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Nobody’s Email: Dolphins in Dubai

Nobody Gets Email:

Well, there is one thing they do very well in Dubai, besides drive very expensive cars, and that’s train dolphins.  I couldn’t find the original video sent to me, but this is almost the same shots. These dolphins are just fantastic!

I have NO idea how they get these wonderful creatures to jump and do tricks, do you? Or what it must feel like to ride on the backs of dolphins..but they have been known to save people from shark attacks in the ocean and I can attest that this is true. It happened to me.

It was the first time I had gotten up on water skis. My father was driving the boat, heading out of the channel to the Gulf of Mexico, and a shark was following me, BUT…within a few minutes I had a whole pod of dolphins surrounding me, and when I couldn’t hold on any longer (and scared to death) I let go, and swam like the dickens to the boat. I was about 9. I was SURE I was going to be eaten. Rattle snakes I was used to, but shark?


I never got up on skies again, but I really do think those dolphins ran that shark off. At least that’s what my dad told me. This happened in the bay around Naples, Florida, which has all kinds of sharks, dolphins, rays, and other wonders of the seas…like the gentle Manatees, who when I was a kid, look like elephants in the water.

While I LOVE the trees of the Midwest and Eastern Seaboard, I DO miss the ocean. Especially the warm waters of the Gulf.

Anyway, enjoy…and have a wonderful Sunday!

(Thanks to Madmemere)

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If ONLY They Could Talk

Nobody’s Flashes.

Okay. I’ve been pretty busy…long story….that I wont’ go into. Friday night I found out that over 40 people were “using” my computer. WHY were they using my computer? And who WERE these people? And was my computer being used to launder money in Honduras or Liberia?

Anyway, it took me some time, to get it fixed. If it’s the government that was “using” my computer, I don’t think it matters what I do to fix it…right?

I was going to post some political video today,  but heck. It’s SUNDAY. WHY?

We get enough of politics… so enjoy this little video I found on YouTube, which pretty much proves that birds are smarter than you think.

And Dolphins, and dogs, and….basically most any animal that exists.

If ONLY they could talk…

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Nobody Flashes One of the Reasons our DNA Developed the God Gene Early

Nobody Flashes

–just an AWESOME picture for Sunday. It’s from National Geographic so I don’t THINK it’s photoshopped. Pretty much sums up how I feel every time Hillary or Obama opens their mouth.



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Nobody’s Email: Perfect Timing

Nobody Gets Email

Zoologist Mark Carwardine must have a hot line to the Blue Whale psychic network.

It looks like this Blue Whale is showing up, just for him.


(Thanks to Kim Komando)

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Nobody’s Email: The Birds

Nobody Gets Email

It’s so secret that I simply LOVE birds. I find them simple, beautiful, and very smart. I once read somewhere that some birds are as smart as dogs. Anybody who has watched a trained parrot due tricks has to admit, that’s they are far from stupid. They are GREAT parents. And come in all sizes and colors. animal nineanimal sixanimal ten

Having said that: Here’s some of God’s greatest wonders, in my Nobody’s Opinion. ! Enjoy!

(Thanks to Pattie)

Okay. It's not a bird. But it IS an adorable picture!

Okay. It’s not a bird. But it IS an adorable picture!

animal 11aniaml 14animal 12animal sevenanimal eightanimal fiveanimal fouranimal twoanimal three

animal 13

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Nobody’s Email: The Beauty All Around Us

nature 4natue 9nature 8nature 5Nobody Gets Emailnature 6

I just couldn’t pass up posting these beautiful pictures…


(Thanks to JR) nature 7nature 3nature 1Nature 2

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Nobody Flashes Birds

Nobody Flashes 

I’m a big lover of birds, ever since my parents bought me a baby duck once for Easter, who unfortunately did not live long due to the fact that my mother didn’t want him in the house.

Really, why not? Better than a buffalo.

You don’t put a baby duck outside when Florida swamps are just a block away, no matter HOW well-built the dog house is.  The loss of my baby duck forever imprinted on my mind, birds…and how wonderful they truly are. (Okay, some people like lions…and yes, I still miss my little Molly.)

Here’s two of my favorite examples of WHY we should be more amazed at the little creatures flying around us all.

Enjoy! and Happy Sunday!

(Thanks to JR)


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Nobody’s Email: Nobody Does it Better than National Geographic

Nobody Gets Email

If you are like me, my day is too busy to flick around Youtube for entertaining videos, that’s why I love it when I get one of these.

National Geographic….Nobody Does it Better!


(Thanks to JR)

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Hawk VS Drone

Nobody Flashes

—-Just about the most popular video of this week….a hawk destroys a man’s small drone.

Something tells me a lot of people are going to be training hawks soon…just like the Saudi Kings.

And another thing….has Amazon really THOUGHT about how the drone delivery that they want to start is going to go over with the big birds?

Can you imagine your new toaster lying damaged on your front lawn?

Not to mention…books. Birds LOVE to chew books. I ought to know.

I once knew a parrot that eat half a picnic table.

Anyway, It’s Sunday. Obama is playing golf, and for a brief moment in time, we can all enjoy the silence…and the birds singing….and soaring…and attacking your neighbor’s new toy.


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Nobody Flashes the Lessons of Nature

Nobody Flashes

National Geographic is ALWAYS a good way to start the day….and I would like to know how that guy got under the ice to take that picture of a polar bear stepping over him.

My favorite image is the little baby duck. (I love ducks. I can watch the ducks at the zoo all day. I love the sound of quacks. probably why I write about politics.

