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Andreas Lubitz was MORE Than Depressed, He Was a Murderer.


Nobody Wins

Here’s the question: What makes a man, who is suffering from depression, fly a plane into a mountain on a day he just can’t take his life anymore and kill 150 innocent people along with him?

It’s one thing to hate your own life..but why kill other people just because you feel like shit?Pilot

Here’s what I’ve read so far about Andreas Lubitz’s, the co-pilot that took a dive into the Swiss Alps while flying an Airbus, and rather enjoyed it.

First: It was well-known to psychiatrists that he had a tendency to suffer from depression, and still, they just gave him a note to tell him not to fly? Shouldn’t they have given that note to his bosses?

Why do the psychiatrists get off so easy in this? They make damn good money, and they should know more about the fact that MEN will react to the chemicals and life situations in their brains in a more violent way than women. Testosterone rules. They’re men. Going out with a bang is very exciting.

It’s one thing to not be held responsible if the person kills himself, but I do believe, that psychiatrist that examine employees that hold other people lives in their hands…train conductors, bus drivers, and Muslims in the army wanting to see “Allah”,should be at least fined for not reporting a danger when they see one.

This…oh…we didn’t see it coming is BS. Get out of the profession then.

Second: Pilots should have bathrooms in the cockpit.

Third: Too many drugs given to treat depression just make some people much worse. Every human is different, and much like the fact that the cops can’t always be around to protect you, more people who suffer from depression should be given more help in knowing how to deal with themselves WHEN they get suicidal. They must realize the threat they pose to those around them and take responsibility.

There ARE tricks that can be taught…for instance knowing that when they are feeling like killing a lot of people….they should remind themselves repeatedly…YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR FRIGGING MIND…it’s okay, your brain is in imbalance. You are insane right now…it’s okay. It will pass.

Go take a shower. Go run. Get out of your own head. Most of all…have someone you can reach to help you, even if it’s suicide prevention.

Fourth: I have read reports that they had found gay porn on his website, he was visiting Mosques, his girlfriend was pregnant, his eyesight was going, he had no future…all simple guesses as to why this guy would want to kill all those people. His girlfriend said:

“He did it because he realized that because of his health problems his big dream of a job with Lufthansa; a job as captain and as a long haul pilot was as good as impossible.”

And lastly: He was not just depressed: he was a murderer. Lots of depressed people walk the earth in pain and hurt no one but themselves. Murder adds a whole other mental disorder to the equation.

So, I can’t forgive him. Enough pity already for the man. Pity the poor relatives of the people who were on that plane.

Nobody Wins when psychopaths get in positions of power where they can do the most harm…

Crashing the plane (or a nation) then becomes, an option.Plane crash


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IRS Head John Koskinen: Needs a New Job

Nobody Wonders

Has there ever been such a lying, bloated, deflecting, incompetent, sycophantic boob running the IRS than THIS man, John Koskinen?

Trey Gowdy does a good job expressing the outrage that such a man is even put in charge of such a huge criminal organization known as the I.R.S.

People are finally screaming for a flat tax…and in his usual obnoxious and condescending way, John has told us we can NEVER get rid of the I.R.S.

Thanks to Milton Friedman, who was the young Treasury Department clerk that proposed the income tax called the “Victory Tax” as a short-term measure to fund WWII, Americans exist to serve the government when they can just reach into our paychecks and take whatever. And they take all of our paychecks until April.

Ted Cruz, wants to get rid of the IRS. Watch this again, and tell me if you agree.

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The Walking Dead of Washington D.C.

Nobody Knows

—–what is going to happen to that Koch Brothers hater, Senator Harry Reid. He finally stepped down: not beaten by the Republicans, not beaten by ex-wives or FBI prostitutes, but…defeated by an exercise Harry Reid Koch brothersrope.Even the Prime Minster of Israel gave him a bravery shout out in front of Congress.

Headlines: Harry Reid survive fatal blow to himself, after dodging years of heavy hits from the Republican Party and never getting even a bruise.

So, what is Harry Reid going to do now? Will he form a superpac to get Hillary elected and become her Vice President? Everybody thinks Harry is going away…but is he? Personally, I think we should all sue him for damages…but that’s me.

Harry Reid I’m sure, will never go away.

And speaking of going away….

The Hillary email scandal is NOT disappearing, despite the iterate efforts she has made to make light of the whole affair. Senator Growdy wants that server, but she has claimed with a big smile: “That’s silly, I’ve destroyed them all!”

Nobody Knows that once upon a time, Hillary was very upset that President Bush was not forthcoming with information about 9/11, and with her usual slick Hillary ways, said this:Hillary deltes ag

“In taking their action to evade or avoid providing information, the administration unnecessarily raises the suspicion that it has something to hide, that it might use the claim of national security to hide mistakes that are literally questions of life and death for American. The lack of transparency on the part of the Bush administration has forced Governor Kean, former Republican Governor of New Jersey, to threaten subpoenas. This should not be happening.”

The American people say:

Right Hillary. Congress has threatened YOU for not truing over your “destroyed” server.  What makes you so special? And why didn’t you claim you erased your emails in the name of National Security?

You’re slipping.

By the way, speaking of National Security….

***************Obama with errings

Last week two men tried to break into the NSA, dressed as women. They were of course shot (one killed) and it was determined that they were just two prostitutes who got high on cocaine and decided to go find an SUV, steal it, and find themselves a party with some NSA guys.

Nobody Knows why these men were not called “transvestites” instead of prostitutes, and how do we know they were not looking for Obama? They might have been invited.

We don’t know. But…we DO remember Obama’s fondness for dressing up….

Speaking of being invited…

Obama’s invitation (to be fair Jeb Bush invited them too) to all the children of the world to come to America as soon as possible has lead to another wave of ‘children’ to flood our southern borders. After all, the weather is warm again.

I don’t know what they feed the ‘children’ down in Mexico, but I’d say they should lay off using growth hormones.immigrants


And speaking of hormones…

Hillary isn’t the only one having a rough time appealing to the masses…Jeb Bush may be racking up big donors…but the conservative base does NOT want him…second in the lead is Scott Walker.

How is Jeb going to get rid of him? Easy. Play the race card. Scott Walker may be racist against the flood of immigrants, because he is…white.

Jeb warns that republicans “must accept a changing country: that the path to the presidency will be found through appealing to voters who may not look like them.”

Will Jeb Bush say that all his opponents are racists for not accepting the “children’ of the world…even though they really ARE adults…let’s not kid ourselves.

And speaking of children…

John Kerry just can’t seem to make that final deal with Iran.Death to America

As talks over Iran’s nuclear weapons program neared their deadline Tuesday, the Commander of Iran”s Basij (volunteer) Force, Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi, was quoted as saying that “wiping Israel off the map is not up for negotiation.”

Wow. There’s that little negotiating problem with Israel will be wiped off the map.

Will John Kerry and Obama sign an agreement to let Iran “Wipe Israel off the map>” and erase it from their computers?

Will no one be allowed to see the treaty?

Ha! Does a baseball pitcher spit every 9 seconds?

No matter. The Senate has voted 100-0 not to honor Obama’s treaty.

Sounds like a winner to me!

Next week, we will wonder HOW Monica Lewinsky got a PhD from Oxford, if Joe Biden is friends with Bill Cosby,  and if there is a Walking Dead book for Dummies.

I have a feeling I’m going to need one.

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