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Nobody’s Perfect: Melbourne VS Philadelphia


Nobody’s Perfect

What do you do when you really hate something, and just don’t want it in your neighborhood? Do you control your temper and sensibly try to figure out a way to handle what you consider to be a nuisance?

And how far can you go to get rid of that nuisance?

This week, we have Americans who obviously had a problem with ‘nuisances’ in their neighborhood—and since we have no names, let’s compare the cities.squrrel hunting

This week, we have Melbourne VS Philadelphia: 

First up: The lovely city of Melbourne, FL.

Evidently, a man who hated squirrels went on a squirrel killing spree, he was knocking off as many squirrels as he could in his neighborhood, and somebody complained.

Melbourne police warned a resident not to stalk or hunt nuisance squirrels after he killed at least one Police received calls about 10 a.m. Sunday concerning a man with a BB gun walking in the area of St. Marks Avenue, just south of Parkway Drive. The man told police he believed the squirrels were a growing nuisance in the area, officers said.


“It’s not a call that we usually deal with. He had a problem with squirrels in his yard, and he had exterminated one, and his neighbor also had a problem with one,” Melbourne police spokesman Pete Mercaldo said.  “The neighbors were complaining about seeing him with a BB gun.”

And then there’s the famous city of Philadelphia, PA:

It seems a gang of black kids, for whatever reason, find squirrels okay, but when it comes to homeless people, they have no tolerance.

 Philly police video captures gang of suspects beat a homeless man nearly to death using a hammer, mace and a chair leg to put him into a coma.

As you can see, the sight of a homeless man with an umbrella (was he white?) was enough to make them jump out of the car and try to kill him.


Who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award? And how could we look at this from a liberal point of view as to…why do such things? Why lose your self control?

Let’s examine both:

Why would a man go squirrel hunting in Florida?

  1. It’s in his DNA since all men still have that hunter caveman gene making them want to go out and shoot their guns.  Maybe Wart Hogs were just too big for the guy. Squirrels hunting is more fun.
  2. One of his neighbors is a beautiful woman who wears her bathing suit around the yard, and refuses to go out with him, and loves to feed squirrels.
  3. He thinks they are attracting gators, and scaring off his drug dealers.
  4. His mother ran off with a squirrel, and left him alone in the worldHitler and squirrel

And how about those kids? Why would they want to kick a homeless man? He was just standing there.

  1. They secretly work for Eric Holder, who is training them for a special mission to storm Rand Paul’s Presidential campaign bus. They plan to get him when his bus fills up for gas.
  2. The initiation into the neighborhood gang is—- you have to try kill a homeless man to get a free XBOX.
  3. They want to show Ferguson that they can be just as relevant as the blacks in Missouri.
  4. It’s in their DNA…kicking anybody whose skin color is white a great way to get Jesse Jackson’s to give you money for the suffering that you went through in your neighborhood because of white people having privileges you don’t have. Homeless men…usually don’t fight back, or have guns.

But to be fair, he might be black. I don’t think it matters anymore.

So which city wins?

Melbourne or Philadelphia?

Nobody thinks….we should keep this contest going.

After all, we have a lot more cities that I’m sure that would love to get into the contest.

Stay tuned.Squirrel


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Woman To Have Quadruplets at 65? Whoa.

Nobody Flashes: 

Annegret Raunigk of Germany, needs some kind of medal for being determined to have four kids at once. To most of the human race, one child at a time is plenty, but for Annegret Raunigk, four is not problem:

“I’m not actually afraid. I simply assume I’ll remain healthy and fit. In matters of organization I have enough experience, that’s not new for me,” she said.

Why don’t we hire Annegret to come over and run the IRS?

But…raising a lot of kids is not new…she’s had plenty of practice:

Berlin (AFP) – A 65-year-old Berlin woman who already has 13 children is pregnant again with quadruplets, Germany’s RTL broadcaster reported Sunday.

The Russian and English teacher’s pregnancy follows several attempts abroad at artificial insemination over the last year-and-a-half, according to the private TV channel.

The woman, Annegret Raunigk, decided to try to have another child because her youngest daughter, who is nine, wanted a little brother or sister.

woman family

Mother in front

Nobody wants to know, who paid for the artificial insemination and how can she afford all those kids? Is she married to an Audi Engineer? Or does the German state support them all?

The article didn’t say. It also didn’t say what will happen to the four newborns if Annegret dies in five years.

Obviously, it will not be a problem…something tells me the other “kids” are doing a lot of the work already, and mom knows that.

Most women at 65 are thinking about raising tomatoes, not Annegret. O.K. She’s done a great job at bringing babies into the world, and that’s a good thing.

But…is her house German clean? Hope so..that’s a lot of diapers.


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