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If We Don’t Fight For Our Own Lives…Who Will?

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Today, on the radio a sweet voice reported the latest news on doctors: Accordingly, cancer treatments are too expensive, so they have devised (they being Obamacare) three options that a doctor can use, and IF he used one of those options to treat cancer, for every patient who gets one of those state approved treatments, he personally will receive..$350.000. She went on to say that treating each person as an individual is much more expensive. (And they won’t get paid.)Obamacare granny

Welcome to Obamacare: Where the doctors all have to only charge what Obama lets them, thereby losing money, and to make UP for money lost, they will be tempted to LET that cancer patient die.

Today I was talking to a good friend who is about to get knee surgery. She is on a certain type of Iron, and she was telling me about her trip to the doctor today”

“Nobody knew who I was, or where my records were!” she said.

As she explained the long wait, and the office’s confusion, she told me they told HER, that since they had to all learn the new computer system (Obamacare) nobody could find anything.

So, she gets home, and finds out, that the iron pills they gave her… are not the same. She calls her doctor, and to make a long story short, the iron pills she was on are no longer available. There’s a big shortage, or they’ve been discontinued, and there IS no substitute.

(I guess she could chew on the real thing.)

She needs to be on these Iron pills for at least a month before her knee operation. Therefore, the operation will have to be delayed until she can refill those Iron pills. Of course, this will greatly affect her life and the plans she has for the rest of the year.

And this brings me to the veterans.

Tonight the Congress is holding a hearing on the veterans being put on long waiting lists, simply because administrators wanted to make bonus. Over a hundred vets died waiting for care.

Did these people who got those bonues KNOW that the vets could die? Probably.Obamacare, vets

And yet, nobody will admit that, that like the veterans… people are just going to die on Obamacare.

Once again…it’s a planned holocaust. Somebody has to start saying it.

Do we not care for our own lives?

When the Jews got on the trains, I’m convinced that even though many of them might have suspected while they were standing in line to be killed by gas, many of them hoped that there really WAS a fresh shower and new clothes waiting for them.

Human nature being what it is, it’s hard to imagine any group of people systematically killing another, especially when greeted by a lie.

This Nobody REALLY believes, that Obama care is a holocaust to cull the population, the old, the sick. It’s just a tiptoe of a massacre and it’s being served up with a “Here’s a nice shower after your trian ride” smile.

And the American people cannot even dream that their own government would do that to them.

Deprive them of life.

The proof that it IS the plan, is that every rich Congressman has exempted himself from it. Do you hear any complaints about that? Nope. Me neither.

The silence is as chilling as a cold shower.

To the men at the top, culling the old, and bringing in the young, is necessary to keep the corporation called ‘America’ alive. They won’t say it out loud, but when are people going to believe that there is no shower on the other side of Obamacare?

Only a grave.

If it is NOT repealed, the only hope any of the nobodies have is to keep healthy, and that’s not easy in this economy.

The Obamacare reaper is waiting for us all. If we don’t fight for our own lives now, who will? Obamacare, kill it


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Pick Your Google

Nobody Wonders

Somebody took a survey of what each state Google’s the most. My state likes to go to the Family Circus. Texas has a lot of sex. California should be more worried about fires, than meat, but that shows you the IQ of the state. Las Vegas–tattoo removal…I can see that. Rhode Island: Beer Pong? (It must have been a really hard winter.) They are still searching for God in Alabama, And Alaska, still is short of women. Elvis is alive in Tennessee…

So, what does YOUR state Google?

google searches

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