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Columbus Had a Black Co-Pilot: Who Knew?

Nobody Remembers–

Here’s a few facts from┬áhistory you never hear discussed: Nobody seems to remember:Nino——–

That the first African to sail to the New World, was not a slave, but a pilot and a navigator for Christopher Columbus on his first voyage. His name was Alonzo Nino (1468-1505?)

(Alonzo didn’t have a pretty end though.)

That there were thirty black men with Vasco Nunez de Balboa when he reached the Pacific ocean in 1513.

That Africans accompanied Hernando Cortes to Mexico, and Francisco Pizarro to Peru.

That Africans ventured into Canada and the Mississippi Valley with the French.

And around 1780, or 1790, it was a black man from Haiti, named Jean Baptiste Point du Sabe, who constructed the first non-native dwelling at a trading post that would later be named Chicago.Jean Baptists

He is now considered the “Father” of Chicago, and has a statue right near the hut he built.

(Sorry Obama, the title is already taken.)

And to think, this happened long before affirmative action.

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Nobody’s Fool: Trey Gowdy

Nobody’s Fool

We needed a real bulldog to prosecute the four deaths in Benghazi, and Trey is perfect for the job. In this press conference, he goes after reporters, who have up to this point, let the whole Benghazi scandal slide.

Watch, and enjoy!

Congratulations Trey Gowdy! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week! Go get em!

(Thanks to amfortas)

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