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Nobody’s Perfect: The White House VS the Veteran Administration

Nobody’s Perfect

This week we have the White House VS the Veteran Administrationcartton of vets

First up: Our poor suffering Vets. Last week, it was found out that over 40 veterans died while waiting for care, and this important news couldn’t have come at a better time, right before Memorial Day.

Obama had to rush right over to Afghanistan to make it look liked he ‘cared.’

The inspector general at the Veterans Affairs Department says 26 VA facilities nationwide are under investigation, including the Phoenix hospital at the center of allegations about treatment delays and secret waiting lists intended to hide delays in care.

And it gets worse: At least 350,000 veterans of wars before those in Iraq and Afghanistan have outstanding appeals of benefits decisions, according to VA records.

The VA Secretary, Eric Shinseki, STILL has his job: But, like his good friend Obama, he is still proud:

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki said last week he is proud of the reduced backlog in benefit claims and will keep pushing for the department to improve. “As I testified before Congress on May 15,” Shinseki said in a statement, “I take any allegations about patient safety or employee misconduct very seriously. The reports of veterans’ negative experiences while seeking VA care are of great personal concern to me.”

Gee…all those spouses of the dead vets are really glad to hear you have ‘concerns.”Erick Shinseki

And then, another big “error’ (or was it?) was made by the White House.

Here’s a few paragraphs from various reports:

The White House made a big mistake over the weekend, accidentally revealing the name of the CIA’s top officer in Kabul in a prepared list of U.S. officials who were taking part in a briefing related to President Barack Obama‘s surprise visit to Afghanistan.

After it went out to thousands of recipients, Washington Post reporter Scott Wilson noticed the peculiar CIA title — one that is not generally used in public releases. He inquired with White House press officials to see if including the name was a mistake and discovered that it was.

The CIA and White House have not officially commented on the matter.

The accidental disclosure of the identity of the top CIA agent in Afghanistan by the Obama administration could affect operations in that country — even target the entire unit for assassination by the Taliban, political operatives said Monday. The reporter who distributes the pool report generally sends it to the White House to be checked for factual accuracy and then forwards it to the thousands of journalists on the email distribution list. In this case, the White House failed on at least two occasions to recognize that the CIA official’s name was being revealed and circulated so broadly. But the person in Kabul is absolutely furious that his or her cover has been blown,” Hoekstra said. “When you compare that to where Valerie Plame was to the station chief in Kabul, there is no comparison — in terms of scale and in terms of importance.”

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the Week?

Is it Eric Shinseki, who it seems, has never set foot in any veteran hospital or even answered his mail?obama tyrant

Or is it the Obama dweebs at the White House, who basically put in danger, dozens of CIA operatives, who at any moment will be killed by the Taliban?

Obama wins, again. And he has the audacity to attack Edward Snowden.

Frankly…in the words of Clark Gable, he just doesn’t give a damn about any of us.

In a more sane world, he would be tried for treason.

I know others who write blogs are very careful about the words they use to criticize the man, but my “nice” vocabulary is running thin.

(Warning…future description of our “President” might not be so…benevolent. ) After six years of listing his ‘imperfections.” I’m ready to give him a permanent place on the Nobody’s Perfect Award, just because he’s such a $&%-up.

Is Obama really that incompetent? Or he is brilliantly carrying on his big plan to fundamentally change America?

Well, you know what I think.


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