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There’s Obama’s Lies—And Then There’s the Truth.

Nobody Wins–

–when you have a pathological liar as President. Here’s the REAL truth from the CEO’s of the major insurance companies.



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Obama’s Next Whim: COME ON IN Illegals! FREE EDUCATION! Citizens will pay!

Nobody Wonders

Are we ruled by laws…or by our President only?Obama whim

Obama waved his hand and gave illegal’s amnesty, now he is doing his King act again,by saying that all illegal children have a right to be educated in our schools.

The Obama administration announced Wednesday it would issue new guidance requiring U.S. schools to provide equal education to all children, regardless of their immigration status. Attorney Gen. Eric Holder and Education Secretary Arne Duncan are expected to detail the proposal Thursday morning during a conference call with reporters. 

Of course there’s a big catch to this: if you are planning on coming to America to get your free education, remember: we have some of the worst schools in the world. I’d rethink it if I were you. But if you just want you kids to get free meals..while you collect welfare, than I’d say…come on in!

But, this is nothing new, we have been supplying education for the world’s children for quite some time.

From Conservative:

According to a report at ANI News, the U.S. Government recently launched a new initiative to teach primary school children in India how to read.

India’s Center for Knowledge Societies will receive 3.2 million U.S. dollars from USAID through the READ (Read-Engage-Achieve-Dream) Alliance.

In light of a seventeen and a half trillion dollar national debt, a few million may not seem like a lot. But the principle still stands: Where in the Constitution is the federal government empowered to spend the American people’s money on literacy programs (or any program) in foreign countries?

They are not! But that doesn’t stop our imperial President for making YOU and I pay for other children’s education, whether they are here, or in Afghanistan, or Kenya, or India…

YOU pay for it.

Nobody Wonders how many of those Indian students that we educate in India, come over here and work for Zuckerberg?illegal school

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