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Nobody’s Perfect When It Comes to Protesting…

Nobody’s Perfect

Nothing like a good protest to make you feel like you matter, right?Pilot on WH

Last week, we had two examples of protesters who just refused to be ignored. Their missions were heartfelt, emotional, and like most protests, rather pointless.

First up: Doug Hughes, a mailman from Florida, decided that he wanted to tell the world that the corruption of big money in politics had to stop. So, he did what any normal postman would think of doing…delivering his 535 protest letters to Congress via gyrocopter.

He made it to the West Lawn of the Capitol, then crashed.

You have to ask yourself, why he didn’t just put those letters in the mail himself? Because he was on a mission. So he planned this for two years, even called the FBI and told them what he was planning so they wouldn’t shoot at him, and it worked!

“As I have informed the authorities, I have no violent inclinations or intent,” Hughes wrote on his website, “An ultra light aircraft poses no major physical threat – it may present a political threat to graft. I hope so. There’s no need to worry – I’m just delivering the mail.”

Everybody wonders WHY he wasn’t shot down? But why should he be? Most everybody in the country knows that Congress is NEVER at work. And it’s Hillary’s main message: Get the money out of politics…which means the Koch brothers need to be stopped in all future elections—it certainly doesn’t hurt the Clinton message that the people want to get money out of politics so badly, they are willing to sacrifice their own lives to make the plea.


 Second: PETA decided to stage a protest of a circus, because the animals are being mistreated according to them…so they showed up at the Ramos Brothers Circus in Southern California, and it didn’t turn out so well—it seems the PETA  protesters and the clowns got into a big brawl inside the tent:clowns

Circus workers allegedly tried to stop the activists, who had been picketing outside the property where the family-run show was performing, from forcing their way inside the tent.

Two protesters were arrested following the big top brawl and Ringmaster Oliver Ramos claimed his lip was split after he was hit in the face with his own megaphone.

The ringmaster said it was the activists who were acting like animals.

“These people are just crazy fanatics … it has to stop,” Ramos said. “These people are getting out of hand.”

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?

Was it Doug the mailman who practiced flying his gyrocopter in order to become the only man in postal history to deliver mail by gyrocopter? Was this a way to get rid of those gas guzzling trucks and make the postal men just fly onto your front lawn? Will he still get his pension?

Or was it the PETA protesters who got so mad and vicious, the clowns had to put them down?

Who wins? NOBODY! Heck, I protest the govenment every single day, along with millions of others who are protesting our govenment every day, and what good does it do?

They just don’t make protests like they used too…the Boston Tea Party. .now THAT was a protest.

If you protest now, they just send in the drones.  BUT..if I had to pick a winner it would be….

The Clowns.



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Nobody Gets Dazed and Confused

Nobody Flashes

I was standing in line at my local cable company today, because they had just told me my “introductory” rates were over and I now had to pay another $100 for services, when I just couldn’t help myself—-

I started a conversation with the man in front of me.confused

It seems, he was an insurance broker and the first words out of his mouth were, “They really screwed everything up with Obamacare.”  As I listened to the man, he was complaining that nobody knew what was going on, the doctors were refusing to “lower” their rates, and therefore, many people were going to hospitals and doctors, where they were NOT covered and didn’t even know it.  He couldn’t get answers from anyone, and everybody was paying MORE money, and well…to be fair, I did start the conversation with, “What do you do?”

So, there I was…there to cancel my phone and Cable service, but I had to keep the internet, which of course also went up another $30 dollars, and I was realizing the vast network of money being sucked up by everyone that can.

When it was finally my turn, I asked the lady why my internet kept going up, and she shrugged.

“Well, how about I cancel it, and then go home, and join up again for the introductory price and save myself thirty dollars a month?” I said.

“That sounds like too much trouble.” she said.

So, because I truly do need the internet, I decided to go home and think about it.

This is such everyday stuff I know, and boring, but Americans are having to make these decisions every day, because everything is going up…and the salaries are not. It’s like we are all trapped in one of those movies where the people are at the bottom of a well, and the water is rising, and they keep trying to keep their heads above the water and then there’s screaming…AHAHHHHH!!!

That’s me.

Which is what I feel like doing today. Scream. My Santa Fee broke down last Saturday, in the middle of a very popular main drag, and luckily, my girlfriend had AAA or I would have had to pay a big tow fee. And I was feeling guilty about it…the dealer had told me that at 60,000 miles I needed to replace the timing belt…which of course was $600. But I thought…WHY? My old Pontiac Firebird went on for over 125,000 miles without me having to do anything to it but change the oil and tires.Dazed

So…I didn’t get it done.

I found out today, from the garage it was towed to, that it was going to cost over $800. Timing belt had to be replaced along with the OTHER thing that broke.  (Some kind of drive shaft)

“So” I asked,” I should have had the timing belt replaced like everyone says and this wouldn’t have happened? ”

“Well, no.” he said. “We might have replaced the timing belt and not seen this and you would have had to bring it back and it would have cost you even more.”

So, here’s the deal.

They say, all the ‘sensors’ in all these new cars are the problem. They may all do great things, but the parts in them? They break.

Thomas Edison made a light bulb that shone for over 100 years, and they use to make cars that did not have to have major engine work every 60,000 miles. I know, I have owned a few.

What don’t I get?


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