Holder. Eric Holder has admitted that President Obama has the right to use drones on American Citizens in the United States, but here, he is trying to act as if “Oh…we wouldn’t hit anyone sitting in a CAFE..”.(We’d wait until he got in his car..or went to the bathroom…or jumped into a pool..)

This is the kind of questioning that all the republicans should be doing.

Watch, and admire.

Senator Ted Cruz makes us all proud, and he wins the Nobody’s Fool prize for the week.

Now, let’s get him to start talkinga about impeachment proceedings….

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Deny, Delay, Confuse…

Nobody Flashes

Now, here’s something you don’t see often–a former senior advisor to “President” Obama, confessing that he was told to deny drones were being used, and even he thought it was not a good idea. Nobody Wonders–Why confess this now?

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Coming Up: The State of Obama’s Mental Union

Nobody Opinion

I’m watching Nancy “Blow the Tox”  Pelosi on the Sunday Fox Show, and it’s obvious Nancy has been sent out to get everyone warmed up for Obama’s State of the Union address coming up on Tuesday, and her message? The issues are better served by a democrat majority. She expects to be speaker again.

But, of COURSE she does.Nancy Pelosi one

The issues? You would think it would be the demise of America..but no…it’s gun control, amnesty….and the death of any conservative that ever walked the planet. After all..Obama has BIG databases to use to find those conservatives…add 30,000 future drones flying over the skies and GPS in every car, all the government really needs now is complete control of the internet…

They’re working on that one.

And to further all their democratic dreams: they must get rid of all guns. If you think snowstorm NEMO has taking the democrats off of gun control…you forget who they are.

If you dare to watch Obama’s State of the Obama Union address, be sure to get out your favorite pillow to punch because many democrats are going to bring people who have lost someone to a gun. They want you to feel that the “gun” was the worst invention every invented, next to that outdated Constitution.

Be aware that Obama will SWEAR before God that he believes in the right to bear arms, and go skeet shooting whenever we like.  WE won’t take over your right to protect yourself…we just don’t want you to form a militia. After all, Obama would never let a militia come to your home, insists Stallone,…in the middle of the night, and if you believe that then you think Elian is a French Wine and those big burly men hoping out of helicopters and grabbing guns out of grandma’s hands after Hurricane Katrina were just doing advertising PR for the Marines.  Obama assualt

I suggest vodka…in small doses.

Joe Biden says you can have a shotgun, which can really cut a hole in a man, but then again, they don’t expect that any shotgun will be able to shoot down a drone, or have much of a chance against the National Guard. But we have to save the women and children, and the President is going to do it with his own personal kill list. Yes, ONE man will have control to kill anyone he wants, anywhere.

I am STILL shocked.

What is most surprising is just how many Republicans are coming out saying the it’s the President’s job to protect the American people therefore, he has every right to kill any American citizen he sees fit. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch his name, but some young Congressman, who had served in Iraq said this very thing today.

Then…there’s the ” sequester.” Obama has a winning strategy and it’s worked for him time and again, simply because people are not paying attention. Obama wanted the sequester back in 2011, but now he says it will kill the middle class if the Republicans don’t keep the money in the military.

Nobody Wonders,  just how many times can you kill the middle class, Obama?

 Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Wednesday laid out a grim list of spending cuts the Pentagon will have to make in the coming weeks that he said will seriously damage the country’s economy and degrade the military’s ability to respond to a crisis. Slamming members of Congress as irresponsible, Panetta said lawmakers are willing to push the country off a fiscal cliff to damage their opposing political parties.In separate, highly detailed memos sent to Congress, the military services described widespread civilian furloughs, layoffs and hiring freezes that will hit workers all around the country. Overall, the military will furlough 800,000 civilian workers for 22 days, spread across more than five months, and will lay off as many as 46,000 temporary and contract employees. The Navy says it will cease deployments to South America and the Caribbean and limit those to Europe.fiscal cliff

So, is the “fiscal cliff” really going to hurt us all? Here’s how one reporter put it:

 The “fiscal cliff” being discussed is nothing more than Washington’s Grand Illusion. Why? Because the factors that drive our fiscal policy will not change regardless of whether a budget deal is struck by year’s end. As a result, we are already riding an unstoppable train toward $28 trillion in debt – an unsustainable burden that will cripple our economy, destroy our currency, and slash our paper investments

And what are the Rhino’s doing? They are concentrating on the next election: Marco Rubio is going to give the response to the President. And Rubio will sound very conservative, and Nobody Says: So what? Why are you NOT talking about impeachment?

What the hell is wrong with you people?

Okay…so that’s too strong I suppose. Rand Paul says it with more…subtlety.gun control tyrants

 Probably like you, sometimes I think I’m living in the Twilight Zone. Politicians in BOTH parties hardly bat an eye at warrantless wiretapping, data mining, and TSA groping at airports around the country.  They think there’s nothing wrong with throwing American citizens in jail for the rest of their lives without so much as a trial.

Nobody Wonders: Has Rand Paul started impeachment proceedings? I don’t THINK so.

Where’s my pillow?


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Nobody’s Fool: Judge Napolitano

Nobody’s Fool

This week, the good Judge makes the best case for the obscenity of an American President giving himself the power to kill anyone he perceives to be a threat to the United States. This is against the Constitution, and Obama should be impeached for it.

Add that to the news that Janet Napolitano is arming the government to the hilt, while trying to disarm Americans, you’d have to be a total fool not to be alarmed.

