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Pictures of Mothers: All Good.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hey! I am going to give myself a break today because it’s MOTHER’S DAY and I’m spending the day with my family. As should you!

Here’s some of my favorite “mom and kid” pictures–but before I run off, I must say…last winter I was worried about the birds. We had a good run of near zero degrees here for months, and that’s in Missouri. It was brutal. But the birds not only survived, they flourished! Nature is AMAZING.

And, now that you know I’m a bird lover, I have noticed that the birds are exceptionally happy and joyful this spring. They are having babies all over the place, including right outside my window where there is a gaggle of them in a nest and they chirp for momma all day long. Poor mom. She is having a hard time keeping up.

The baby bunnies are out, and what is it about spring and babies? How can you not love it?

So, enjoy…the love between a mother and child. Remember, even Al Gore had a mother. (Hard to believe)

Everybody, have a great day! And be sure to love mom, even though your pretty sure she loves your brother more. (That’s me as a kid in that last picture.)

Happy M D 1Happy MD 2Happy MD 3Happy MD 4happy MD 6Happy MD7


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If Elected, Donkey Brett Helsey Will Be Glad to Hand Out Hoods

Nobody Flashes

I was browsing the internet when I saw this video.

Watch this young black republican school this typical democrat who—– when he can’t win the argument, leaves.

She does a good job at destroying his message.


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Are you Right Brain, Left Brian, or In Harry Reid’s Case…No Brain?

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I seem to be more right-brained–according to this video…how about you?

I also think the brain is much more complex than this simple test, but it’s fun.

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