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We All Need a Drink, On April 15

Nobody Wins

Today was tax day, April 15. I don’t know about you, but if you know the facts about how rigged the tax system is, what Hillary Clinton says is true: The super rich really don’t have to pay taxes. Hillary has no plans to stop this great wealth of billionaires that are covering the globe, because she is one of them,  but she knows that just to say it, will get a lot of head shakes, and votes.Tax code

Because it’s true. The rich hide their assets in offshore accounts and pay no taxes, and you can be sure that includes Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Or, they merge their assets like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet in a ‘foundation’ where no government can touch it. They pay no income tax because all their money is from dividends.

Case in point:

The World’s Richest Hide $31 Trillion Dollars to Avoid Taxes

Is it any wonder they own islands?

 As corporate earnings season begins in earnest, the advocacy group Citizens for Tax Justice has released a report detailing 15 Fortune 500 companies that don’t pay any taxes.


The list includes CBS, General Electric, Interpublic Group, JetBlue Airways, Mattel, Owens Corning, PG&E, Pepco Holdings,, Prudential Financial, Qualcomm, Ryder System, Time Warner, Weyerhaeuser and Xerox.


As a whole, the 15 companies paid no federal income tax on $23 billion in profits in 2014, and they paid almost no federal income tax on $107 billion in profits during the past five years. All but two received federal tax rebates in 2014, and almost all paid exceedingly low rates over five years.


But you and I, have to wade through 74,608 pages of federal tax code, or just fill out our forms and pray.taxes two

Last year Obama collected more money from the sinking middle class than has ever been collected in history.  So why not take Air Force One out every day?

It’s known now to most everybody that it’s the people who are NOT billionaires are paying for the very rich.

 On average, every filer who fills out a 1040 individual income tax form would need to pay an additional $1,259 in taxes to make up for the revenue lost.

And it’s not just the billionaires that are ripping us all off, it’s the IRS who is handing out tax refunds like candy to  illegal’s who get it by fraud.

A report by the Inspector General found that some 2 million illegal immigrants have been receiving large tax refunds by pretending that numerous dependents live with them … when, in fact, most of the dependents live in Mexico and have never lived in the United States.

The ‘left’ wants the rich to pay more…but the “rich” is not them and their brilliance friends, oh noooooo it’s the guy who makes $52,000.  You’re the rich one. The average Joe.

And yet, the upcoming candidates will run on changing the tax code.

Think: Do you REALLY think that is going to happen in our lifetimes?

I’m not optimistic: The odds of Congress reforming the tax coded are about the same as the Cubs winning the World Series, and that’s why on April 15, my advise it to drink. corruption






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Don’t ALL the Relatives of Black Murdered Victims Deserve The Same?

Nobody Wonders

Okay. I don’t follow football all that much. And I happen to think idolizing sports players is a bit like idolizing Cher—-who, I saw in the tabloids this morning, is dying of depression, because her muscles feel like jelly. She hasn’t figured out yet it’s her jello brain that’s her problem, but we all know she’ll be dead before that happens.HERNANDAZ

Because of my own ignorance in all things pertaining to football, imagine my surprise when this morning I saw that all cable channels were turned into the verdict of some football player named Aaron Hernandez.

Yes, he’s guilty, they all said. Of what? Making too much money?

Former Patriots star Aaron Hernandez has been convicted on all counts in the June 2013 killing of Odin Lloyd, including first-degree murder. He has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Hernandez’s lawyers repeatedly asking jurors why Hernandez would ever kill his friend and soon-to-be-brother-in-law.

After that, America was put through almost an HOUR of Odin’s relatives going on and on about “How he rode his bike to work, and he will never get to see his nephew, and he wore the same pair of Nike sandals until they fell off his smelly feet.” (Okay, they didn’t say his feet were smelly, but just imagine.)

Exciting as that sounds, Nobody Wonders why they don’t give the relatives of all the young black men that are murdered in this country every day, the same air time?

Or…how about a new cable program called, “Remembering the Murdered?”Odin's mother

Really.  If the networks think that the murdered relatives of black men expressing their sorrow to the world is such a ratings bonanza.

Why not do more?

God know, NBC could use the viewers.  Brain Williams needs a new job.

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