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Men and their sons have memories of playing catch, but in my family, mother and daughter…waited anxiously each year to watch the Kentucky Derby.

My mother loved horses, and she passed that on to me–(Lots of stories to tell about that)— and each year we would gather round the TV to watch the Kentucky Derby.Kentucky Derby winners

We never missed one.I have never been to the Kentucky Derby, but I have driven through Kentucky, on a summer’s morning when the dew on the rolling hills of grass look like diamonds in heaven.

I remember how my mother loved Seattle Slew. And we always loved to see the hats the ladies would wear.

Oh yes, you HAD to make fun of the hats. And the half-drunk ladies underneath them.

Since she died in 2000, I noticed that the winners recently were always very rich men. So this year, when the “poor” men won, of course, in honor of the Nobodies of the world, I simply must make a mention today—

I’m always for the Nobody’s!

From MSN News:

In a sport dominated by wealthy owners and regally bred horses from Kentucky’s bluegrass country, this was a victory for the little guys. Owners Perry Martin and Steve Coburn bred an $8,000 mare to a $2,500 stallion to produce the winner of the world’s most famous race with their one-horse stable.

California Chrome has the unlikeliest pedigree for a Derby champion. His mother, named Love the Chase, won just one race. She was purchased by Coburn and Martin, a move that prompted a trainer to call them “dumb asses” for getting involved in racing.

Feeling inspired, they named their operation DAP Racing, which stands for Dumb Ass Partners. Their silks include an image of a donkey.

Coburn lives near Reno, Nevada, rising at 4:30 a.m. for his job as a press operator at a 13-employee company that makes magnetic strips for credit cards and driver licenses.

Martin lives on the California side of the border near Reno, running a laboratory that tests high-reliability equipment, like car air bags and medical equipment.

So, here’s two working guys, and the oldest trainer in Kentucky Derby history, that put their ‘dumb asses’ to the test of positive thinking…against the millionaires of Kentucky…

AND WON! On one of the owner’s birthday even. California Chrome…will now be set down in history as the poor’s man’s victory.

Horse racing is a wonderful tradition, and in this world of depressing news…how great is it to see a horse race in spring time to remind us all…

We could use a lot more joy, and a lot less politics.California ChromeP.S….Did anybody else but me noticed that the winning horse was NOT in the winners circle with the giant bouquet of flowers around his neck?

Does anybody know why? Do the owners have to pay for that? Or did it look (I thought) that the horse was limping a bit off the track…Where WAS the horse after the race? Did they edit him out?

(Stop it Joyanna)



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