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Obama’s Out to SAVE Football Players!

Nobody Cares

First: Watch this film and TELL me that Obama’s body is not that of a white man. Obama is only black in the face, and when it gives him power.

By the way, could TMZ be more suck-up?

Let’s see…It was reported this week that Obama decided to let out a whole city of illegal aliens from our jails:

The CIS report found that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released more than 36,000 immigrants, with almost 88,000 criminal convictions among them, during deportation screenings last year. 

The country is falling apart, the world is growing more dangerous everyday, and WHAT does Obama decide to spend his time on?

President Obama will bring athletes, coaches, academics and parents to the White House later this month for a summit on youth sports safety and the dangers of concussions, an administration official said Thursday.

“As both a parent and an avid sports fan, the president loves and appreciates the role that sports play in the lives of young people, and his administration is committed to helping ensure that children continue to be active and play sports safely,” the official said in a statement.

Oh sure. That’s real important a the top of the list of “Presidential” things to do. I guess when there are no Zimmerman’s around, you wing it.

I’m SO glad, I’m not a football fan.



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Nobody Remembers the NEWSTATES Constitution of America (You didn’t know they wrote a new one, did you?)

Nobody Remembers


VERY few people know that our government, over a ten-year period, paid the Center for Democratic Studies in Santa Barbara, California, a total of $25 million dollars to write a model for a new Constitution. It was kept top-secret. One man got a hold of a copy…

I’ve taken parts from it that I thought were…interesting. I also put in some of my Nobody comments–and because it’s so long, I’ll post the other parts next Friday, in Part II. And…this is NOT a joke. They really do want desperately to completely destroy our Constitution.

This was a proposed Constitution Model for the NewStates of America—or the continuation of liberal hopes and dreams:

Article I Rights and Responsibilities (contains 16 sections) Police 2

Section 8: There shall be a responsibility to avoid violence and to keep the peace: for this reason the bearing of arms or the possession of lethal weapons shall be confined to the police, members of the armed forces and those licensed under law.

Nobody Says: Wow…they got to that wish right away didn’t they?

Section 9: Each shall assist in preserving the endowments of nature and enlarging the inheritance of future generations.

Nobody Says: We will be forbidden to go to any parks, moved into cities, and…what? “Enlarging the inheritance of future generations” could be they can confiscate just about anything for future generations.

Article II: The Newstates (contains 15 sections)

Section 1. There shall be Newstates, each comprising no less than 5 percent of the whole population. Existing states may continue and may have the status of Newstates if the Boundary Commission, hereinafter provided, shall so decide. The Commission shall be guided in its recommendations by the probability of accommodation to the conditions for effective government. States electing by referendum to continue if the Commission recommend otherwise shall nevertheless accept all Newstate obligations.states rights two

Nobody Says: Translation: States lose ALL power.

Section 5. The electoral apparatus of the Newstates of America shall be available to them, and they may be allotted funds under rules agreed to by the national Overseer: But expenditures may not be made by or for any candidate except they be approved by the Overseer: and requirements of residence in a voting district shall be no longer than thirty days.

Nobody Says: So ONE guy determines who get money for campaigning. Oh…the dreams gets BIGGER!

Section 9: Taxes on land may be at higher rates than those on its improvements.

Nobody Says: So if you build a pool, that will just add more to your property tax. Great idea!

Section 13: Newstates may not enter into any treaty, alliance, confederation, or agreement unless approved by the Boundary Commission hereinafter provided. They may not coin money, provide for the payment of debts in any but legal tender, or make any change for inter-Newstate services. They many not enact ex post facto laws or ones impairing the obligation of contracts.

Nobody Says: What a great way to take away all states rights! Brilliant!

Article III: The Electoral Branch (contains 11 sections)

Section 2. An Overseer of electoral procedures shall be chosen by majority of the Senate and may be removed by a two thirds vote. It shall be the Overseer’s duty to supervise the organization of national and district parties, arrange for discussion among them, and provide for the nomination and election of candidates for public office. While in office the Overseer shall belong to no political organization and after each presidential election shall offer to resign.

Nobody Says: Right. Whoever runs the Senate, gets to pick the Overseer (who, cough, cough) will always organize the electoral process in a fair Harry Reid way.

Section 6: The Overseer, with administrator and other officials shall:voter fraud

a. Provide the means for discussion, in each party , of public issues, and for the purpose, ensure the members have adequate facilities for participation.

Nobody Says: If Harry is Overseer, the Republicans will be allowed to discuss how racist they are, and be allowed to talk about this issue in East St. Louis.

b. Arranger of discussion, in annual district meetings, of the President’s views, of the findings of the Planning Branch, and such other information as may be pertinent of the enlightened political discussion.

Nobody Says: So the Overseer is more important than the VPs. Interesting. He will make SURE everyone discusses the President’s view. Another liberal dream.

Suction 7a. Arrange for the election each three years of three members of the House of Representatives in each district from among the candidates chosen in party conventions, the three having the most voter to be elected.

Nobody Says: Gee, don’t let the people’s representative stay around too long!

