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Let El Chapo Build the Wall: Great Idea!


Nobody Wonders

Nobody Wonders

This is the best idea yet! Good for Ted. Nevertheless, we all know the democrats won’t allow it somehow.

If Trump grabs that money, they will scream like pigs. But, who says he can’t? Where is it written?

What’s even more annoying is RINO Lindsey Graham, and Senate leader McConnell, telling him to accept the little $1.37 billion dollars.

It’s what they wanted because with the caravans coming, even MORE will flood the borders. And Nobody Wonders if the Koch Brothers and Zuckerberg haven’t put in some money with Soros to make this invasion happen.

The conservatives might spin it as a win, but the democrats will say THEY won, because Trump didn’t get much of anything.

It’s a risk he will have to take. Does he call an emergency? Or does he look “weak” and wait for a better time?

Only he knows the answer to that.

The fault still lies with Paul Ryan. He never let immigration reform even get to first base. The BUSH/Hillary/RINO open borders scumbags are doing everything in their power to stop Trump from stopping the invasion.

Between the liberals and the RINOS they continue to try to destroy his base.

If Trump accepts this, it will surely look as a defeat to many people who are tired of waiting. Like Ann Coulter. They want him to just stand up and do it.

But when you have most of Congress blocking it, and against you, and he does want to get reelected.

The dishonest chess game they are playing is disgusting and horrible to even witness.

The crowds in Texas show that the people want this. It’s only Congress blocking the way.

So, Mr. Cruz? It’s your turn to score a big one for the team. 

If you could help pull this off, it would be a page in American history. Right up there with the Alamo.

Can you come back and prove that Levine and Limbaugh were right to support you over Trump?

Can you do that for the great state of Texas? Can you do that for America?

Right now, even one man in Congress helping out is a win.

This is your moment.

Go out and sell it.


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Nobody’s Fool: Ted Cruz

Nobody’s Fool

I just LOVED this speech from Ted Cruz on immigration. How can anybody not like this guy? Oh yeah. I forgot. President George W. Bush can’t stand him.

Congratulations Mr. Cruz! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for being the most eloquent speaker at the 4th GOP debate last week.

Go get em’! 

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Dirty Barn Members.. Get Rid of John Bonehead!

Nobody’s Opinion 

Let’s start our weekend on a great note, shall we? Ted Cruz’s heroic stance against Obamacare has finally come to some kind of fruition. YEAH TED!  Ted, has never stopped attacking the corrupt leaders of the House. He has led those “dirty and RADICAL right-wing conservatives” across the nation into seeing, the main problem with the Republican Party, and for that, he got called a “Jackass” by John Bonehead on his way out.

Ted…be proud.

Yes…John Boehner, as you heard in the above video, plans to ‘clean out the dirty barn.”J b 2

Whoa. If the barn was dirty in the first place, it’s only because of the biggest shitter in the house has been crapping up the barn so long, SOMEBODY had to call in the aerosol.

So, all you people out there who voted to put in the men to STOP Obamacare, you are now…named…dirty. Radicals.

Asked if the tea party wing was being unrealistic in its expectations, Boehner emphatically replied, “Absolutely, they’re not realistic!” Our system of government is not about Hail Mary passes,” Boehner said. “It’s the Woody Hayes school of football: three yards and a cloud of dust, three yards and a cloud of dust. It’s a slow methodical process.”

According to John Bonehead, it takes maybe a century or more to effect “change”  even though Obama did it on his first day.  What if our President was Hitler, and he ordered all newborn females to be gassed? And what if they didn’t have the votes to overturn his veto,—John Boehner would insist that “these things take time.”

Saving little babies from being cut up and sold to the highest bidder is going to get a ‘committee’ from John. (Right.)

So, what happened behind closed doors that made the Speaker quit, right in the middle of the great Pope orgy? It seems…it’s desperate times for the GOP.  245 days of talking about the Pope and his greenhouse little mini mouse van should keep everyone NOT thinking about the election.  Our President, with the help of John Boehner, just shoved down the American throat: climate change, higher taxes, and the flooding of millions of immigrants with a no borders world. I’m sure it only fueled the fires of those dirty American jackasses out there who want to get back at him.

Besides, John wanted to make himself look like a “holy, innocent, good man.” who the Pope thought so much of, he asked “HIM” to pray for him, so he is repeating that story everywhere. Jb 4

What’s next to distract us from giving airtime to those dirty animals…Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, or Ben Carson? Jeb Bush?