But, getting back to National Geographic, I want to note, that Jamie Coots, who did a program for National Geographic on snakes…DIED this year because he refused medical attention after he got bit by one.

Somehow, the video and the picture go together.

Something tells me animals will be here long after we are gone.

Jamie Coots


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A Birds–Eye—View

Nobody Gets Email

Here’s some pictures of different cities, and I find the differences in the WAY different tribes (You know, the Mexican tribe, the French tribe) cultures, call them what you will, came up with such different ways to build streets. For instance: The Spanish have a thing for Cheerio looking squares…Looks like you could sit on it.

Anyway…is it any wonder the rich, who fly all over the world, think there are too many people in it?

This was called a “Birds Eye View” and I just thought they were interesting. (Thanks to JR)





Follow the yellow brick road to Chicago Oz

Mexico City

Mexico City

One look at this, and wouldn’t YOU want to come to Los Angeles?



To the French, you just go to the center….

San Francisco

When you make too many computer chips, your town starts to looking like one…





Wow….Shanghai looks like Salvador Dali threw up.

New York

New York

Okay…and now, a word from our sponcer.


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Florida Has More Than Sinkholes….

Nobody Flashes

I’m under the weather today, so I’m just passing on something that might make you think twice before retiring in Florida. Not only can you get swallowed up by a sinkhole, but you might run into one of these guys in your back yard.

(Thanks to Pattie)


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Be Thankful, For the Non-Carrington Event

Nobody Wonders

Picture this: It’s 7 am on Thanksgiving morning, you, being the cook in the house, are going through in your mind all that you have to do to get Thanksgiving dinner on by the time everyone arrives at Your brother and his wife and three kids are coming in for the family Thanksgiving meal. There’s a turkey to baste, mash potatoes and pies to cook, corn and buns, and sweet potatoes…the fridge is packed.

You go into the bathroom, and turn on the lights. You are washing your hair in the shower and then…it happens….the lights go out.

The first thing you think of is: “Oh NO! How long will the electric be off?”

Unfortunately for a long time,—almost a year in fact, but you don’t know that. On top of everything, your radio doesn’t work, neither does your cell phone. Your brother never arrives. You have been thrown back into the 18th century, and all because…your Congressman decided that giving money to Egypt was more important than shoring up the electrical grid for this kind of event.

What event?

According to Dr. Michio Kaku, the event of a lifetime, and it’s called The Carrington Event.

Last night on Coast to Coast, Michio was talking about the fear he has: He said the sun is now at its maximum activity for solar flares, and this year, they are monstrous. He is really worried. In fact, the  Society of United States Physicists are so worried that they went to Congress and begged for $100 million dollars to prepare our nuclear plants and Satellites for what to them, is more pressing that anything from Iran: An electromagnetic pulse from the sun, which will completely knock out everything electric, not to mention all satellites.

It would literally….cripple us.

Congress, just laughed at them, he said. After all, Congress doesn’t do anything until after the disasters, and Hurricane Sandy proves it.  They didn’t prepare New York, unlike many other countries around the world who have built dikes around their vulnerable cities, New York did not.

Dr. Michio couldn’t believe that the Congress —just laughed at him.

Why is it called a Carrington Event?

At 11:18 AM on the cloudless morning of Thursday, September 1, 1859, 33-year-old Richard Carrington—widely acknowledged to be one of England’s foremost solar astronomers—was in his well-appointed private observatory. Just as usual on every sunny day, his telescope was projecting an 11-inch-wide image of the sun on a screen, and Carrington skillfully drew the sunspots he saw.

Just before dawn the next day, skies all over planet Earth erupted in red, green, and purple auroras so brilliant that newspapers could be read as easily as in daylight. Indeed, stunning auroras pulsated even at near tropical latitudes over Cuba, the Bahamas, Jamaica, El Salvador, and Hawaii. Telegraph lines were all knocked out, even fires started from the solar blast.

And we’ve been hit before:

A huge solar flare on August 4, 1972, knocked out long-distance telephone communication across Illinois. That event, in fact, caused AT&T to redesign its power system for transatlantic cables. A similar flare on March 13, 1989, provoked geomagnetic storms that disrupted electric power transmission from the Hydro Québec generating station in Canada, blacking out most of the province and plunging 6 million people into darkness for 9 hours; aurora-induced power surges even melted power transformers in New Jersey. In December 2005, X-rays from another solar storm disrupted satellite-to-ground communications and Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation signals for about 10 minutes. That may not sound like much, but as Lanzerotti noted, “I would not have wanted to be on a commercial airplane being guided in for a landing by GPS or on a ship being docked by GPS during that 10 minutes.”

Experts who have studied the question say there is little to be done to protect satellites from a Carrington-class flare. In fact, a recent paper estimates potential damage to the 900-plus satellites currently in orbit could cost between $30 billion and $70 billion. The best solution, they say: have a pipeline of comsats ready for launch.

So, needless to say, even though in all probability– a solar flare won’t happen tomorrow. You won’t have to throw out the Turkey. But…according to Michio Kaku, a scientist who knows, it’s a very real possibility that it could happen very soon, in fact, maybe that’s what the Mayan’s were counting on.

And on that happy note: Everyone Have a Great Thanksgiving!  Remember, if your lights are on, it’s a reason to give thinks to your favorite God. (LOL)

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The Milky Way is STILL Cruising…

Nobody Notes

Australia has some really strange sounding places…like the Purnululu National Park, where you can find the Bungle Bungees, which look like giant bee-hives or little alien ships ready to attack Gaia! Somebody call Al Gore…quick!

That’s where this picture of the Milky Way was taken, by an Australian photographer named Mike Salway.

Pretty cool!

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