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Nobody Remembers the Educational Concerns of George Gallop

Nobody Remembers

When Mitt Romney lost the last election— he was shocked, and why? The ‘polls’ told him he was going to win. Even Dick Morris, a man who thrives on the science of polls, predicted Romney would win the Presidency. (Polls don’t factor in fraud, do they now?)mad max

The polls are telling everyone now, that nobody could beat Hillary Clinton in 2016. But Obama did once before. Hillary is a lousy speaker…next to Obama, she sounded like everyone’s most hated school marm.

Polling people may be all well and good, but unless you know who DID the poll, who was asked, and how the question was framed, it’s hard to believe any of them. More often than not, polls now are pure political propaganda used to further an agenda.

So…Nobody Remembers some words lifted from a speech given by George Gallup, the granddaddy of pollsters, from a speech he gave at the University of Iowa, April 14, 1953.

Mr. Gallop was distressed about the astounding ignorance of the American people.

***********George Gallop

“One of the real threats to America’s future place in the world is a citizenry which daily elects to be entertained and not informed. From the time the typical citizen arises and looks at his morning newspaper until he turns off his radio or television set before going to bed, he had unwittingly cast his vote a hundred times for entertainment or for education. Without his knowing it, he had helped to determine the very character of our three most important media of communication—The press, radio, and television.

The present lack of interest in the informative type of television show is shocking.

During the last war one of the sadder sights to me was to see grown men, most of them with high school or college training, poring over comic books in railroad and bus stations and apparently wholly unconcerned with the happenings in the world, which would almost certainly affect their destiny.

In a recent study of metropolitan newspapers, it was found that the average amount of time which a reader spends daily on the important news of his country and of the world is less than four minutes. He spends ten times as much time on sports, local gossip, and the service and entertainment features.

Despite the fact that we have the highest level of formal education in the world, fewer people buy and read books in this nation than in any other modern democracy. An Englishman who leaves school at the age of fourteen read about as many books as our college graduate.girl with TV

The ignorance of these college graduates about the classics was overwhelming. One adult in every four throughout the country could name the two men selected as vice presidential candidates. A good many college students and former students cannot take an outline map of the United States and put their finger on the state of Illinois.

I believe that the great hope of the future must lie in our educational system. I have come reluctantly but inevitably to the conclusion that the enemies of learning at the university level are the textbook, the classroom lecture, and our course system. At Oxford for example the student is left pretty much on his own. He reports at weekly or biweekly intervals to his professor or don who offers his guidance and criticism. In this country, we lean heavily on textbooks which consist for the most part of bits and pieces of knowledge cannibalized from other textbooks. Too often he teacher in his classroom lecture, merely repeats the material covered by the textbooks, And the student, once he has memorized and then regurgitated the textbook material in a true false quiz, can forget the whole business

Obviously the whole school system, from the grades up to college, must be revised if we are to turn out a more mature product.

So in a real sense, the education of every person should begin and not end with graduation.”


But in the end, and up to that point, Gallup still believed in the common American:

‘In the course of polling the American public over a periods of nearly two decades, I have found that our people are wonderfully endowed with what is best described as “horse sense.” The collective judgment of the people, up to this pint in history, has been extraordinarily sound. There is a mountain of evidence to prove that the public is generally right in its opinions and usually far ahead of its representatives in government.”

I wonder what Mr. Gallup would say today, don’t you?

Do the American people still have good “horse sense’ or has the horse kicked the proverbial bucket never to return?

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Nobody’s Fool: Dinesh D’Souza

Nobody’s Fool

Not only is Dinesh trying hard to save what’s left of America by displaying all that we have offered to the world, he also, has a great sense of humor.

Here he interviews the President.

Congratulations Dinesh! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for attacking the heart of our problems: Obama.


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How Many Vets Must a President Watch Die, Before He Decides to Give Up Golf for the Day?

Nobody Wins

Tell me, how many roads must a man walk down, before they call him a man?…(Okay, I’m showing my age)wounded warriors

And how many government policies must fail, before we can sleep in the sand?

Sorry. I don’t know about you, but every time I see the wounded warriors commercial on TV, I want to cry. It shames me to no end. Everybody knows that our vets are left out to basically rot by our government, and so, good people get together to raise money to help them.’s our government’s job to do that. They know we will go without to help them, and that leaves more for Obama and his cronies.

Despite Oblarny’s great “I am commander In Chief and I care deeply about the veterans,” most of us know, Obama has not lost one game of golf worrying about any of them.

Obama has taken the office itself down to a used car salesman turned funeral director.

I was out today, and I saw a Vet, sitting out in his wheel chair on the sidewalk, waiting for his ride. There is very small rehab place in a run-down mall, where I always to go buy my vitamins. The guy had both legs missing, and one stump bandaged up. He was unshaven, clearly struggling with depression, and as I walked by him I tried to put on a cheery smile and say, “How ya doing?”

He was so shocked that the poor guy only got out a weak mumble. Of course, he was miserable. Just to sit in that mall alone, took courage.

We all see these guys…from Iraq, Afghanistan,—-missing legs, and arms. The good news is: the doctors in the MASH units are doing wonders in saving lives…they keep them alive now. The death count from those wars are 4,487. but the warriors coming home with injuries…are overwhelming….

From 2011

The true number of military personnel injured over the course of our nine-year-long fiasco in Iraq is in the hundreds of thousands — maybe even more than half a million — if you take into account all the men and women who returned from their deployments with traumatic brain injuries, post-traumatic stress, depression, hearing loss, breathing disorders, diseases, and other long-term health problems.

We don’t have anything close to an exact number, however, because nobody’s been keeping track.veteran upset

Of course they don’t keep track. All you have to do is recall how Obama spent money to shut down the WWII memorial to understand that he really doesn’t give a damn. He just likes to remind himself every other second that he is “Commander in Chief.”

The truth is, the veterans that recently died because somebody wanted to make bonuses is going to coming to all of us soon with Obamacare.

I heard Bill O’Reilly pontificate tonight about how this was unacceptable.

Soon, this will be happening all over the United States with regular citizens…will we hear the outcry then?

Or as one reporter asked the White House Chief of Staff, Denis McDough on Thursday.,

“How many dead veterans do you need before somebody asks the question within the White House, ‘Maybe this isn’t the best steward of these veterans?’

Our government treats our soldiers like cannon fodder…to be used and thrown in the trash…and so, Obama and Boehner will have to get illegal’s to join their armies.

The real Americans men, are being decimated fast.

And Obama’s talk is a cheap as a two-dollar Barney Frank hooker.

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