Jeb Bush came out on FOX to tell the world that those polls that show he’s still losing big time in the race, really don’t matter at all. Once American sees how his plans will work to take the country to a better place, they’ll vote for him. He’s SURE of it. And I can’t tell you what else he said because..I fell asleep.

He does that to me…something about those catatonic eye glasses, that makes me think of the last guy who was trying to sell me funeral insurance in my living room.

What’s next to distract us from giving airtime to those dirty animals…Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson?

How about…a visit from aliens? That might take up at least six months. They could even have the Pope meet them at the United Nations, and make them global citizens. The aliens might even give John another good cry. And who’s not up for that?

What putz.

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Iran, Russia, now the USA.. Just—Jail Those Christians.

Nobody Wins

When Trump came out strong on immigration, he got a lot of push-back, until Kathryn Steinle was shot dead while walking on a pier in San Francisco by an illegal alien.

That terrible event pushed Trump into the top position for the nomination for President, and he has not come down since.

So, logic tells you, that Mike Huckabee, saw a woman he could use to push HIS campaign for President right up there with Donald. After all, he’s not doing too well. He saw his opportunity with the recent fiasco of a woman named Kim Davis, refusing to marry gays, and he jumped on it.

But Joyanna…Mike Huckabee is a VERY religious man…he just wants to help the poor woman.

Nobody Wonders…did the woman ASK for his help? Take a look at this picture. Looks to me by her body language she knows he is just using her for his campaign. Huckabee

Noble man Huckabee…has volunteered to go to jail for her:

“If somebody needs to go to jail, I am willing to go in her place, and I mean that,” he said Tuesday as Davis walked free.  

“Anybody out there believe that? I don’t. And I’ll tell you why. If Huckabee was sincerely wanting to put a flag on this abomination of tyranny committed by our country…I mean they put Christians in jail in Iran for God’s sake, why are WE doing it? If Huckabee was sincere, then he would not have gotten his little man from China to keep Ted Cruz off the stage.

Mike…was thinking of nobody but himself. Real Christian of you, Mike. That’s showing the world how serious you are about tyranny……why not invite all noble voices to help this poor woman? No?

Mike had this to say about Cruz showing up:

While the event was free, Huckabee said, Cruz was not allowed to “come to an event that we’re putting together and invite himself on the program anymore than I could go a few weeks ago to his event in Des Moines and just show up and expect to be a speaker. It’s real simple.”

“We had no idea Ted Cruz was going to show up until the day before and he didn’t call us,” Huckabee said. “He called several other people on the program and asked about it.”

PROVING That Mike was staging this event, not for Ms Davis, but for himself.

Ted graciously backed down. He was probably just there to really give his support. Today at the Tea Party Event in Washington D.C., Cruz shared the stage with Donald Trump, and even thanked him for showing up.

That’s the difference between the two men. That’s how you judge character.

Anyway, the judge said this:

“If Ms. Davis stops them from issuing licenses, then we are right back where we started,” Toobin said. “And Judge Bunning has made it quite clear, he will lock her back up.”

So, let me get this straight: IF you were voted into office BEFORE the Supreme Court made gay married the unconstitutional  law of the land (church and state separation? Where?) then why is it YOUR fault that you didn’t know that you had to marry gays when you took the job. How is that your fault?

And what’s all this stuff about obeying the law? Does Obama obey the law? no. Do illegal aliens breaking into our country obey the law? no. Does half our Congress obey the law? no.

Then why should anybody?

It seems she should just be transferred to another department, same pay. Let somebody else do the job. Pretty simple. She could be fired. Simple. But jailed?baby serious

What are we now, Russia?

Is it any wonder our government can’t solve a simple solution to this problem besides putting a woman in jail?

Oh boy…are WE in trouble.

Actually, it’s Obama’s law now. And he has the Supreme Court backing him.

God bless the NSA….but back to the Huckster.

Nobody Wins when religious people do things in the name of religion to further only themselves…but that’s a story as old as religion itself.

Hey, maybe Huckabee WILL go serve time in jail for her…Let’s see if he is a man of his word.

Any bets?

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John Beohner Calls Cruz a “Jackass”, Jeb called Trump an “A–hole.” But…WHOSE Being Called Too Bombastic?

Nobody CaresBeohner and Cruz

This afternoon, I was listening to the Rush Limbaugh program, and was glad to hear that Rush at least is coming around to the fact that the elites in the Republican Party really don’t like their ‘base.’ And who represents the ‘base’ better than anybody else?

