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Nobody’s Email: The Beauty All Around Us

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I just couldn’t pass up posting these beautiful pictures…


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No Longer Free to Move Around In My Own Country

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This may seem like old news, and I was getting down on myself today for not being able to muster up my usual sense of humor… can I? This is what you many run into in St. Louis if you decide to just go out and enjoy your city, and you’re white.

This Metrolink was paid for by the taxpayers…mostly white, so that the poor could have transportation. The white democratic mayors kept pushing for the taxes until they just made it happen.

There isn’t much happening downtown St. Louis anymore. It’s become a ghost town. Still, used to be able to go downtown…drive the streets even, but not anymore.

The cardinals games are played downtown, and many white people were encouraged to take the Metro, because parking IS expensive and you can catch the Metro right after the game instead of having to sit in traffic. That is NOT going to happen anymore. This video just lost the Metro link it’s only revenue.

There are no cops on this line. And no cops in the parking lots throughout the city. The blacks just hop on and hop off. They don’t even buy the 3 or 4 dollar ticket.¬†guns

Someone ruled that THIS was not a hate crime, which is a joke, because the black kid asked the white guy what he thought of the Michael Brown shooting. One of the republican legislators is trying to get it passed that if you have a carry permit you can take it on the Metro, but the democrats who run this city are up in arms about it.

Better to have a few white people killed than any of those sweet young thugs. Thanks Obama.

No white person in their right mind will take the Metrolink now. And yes…it pisses me off. I’m angry. Obama has made an army of hatred and they are taking over many ¬†parts of our country.

Last weekend, my husband and I were trying to think of someplace to go visit…downtown has the zoo, the Arch, and the riverfront. I live North of the City, and I dare not go East of my house. Or downtown.

And that’s sucks too, because if you don’t have money to take a big vacation, the only other option there is, is to do local sites.

That’s no longer much of an option.

There are good blacks here, really, and they work hard and I’m sure they are just as disgusted by this as the whites. But…they won’t be attacked on the Metro link. I see these punks walking the streets every day.

No work, on welfare, looking for a fight.

Every day, I go out of my house, and I’m in a different land. I used to just stay away from East St. Louis, which was a good half hour away…but now, my perimeters are limited. All the stores I used to shop, all the streets I could drive alone…no man’s land.

I am no longer…free to go as I please in my own city.

The only consolation I have is that, somewhere in the United States, someone else feels the very same way.



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