The Department of Homeland Security is set to purchase a further 21.6 million rounds of ammunition to add to the 1.6 billion bullets it has already obtained over the course of the last 10 months alone, figures which have stoked concerns that the federal agency is preparing for civil unrest.

A study funded by the Department of Homeland Security that was leaked last year characterizes Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority,” and “reverent of individual liberty” as “extreme right-wing” terrorists. While Americans are being browbeaten with rhetoric about the necessity to give up semi-automatic firearms in the name of preventing school shootings, the federal government is arming itself to the teeth with both ammunition and guns. Last September, the DHS purchased no less than 7,000 fully automatic assault rifles, labeling them “Personal Defense Weapons.”

The Judge is one of the few really alarmed at this: You have to ask yourself why Congress funded ANY of this, and you have to be a fool to think that Obama will not use bullets or drones on the American people right here on our very own soil.

After all, this is the man who wanted Death Panels for our older citizens, (And got them) and let the men in Benghazi die. Nobody Thinks…he’s gone meglo.


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Nobody’s Email: DA DRONE! DA DRONE!

Nobody Gets Email

I can’t think of a more fun way to start off a Saturday then with the email I just got! It’s from my very good friend in Australia, amfortas, and he has written up a very educational blog about drones. It has  everything you always wanted to know about drones, and flying machines.

I’ve included a video from the blog that I especially like, because you know me…I saw a drone over a tea party rally I was at in 2007, and I’ve hated them ever since.

Since amfortas wrote the article, I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Click HERE>to see all of his blog.

(Thanks to amfortas!)

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Drones…Here to (cough) Protect You.

Nobody Reports:

Drones. Our politicians are drone crazy. Did you know that the U.S has over 7,000 drones flying more hours than manned attack planes, and more pilots are being trained to operate them than manned aircraft?

Think of what this is going to do to the commercial airline industry in the future. Most of the commercial pilots come right out of the Air Force.  What is going to happen when there is a shortage of pilots due to the fact that our military is training them to fly drones?

Better go to Paris now.

I saw my first drone at a tea party gathering around 2009. To say I was shocked that a few thousand  people needed to be watched by a drone, is an understatement. It’s not a good feeling…I actually thought about giving it the finger as it passed over my head, but had second thoughts: What if my picture is taken giving the drone the finger? Did I really want to be on Obama’s hit list?

Everyone at that tea party was insulted that we even needed to be spied upon. My goodness…we had TEA bags. Very lethal. Lots of veterans had looks of…well, I won’t say.

But spied on we will be.  Somehow between worrying about the damage being done to the country from those dangerous baseball pitchers taking steriods, Congress found time to passed legislation giving the go ahead for drones to monitor the skies over the US and spy on its citizens. More than 50 companies are already developing more than 150 drone system. (see map)

50? Really? Best Buy’s are closing down all over the country, but drone companies are doing great business? What’s wrong with this picture?  Tell me…why do we need them here in the States? Don’t we have helicopters? And are there going to be that many people needing drones? Didn’t Obama say the “war on terror” was over?

I mean, come on. What can a drone do that’s so almighty important besides kill you?

 It takes a crew of 180 people to pilot one military drones— operate its sensors, analyze the data it collects and lots of people to handle maintenance, and while not as expensive as a jet fighter, the latest Reapers cost $8 million each and can be shot down easier…which is why Iran is really proud to have gotten one  from Obama for free.

The CIA is now flying drones, and so far they have killed over 2,000 people identified as terrorists. And it seems, hundreds of people and organizations are going to get to fly them all over the place—It’s just the latest cool toy that you always wanted as a kid. And everyone is excited!

 For example, the COA list does not include any information on which model of drone or how many drones each entity flies. In a meeting with the FAA [Thursday], the agency confirmed that there were about 300 active COAs and that the agency has issued about 700-750 authorizations since the program began in 2006. As there are only about 60 entities on the COA list, this means that many of the entities, if not all of them, have multiple COAs (for example, an FAA representative [Thursday] said that University of Colorado may have had as many as 100 different COAs over the last six years). The list also does not explain why certain COA applications were “disapproved” and when other authorizations expired. Most of the active drones are deployed from military installations, enforcement agencies and border patrol teams, according to the Federal Aviation Authority.
(Wait..isn’t the Colorado University near the secret underground bunker? What are they going to do..kill the little nobody who will be running for the bunker doors?)
Astonishingly, 19 universities and colleges are also registered as owners of what are officially known as unmanned aerial vehicles. Many of the of institutions, which include Cornell, the University of Colorado, Georgia Tech, and Eastern Gateway Community College, are developing drone technology.

Colleges need drones? What are they going to do? Follow you home if you steal one of their $100-dollar text books?

The nation is bankrupt and Congress is buying drones, which are going to be used to track every single person, car, house, river, stray dog, and illegal backyard tomato patch in the nation. They figure when they tell grandma and grandpa that their Social Security is run out, they are NOT going to get attacked by maniacal seniors out running around with their kitchen knives looking for someone to puncture.

Nope, they are going to stay in the sky…seek, and destroy.

Really. You tell me why we need a gazillion drones in the sky? What are they expecting? A massive invasion? Is THAT why General Petraus was taken from Afganistan and put in charge of the CIA over here?

All of a sudden, the elections look lame. I don’t know about you, but I plan to take a REAL pilot out to never know when you might need one.   

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