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The Jurassic World of Progressive Liberalism

Nobody’s Opinion

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom came out this weekend.

Oh, you thought I meant the movie. No, I meant the Jurassic World of Liberal lies. The Fallen Kingdom of the deep progressive state of Washington is bellowing at the top of the mountain in its last dying breath, and most of us are covering our ears in the agony of all the noise.

It was everywhere on the morning talk shows. Watch any of the talk shows and all they do is lie. For instance, I heard one guy say that the majority of America WANTS immigration. Open borders.

Pass the popcorn.

And then he went on to say that President Trump’s popularity has fallen since his inauguration. And only 25 percent of the people are his fans.

Where do they GET these ‘facts’?

It’s the same old crap we heard going into the election: There was no WAY Trump would win.

Chomp went the American people.

Yes, the lies are getting as old as Nancy Pelosi’s eyelashes.

Lie Number One: And this one is repeated so many times, if I had a dollar for every time some progressive said it, I’d could build my own swampland in Georgia and fill it with crocs and invite all the movie stars in Hollywood to come down and protest.


How often have you hear that? Why, the PILGRAMS were immigrants, the Italians were immigrants, the Irish were immigrants (and nobody wanted them) so therefore, the people coming across the border are just that…immigrants!

Who are WE to NOT let them in? They have that RIGHT.

Pundits can talk on that progressive talking points sometimes for a whole 20 minutes.

The real dinosaur in the room that nobody mentions is that all immigrants before the last decades were legal, and they also supported themselves. They did NOT get welfare, free food, free housing, free medical care, free jobs, and a free education. They did NOT get special privileges.

Besides, back when the pilgrims came, there was plenty of room here. And the Germans, Italians, and Irish that came in droves came legally. They all had skills. Sure, Mexicans can pick fruit, and build roofs, and garden, but unlike the immigrants before us, they refuse to speak our language and unlike the immigrants of before, they are being taught that America was stolen from them, and they deserve it BACK. T

Big difference.

Brontosaurus Hispanic reparations.

They don’t want to become Americans, they want to invade and take OVER America.
Big difference.

This lie is used to promote open borders to the entire world, and BECAUSE the citizens end up feeding these people, America would collapse.

Heck, California is collapsing right before our eyes.

But they just keep using this: We are a NATION of immigrant’s argument.

I’m picturing a T-Rex running through FACE THE NATION set.

El Salvador and many South American countries would stop sending their people here if America would just go down and solve their crime problems and make the country safe again. Make those countries nice again, then the people wouldn’t come here, and we wouldn’t have a big problem. After all, America is a RICH nation, we have the money and we should spread it around the world.

How many Americans want to spread their money around the world, raise your hands?

Okay. I admit it. I went to see Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and it was a lot of fun, and while Spielberg likes to make sure the military gets eaten by the T-Rex’s, I like to replace those military actors in my mind’s eye with liberal politicians.

Like Maxine Waters.

Or CIA director Brennan.

It’s the progressive Kingdom of tyrants and corruption that needs to just get stomped on.

The Fallen Kingdom of the progressive swamp is fighting like a genetically engineered new animal who thinks of nothing but eating and destroying every Trump supporter in sight.

But, here’s the good news: Sometimes in life the good guy DOES win, just like in the movies, and watching the liberals make complete fools of themselves is just about as good as it gets.

Saying immigrants have a legal right to seek asylum is getting old.

I might have to see that movie…one more time.


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  1. Hey, thanks for sharing that Tim! We have so many Germans here in St. Louis, the most famous one being Augie Busch. I too am part German. Sadly though, the Muslims in St. Louis outnumber them now thanks to Clinton and Obama. The Busch’s made a mark on the city that still remains in certain neighborhoods. Grant’s Farm, a tourist attraction, still has a big German beer garden.

    But you made my point again: The immigrants that built this country, Germans being a big part of that, did so from their own hard work. Americans helped each other, nobody got free welfare. Even Cubans sent here by Castro, really appreciated this country, and worked hard like all other immigrants to become Americans…though like the Germans and the Italians, they missed the country of their youth, they still loved America.

    That’s not happening with the Mexican invasion. History is full of invasions and what happens when the invaders outnumber the original people of that country, and it’s never good. President Trump is right to fight it.

    I really enjoyed reading about the stealing of the chicken, and the boat ride— you must have talked to a lot of relatives to get that detailed of a story. I always encourage people to get the stories of their ancestors. It makes you wonder and admire how tough our ancestors were….sounds like yours were top of the line.

    Thanks again for sharing!


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | June 25, 2018 | Reply

  2. Actually not all of our past immigrants were as you think. Did you know that the potato famine was worst for the German’s? One of my imigrant forfathers:

    John Gottlieb was born Johannes Gottlieb on 8 September 1793 in the town of Groß-Zimmern, Deiburg District of the Duchy of Hessen Darmstadt in what is now Germany. He was christened in the Lutheran Church of the town on 9 September 1793. His father was Philipp Gottlieb and his mother Maria Elisabetha Held. He was the second of six children born to the couple.

    He married Anna Maria Held on 25 August 1822 in the Lutheran Church. They had six sons and four daughters. All of the children lived to adulthood. John worked as a day laborer. Unfortunately, the local economy was at its limit for employment and food was getting scarcer. Then the potato blight hit in the 1840s and the situation turned worse. He and his son were caught stealing chicken and sentenced to three days of labor in the forest. The sentence was commuted if he agreed to emigrate with over 100 other local families to the United States, paid for by the town.

    John and his family agreed and became part of the 1846 mass migration where one third of the town sailed to New York City. His family sailed on the Atlas from Liverpool and landed in New York City on 16 September 1846. The passengers had run out of food three days before landing and the Duchy’s Consul never received the word to meet the ship with the funds promised to get the migrants established in New York. He and his family went into the poor house for a short time before they established themselves in New York. The incident created a diplomatic furor between the United State and the Duchy of Hesse Darmstadt and led to the passing of one of the first immigration laws of the United States

    So we always have has issues with countries dumping their unwanted here. I think the difference, though, is my family didn’t expect the government to do everything in German. We adjusted learned and became what is called the melting pot, by adding our best to this country.


    Comment by Tim | June 25, 2018 | Reply

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