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Nobody Wonders: Did You See the Video of the Day?


Nobody Wonders

I watched the testimony of Michael Horowitz today. Did You? Tray Gowdy was clearly having a good time.

What did we learn?

Let’s get this straight: the IG report by Michael Horowitz came to the conclusion that the man LEADING the investigation into Donald Trump, Peter Strzok, was very…biased…but it didn’t hurt anybody.

Even though he stated that the election should go to Hillary, who committed REAL crimes, and not to the hated Donald Trump. He was in control of both investigations, and assured his girlfriend, who said ($*%& Trump)..don’t worry: 

“We will stop him.”

So, forget that. The real reason Horowitz has come to conclude that the FBI’s hatred and bias of President Trump didn’t really cause any harm, was because…well…Trump won. Case closed.

In the meantime, every democrat at the hearing today, went back to immigration and how President Trump was “ripping” children from their mother’s arms.

That “yelling” point continued throughout the day all over the planet.

Even China’s great got in on it.

Nobody Wonders.…just what ARE the globalists going to come up with next?

A deadly virus? Don’t laugh. Bill Gates has already predicted it.

In the meantime, if you miss Trey today, enjoy.

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IRS Head John Koskinen: Needs a New Job

Nobody Wonders

Has there ever been such a lying, bloated, deflecting, incompetent, sycophantic boob running the IRS than THIS man, John Koskinen?

Trey Gowdy does a good job expressing the outrage that such a man is even put in charge of such a huge criminal organization known as the I.R.S.

People are finally screaming for a flat tax…and in his usual obnoxious and condescending way, John has told us we can NEVER get rid of the I.R.S.

Thanks to Milton Friedman, who was the young Treasury Department clerk that proposed the income tax called the “Victory Tax” as a short-term measure to fund WWII, Americans exist to serve the government when they can just reach into our paychecks and take whatever. And they take all of our paychecks until April.

Ted Cruz, wants to get rid of the IRS. Watch this again, and tell me if you agree.

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Nobody’s Fool: Trey Gowdy

Nobody’s Fool

There are so very few men of character in Washington D.C., that you can literally count them on one hand. And Trey Gowdy is one of them.

Listen to this very moving speech given in June, 2013, to the IRS commissioner. It’s explains not only the IRS spending taxpayers money like they are drunken sailors at the Bunny Ranch, but just about every other government department—with the leader at the top (Obama)  leading the way with HIS daily habits of living to the height of grand luxury.

The fact that nobody at the IRS has gone to jail for the crimes of not only using it as a political tool to get Obama reelected—and then illegally destroying all evidence, shows you just how powerless the Congress is.

So, Congratulations to Trey Gowdy, who continues to tell the truth no matter what. We thank the people of his state for electing him to office.

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Nobody’s Fool: Trey Gowdy

Nobody’s Fool

We needed a real bulldog to prosecute the four deaths in Benghazi, and Trey is perfect for the job. In this press conference, he goes after reporters, who have up to this point, let the whole Benghazi scandal slide.

Watch, and enjoy!

Congratulations Trey Gowdy! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week! Go get em!

(Thanks to amfortas)

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