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Now, If He Could JUST Get Rid of that Structural Defect…

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You might remember last week, I posted a bit of the New Constitution that our government spent 25 million to draw up, but didn’t bother telling anyone about it.Obama and Holder tear

Besides giving most all power to the President…here’s what they want to do with the Senate:

Article VI: The Legislative Branch

There shall be a Senate with membership as follows: If they so desire, former Presidents, Vice President, Principal Justices, Overseers, Chairman of the Planning and Regulatory Boards, Governors having had more than seven years service and unsuccessful candidates for the president and Vice Presidency who have received at least 30- percent of the vote. To be appointed by the President, three persons who have been Chancellors, two officials from the civil service, two official it from the diplomatic services, two senior military officers, also one person from a panel of three elected in a process approved by the Overseer, by each of twelve such groups or association as the President may recognize from time to time to be nationally representative, but none shall be a political or religious group, no individual selected shall have been paid by any private interest to influence government, and any association objected to by the Senate shall not be recognized.

Section 2: Membership shall continue for life.

So, by this new Constitution, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, George Bush, Dick Cheney could all become Senators for life. Also, judges, and Overseers (a new office—sort of a Rahm Emanuel job, who controls just about everything and obeys the President.) could stay there too.

But Governors…well, they are not allowed unless they have served seven years. Too many Republican Governors run for office I guess.

And then the President gets to appoint all the rest. Thirteen or more to the Senate. In other words the Senate is NOT elected but filled with career politician, half of whom are picked by the President.

And they are there for life. Can’t get rid of them.

Sounds like one President could pick everyone from his own family…to stack the deck in the Senate.Obama and liberty

Obama today, bitched about how unfair it was, that every state got two Senators. That’s the point of a Republic…it’s so the little guy in Idaho gets as much representation as the big rich elites in New York, the founders did NOT want a democracy. Obama says,

“Obviously, the nature of the Senate means that California has the same number of Senate seats as Wyoming. That puts us at a disadvantage,” Mr. Obama said. So there are some structural reasons why, despite the fact that Republican ideas are largely rejected by the public, it’s still hard for us to break through.” 

What? You can’t get complete control? The founders were smart guys.

And that’s exactly what it was suppose to do. Would it be fair for New York and California to run the country?

No. And that’s why Obama is trashing the constitution.

Getting him to leave is not going to be pretty.

Next thing you know, Obama will be saying we need to rewrite the Constitution.

Wait…isn’t that what he is saying? Yep.


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Did Obama ORDER the Stand Down in Benghazi to Protect His Own Illegal Actions?

Nobody Cares

Dick makes excellent points in this video, pointing out that Obama was gun running, and it was illegal, and could cause impeachment proceedings.

The Nobody’s out in America now wonder, if Obama told everyone to stand down…to hide the truth.

And…is that the reason today that the “race” card is being played so vehemently by everyone? They need to protect their man.



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