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Zippy: The Dog Who Did…Nothing.

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This morning I was reading about dogs…how they understand how to read human communications, even better than chimps. For instance, every day, when I go outside to work in the yard, all I have to do is go into the bathroom, and tie my hair back…and my two dogs go absolutely nuts. They jump up and down, bark, yelp,—- you would think it was the last inning of the world series and I had just hit the winning run in. They know they will get to go out too.DSCN0041

Just by me simply putting a rubber band around my hair.

And here’s what even more fantastic…I can go into the bathroom, and CLOSE THE DOOR, and they STILL know I’m putting my hair back.

When it comes to food, Zippy comes and scratches my leg. Or stares at me. And if I ignore her…she barks. I am like her private IPAD. I am at her command.

Zippy is an excellent communicator so that’s why I’m baffled about last night.

Why didn’t Zippy TELL us that the kitchen was on fire?

Let me set this up.

It was around 10.30 at night, and my husband had put on his CPAC machine, and rolled over to sleep…I still had the TV on, and I was getting ready to go into my office to write, and I heard a funny popping sound.

Now, Zippy was ON the floor, staring into the kitchen, literally watching a blanket that I had on my bird’s cage…go up in six-foot flames. She just sat there…

“Hey, your machine is making a funny noise” I told my husband.

And then for no particular reason, I decided to go into the kitchen for some water…that’s when I saw flames, reaching up to the ceiling…a lamp that was turned off, had touched the blanket on the bird-cage and instantly, that blanket had flared into flames. The metal bird-cage was on fire, and my three parakeets were of course, at the other end of the cage…fighting for their lives.

Zippy, just sat there…smiling…calming watching until I yelled.


My husband jumped out of bed, and took two blankets and somehow miraculously smothered the fire out, although it took him some time. If the curtains which were near the flame had caught on fire, we would have not have been able to stop the room from going up.

He got second degree burns, and big blisters on his fingers from the flames.

Smoke was everywhere, and since we had two blankets that had caught on fire, we had thrown one on the kitchen floor. It was no longer in flames. (or so we thought.)

We left it there. (Bad idea)

I went to caring for the birds. Flames had even fallen to the bottom of the cage. Half of the white bird-cage was black. The lamp plastic had melted on to the rug on the floor, and my kitchen chairs which were nearby, were damaged from the fire. Flames had fallen all over the floor.

Zippy thought it was pretty I guess. (Yep, she was sitting there calmly…just like that picture.) Kitchen fire

While I was trying to calm the birds (By the grace of god they only got soot on them) the blanket we had left on the floor was STILL on fire.

“Hey ! This blanket is still smoking!” I yelled, to my husband who of course, was in extreme pain with his hand in a pan of water.

When we lifted it up, a big hole had burnt through the kitchen rug. We threw it in the sink, which is what we should have done in the first place.

So, here’s the moral to the story: If I had NOT had gone into the kitchen when I did, the house could have very well burnt down, no thanks to the dog who did NOT save his masters from the fire.

I read these stories all the time….

Dog saved baby from fire.

Dog went back into the house to save kids.

Dog WARNED the people in the house that it was on fire.

You read them too.

Zippy did not move until I yelled FIRE!

Then she ran…and hide in the front room. So much for the “Zippy saved our lives” story in Readers Digest, which I CERTAINLY would have written.

Tonight my birds, won’t go over to their side of the cage. They REMEMBER what happened last night, and how they were almost fried.

Zippy the great communicator, acts like it just another day. She doesn’t remember a thing.

But I can’t blame this on Zippy.

It was my fault for thinking that JUST because a lamp is off, doesn’t mean it’s not still hot. The simple truth is, I was just tired and not thinking when I put the cover on the cage.

As for Zippy, she saves my life every day with her joyful happiness at the simple sight of me putting my hair back. Or going for a ride, or a walk, or just eating her bone.

I guess I’ll forgive her this time. But, we DO have to work on our communication.



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