Section 10: All costs of electoral procedures shall be paid from public funds, and there shall be no private contributions to parties or candidate: no contributions or expenditures for meetings, expenditures unless authorized by a uniform rule of the Overseer: And persons or groups make expenditures, directly or indirectly, in support of prospective candidates shall report to the Overseer and shall conform to his regulations.

Nobody Says: ALL money for candidates comes from the Overseer. Is it any wonder this Constitution was not popular with politicians? I love democrats. They solve the problem of big money buying candidates, and solve it with another more draconian idea: Let one guy dole out the money. They can only dream.

Article IV: The Planning Branch (contains 14 sections)

Nobody Says: The Democrats love to plan and control everyone’s life so much, that they just HAD to put a whole section in all about planning! In other words: You will have No freedom.coummunism

Section 2. There shall be a National Planning Board of fifteen members appointed by the President: the first members shall have terms designated by the President of one to fifteen years thereafter one shall be appointed each year: The President shall appoint a Chairman who shall serve fifteen years unless removed by him.

Nobody Says: Understand…a panel controls every single thing in your life….what’s that sound like? Oh yeah! Obamacare has a planning board. Appointed by the President! I guess the President gets to plan everything. I’m glad our founders are not channeling this.

Section 5. The purpose shall be to advance, through every agency of government, the excellence of national life. It shall be the further purpose to anticipate innovations, to estimate their impact, to assimilate them into existing institutions, and to moderate deleterious effects on the environment and on society.

Nobody Says: Oh NOW we are getting down to just plain totalitarianism. They will force you to worship government, control all businesses, and if you are an inventor, your invention will belong to the government.

As to “moderate” effects on the environment? Do you get the picture of what Global warming is all about now?

Section 9: There shall be submissions from private individuals or from organized associations affected with a public interest, as defined by the Board. They shall report intentions to expand or contract, estimates of production and demand, probable uses or resources, numbers expected to be employed, and other essential information.

Nobody Says: Translation: Only through the government will you be allowed to do business. They will monitor and give you permission at every step.

Article V The Presidency (contains 16 sections) Obama executive order

Section 1. The President of Newstates shall be the head of government, shaper of its commitments, expositor of its policies, and supreme commander of its protective forces: shall have one term of nine years, unless rejected by 60 percent of the electorate after three years: shall take care that the nations resources are estimated and are apportioned to its more exigent needs: shall recommend such plans, legislation, and action as may be necessary: and shall address the legislators each year on the state of the nation, calling upon them to do their part for the general good.

Nobody Says: Hey! Except for the one extra year, Obama has GOT this down! So, a guy only has to be good for three years. Got it.

Section 2: There shall be two Vice President elected with the President. At the time of taking office the President shall designate one Vice President to supervise internal affairs and one to be deputy for general affairs. If the presidency fall vacant through the disability of both Vice Presidents The Senate shall elect successors from among its members to serve until the net general election.

Nobody Says: The Senate has all powers. But 2 Joe’s? How many more Air Force Ones would have to be built for that?

Section 3: The Chancellor of Financial Affairs shall supervise the nations’ financial and monetary systems, regulating its capital markets and credit issuing institutions as they may be established by law, and this shall include lending institutions for operation in other nations or in cooperation with them, except that treaties may determine their purposes and standards.

Nobody Says: I guess the Secretary of the Treasury sounded too old fashion. Chancellor sound like a university president. It’s all in the word.

Section 11: All officers, except those of other branches, shall be appointed and may be removed by the President. A majority of the Senate may object to appointments within sixty days, and alternative candidates shall be offered until it agrees.

Section 12. The President shall notify the Planning Board and the House of Representatives on the fourth Tuesday in June, what the maximum allowable expenditures for the ensuing fiscal year shall be.

Nobody Says: So by this, Obama would stand up, look at the Congress and say, “Our maximum allowable expenditures for the Republicans will be: $2 billion. For the democrats and my projects: $87 trillions. God Bless America!”

Section 13 There shall be a Public Custodian, appointed by the President and removable by him, who shall have charge of properties belonging to the government, but no allocated to specific agencies who shall administer common public services,. shall have charge of building construction and rentals and shall have such other duties as may be designated by the President or the designated Vice Presidents.

Nobody Says: Oh good god, what won’t they want to ‘administer’?

Section 14: There shall be an intendant responsible to the President who shall supervise offices for Intelligence and Investigation, also an Office of Emergency organization with the duty of provided plans and procedures for such contingencies as can be anticipated.

The Intendant shall also charter nonprofit corporation or foundations , unless the President shall object, determined by him to be for useful public purposes. Such corporation shall be exempt for taxation but shall conduct no profit-making enterprises.OMG

Nobody Says: Homeland Security got replaced with Office of Emergency Organization, FBI is no longer, CIA, nope,–but Clinton’s foundation can be put to good use all over the world, and they won’t have to pay taxes!

Okay, enough. I’m giving you a small taste of next week, and this is my favorite part. These dwebs actually put this into their constitution…at the end.

“When this constitution has been implemented the President may delete by proclamation appropriate parts of this article. “

You have to wonder: Why even have one?

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