Ted Cruz! In fact, the leaders of the party are certain that they will be able to get rid of Donald Trump, by blasting him with full guns daily. Ted Cruz on the other hand, is IN the Senate, and he has been like a bad strain of poison ivy on their arrogant political butts. They are not quite sure how to get rid of him, because Ted is relentless in his attacks on the elites that rule:

House Speaker John Boehner fired a stunning blast at Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, reportedly calling him a “jackass” during a Colorado fundraiser.

The Daily Caller, citing two people who attended the Steamboat Springs event for GOP Rep. Scott Tipton, reports Boehner glibly remarked that he liked that Cruz’s presidential campaign keeps “that jackass” out of Washington — and from telling the Speaker how to do his job.

The great “Speaker”…you know the one that is upset that he can’t play more golf with Obama? That one. But to be fair, like the other big elite in the party, calling patriotic American names seems to be all they can muster…remember Jeb Bush called Donald Trump:

— a “buffoon,” a “clown” and, yes, an “a- -hole.

So far, Donald biggest line has been “stupid, and clueless.”

Pick your words, but why does Donald get blamed for being ‘bombastic’ and John and Jeb don’t? Because they control the media.

For instance: They have a new tool they tried to use to blast Trump. They made up a fake “Poll” of about 150 people, and ask them all to say just ONE word to describe every candidate. They started out with Hillary and said “liar” just to throw you off. Then they went to Trump: “arrogant” and the rest I won’t even mention that’s how bad they were…

What was the worst that the “people” (that’s supposedly you and me folks) said about Bush? His last name was…Bush. Ahhhhhhh…poor guy. Boehner playing gold

This little propaganda tool used to trash Trump was all over the media the last few days…replacing the REAL news in the world. Pretty sad I’d say when they have to resort to BS polls to try to get the people to hate Trump.

But, back to Ted Cruz. Trump knows business, Cruz knows the Congress and the law. They are both stanch fighters.

Let’s hope Ted Cruz gets on the ticket with Trump.  I wouldn’t mind seeing John Boehner cry just one more time……


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Ted Cruz…Keeps the Flame of Hope Alive

Nobody Flashes

Isn’t it nice to know that this man, is standing up for all of us?

I could watch this every day, in fact, I think I will.

Ted Cruz…makes Mr. New Jersey look like just another crooked politician. I actually heard Chris Christie today, pull out the old, “My child ask me today…’Daddy did you do it?’

“‘No son.”

As if…voters are suppose to believe that he would never lie to his own son.

The unions just ran a democrat in republican clothing. I’m sorry. Chris Christie looks like some guy from the Sopranos. He TALKS like a guy from the Sopranos.

Ted Cruz, talks like a patriot.

And the way things are going…Ted Cruz might be the next Noah.



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Nobody’s Fool: Ted Cruz…Again

Nobody’s Fool

Gee…I don’t remember this fantastic explanation of why we need the Stand Your Ground Law by Ted Cruz to Trayvon Martin’s mother last year, but I’m glad I found it.

Ted shows here why he would make an excellent President. Will he run as an Independent?


Ted Cruz, in this Nobody’s Mind, wins the Nobody’s Fool award for 2013.

Congratulations Ted! Keep up the fight….

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Nobody’s Fool: Senator Ted Cruz

Nobody’s Fool

Clearly, the Nobody’s Fool award this week goes to Ted Cruz, who stood up in the Senate for 21 hours and pleaded for his fellow Republicans to stand with him in stopping a law that was passed without the consent of the American people no matter what the liberals say. Most of Congress admitted they had never read it. And everyone is really suffering from it, already.

Ted is not only articulate, he is smart and clearly, a great American patriot.

Hopefully, Ted can keep up the fight for all of the average American Joes, who are getting no representation from most of Congress. In a sea of depressing daily news, Ted is a great beam of hope.

Thanks Ted! You win the Nobody’s Fool award for the week!

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Nobody’s Fool: Senator Ted Cruz


Nobody’s Fool

Senator Ted Cruz is great in this exchange with Eric Holder. Eric Holder has admitted that President Obama has the right to use drones on American Citizens in the United States, but here, he is trying to act as if “Oh…we wouldn’t hit anyone sitting in a CAFE..”.(We’d wait until he got in his car..or went to the bathroom…or jumped into a pool..)

This is the kind of questioning that all the republicans should be doing.

Watch, and admire.

Senator Ted Cruz makes us all proud, and he wins the Nobody’s Fool prize for the week.

Now, let’s get him to start talkinga about impeachment proceedings….

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