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Was Jay Carney Fired?

Nobody Cares

I must admit, ever since Fast and Furious, Jay Carney has had a heck of a time making excuses for Obama. Sure, he’s a liberal, but watch as Obama ‘replaces’ him. Jay was “let go” (come on, he doesn’t even have another job folks) not for anything he had done, but because Obama (and whomever gives HIM advice) thought a change would help his image, which is fading fast. Obama is to blame for all the bad rap he is getting, but he will blame everyone but himself. Jay has actually had to lie, time and again for the President. It was getting almost laughable to watch.

If you watch Jay, even though he is smiling, you can tell he is devastated.

The fact that Obama talked on and on and on about Josh Earnest his replacement, was a real slap to the man. A few sentences would have sufficed.

Once again, Obama shows his low-class. Although, he’s so narcissistic, in HIS mind, he gave a great speech. (from his notes.)

Jay will not suffer…he will find another job, and Josh Earnest? Nobody Cares.

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