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Nobody Flashes the Awesome Force of Spring

Nobody Flashes

For those of you out of America (amfortas in Australia— Frankiekay in Africa) here’s what we have to look out for in the middle of the country every spring.

Beautiful to watch, in fact, almost too exciting not to want to see it….but you PRAY you are not in its path. This same storm system, went through this area yesterday, and thankfully, only hit about fifteen buildings.

But—-once it got to Illinois (next state over) it came down, and wiped out a whole town.

Hopefully my house never gets hit because my book collection would be spread over the next five states.

The video after this one was good too.

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Hillary is Announcing Sunday…Do We Care?

Nobody Cares

Hillary has announced that she is going to FORMALLY announce that she is running for President this weekend. But..rather than have to actually stand on her feet in front of a crowd, and make her case like most other candidates, she doesn’t feel she has to. No…she can just make her little video’s and send out her messages via tweets and Facebook, and YouTube.

How easy it that!

Hillary is not exactly in great shape….I’m sure getting on and off airplanes it getting harder and harder— besides, since most of the people over 40 remember her and her husband, they are not likely to vote for her. She has to fool the young, and naive, and so, she hired a very young techie guy to run her campaign by social media.¬†Hillary funny¬†Just like Obama did. Only one thing different: Obama was young, could speak well, and had boundless energy. And he knows how to make an entrance. The only thing that would help Hillary would be the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

The only GOP candidate who would lose to her would be Jeb Bush

In the video above, Dick Morris points out that it was Hillary that armed ISIS–not on purpose but because she had heard there was a genocide going on, and she wanted to help them.

Dick said she got ‘bad’ intelligence.

Nobody Cares if I suggest that Dick has a bit of a screw loose with this line of thinking? That she CARED? And Nobody Cares if I don’t wait by my twitter account with anticipation, just to hear, Hillary Clinton claim her crown, do you?

I have more important things to do this weekend…like mowing my lawn.


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