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Nobody’s Fool: Senator Ted Cruz

Nobody’s Fool

Clearly, the Nobody’s Fool award this week goes to Ted Cruz, who stood up in the Senate for 21 hours and pleaded for his fellow Republicans to stand with him in stopping a law that was passed without the consent of the American people no matter what the liberals say. Most of Congress admitted they had never read it. And everyone is really suffering from it, already.

Ted is not only articulate, he is smart and clearly, a great American patriot.

Hopefully, Ted can keep up the fight for all of the average American Joes, who are getting no representation from most of Congress. In a sea of depressing daily news, Ted is a great beam of hope.

Thanks Ted! You win the Nobody’s Fool award for the week!

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  1. They that never read the law are stupid imho. Nothing they say means anything to me and millions of citizens who have been locked out of being able to even get insurance in the past because of preexisting conditions and or cost!! And despite what you think you already know… Ted Cruz is committed to do whatever and say whatever ( and lies) to try to sabotage the Affordable Care Act. Ted Cruz and the right wing extremists are all about capitalism and the rich getting richer while the gap gets bigger and the middle class ( including me) get squeezed out of jobs, opportunity, and the list goes on. He doesn’t give a crap about all the American people…. and I’m a white woman and a Christian too! Don’t be fooled. Not all Christians buy his rhetoric! He lies and fact checking bites him in the butt every time. You don’t live here in the U S , I do. The ACA is long over due to protect families with sick children of all classes , with preexisting conditions who have been shut out of insurance coverage for years along with anyone with pre existing conditions.. That’s why insurance companies have been making record profits for years. They just wouldn’t cover the average person or the sick.. They only want to cover young well people and not pay out for sick people. Of course, you should already know this… If you don’t even live here… you don’t have a right to make such comments because you have no clue lady.


    Comment by JC | April 20, 2014 | Reply

    • Now, I know something about this: My son has a preexisting condition, and I have had to watch him suffer for YEARS because nobody would insure him. It’s horrible to watch someone suffer, especially when you can’t afford expensive surgery.   But right after Obamacare passed…guess what? He still couldn’t get insurance. And Obamacare won’t do him any good at all, because it’s TEN TIMES more expensive than the old insurance. Obamacare has skyrocketed everybody’s insurance.   And now the companies aren’t offering insurance anymore. You have to get Obamacare, and millions of people making very low wages, will not be able to afford it. MORE people will be uninsured.   Do you not have insurance? Or…are you on Obamacare and have a lot of money to pay those deductibles?   It’s horrible, and it is a future holocaust.     Instead of fixing things…like passing a law that people with preexisting conditions should be covered, they ruined everything. I’m 61, and remember the good old days before the Clintons, and the HMO”s.   I stand with Ted Cruz. The “affordable health care act” is horrible. AND when it goes into full effect, older people like me, who may want to survive cancer treatments will not get them. Before, if you had insurance, you could. Already people with cancer are being put on a fast road to death.   Obamacare is a holocaust. Read more. Read MORE…read both sides.   Our insurance has gone up $200 dollars a month…and others have gotten MUCH worse. I know tons of people who were happy, and lost their insurance, and now HAVE NONE!   As for the “rich getting richer” you must be listening to CNN and propaganda. Every citizen should listen to FOX and CNN, and then read..a lot. There is nothing wrong with capitalism. It’s Crony capitalism that is bad. The democrats get money from Hollywood, Wall Street…etc also. They are just better at always pointing to the other guys crime.   Both parties are filled with corruption.   . Did you know that Wall Street gave more to Obama than Mitt Romney?   And surely you know that Obama lied…you can’t  always keep your doctor. I lost two of mine already.   Your insurance went up. (not to mention, remember those taxes he said we would never have to pay? Everybody got hit at least $50 bucks on that.)   I live in the Missouri. Ted Cruz does not lie. I’m still a big fan. He is one of the only ones who does not in Congress. Tell me, he is standing alone….what does he get out of that? Money? I doubt it.   And FYI…anybody who had a sick kid, went to the hospital in this country. NOBODY was refused care.     And guess what? Sorry…I have a right to say whatever I want. It’s just my opinion. And it my blog. LOL!   And now you’re really going to hate me…I love his dad even more!


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | April 20, 2014 | Reply

      • you can say whatever you want to say but Ted Cruz lies all the time and fact check is always busting him. The insurance situation is working I’ll have you know. If your insurance has gone up some say thanks to your insurance company… not Obamacare. I was laid off after 20yrs with a fortune 500 company and then used up my cobra insurance. That was 400 a month for not great insurance I had through a recruiting company. I was told that UHC would convert my insurance into a single payor when it ran out but when the time came they flat rejected me because of pre existing conditions. Who doesn’t have at least one by the time they are 60?? The republicans offered nothing to keep people from being rejected by insurance companies and don’t tell me otherwise. They said vouchers would take care of people which is BS because the insurance companies will just reject you. I’ve been fighting severe depression and anxiety and have been terrified about how I will take care of myself if I can’t get medical help. I finally got a policy through Costco but it was and the deduction was 5500/ 12500 total out of pocket. The only thing I got was a check up and so I had to cancel it and go without part of this last year because I simply couldn;t afford it. I am long divorced on my own..have my own home and 401k , not much… but I not have to sell my home and move in with my son… until I figure out what to do next.. I took my SS this year and a small pension.. My mortage is 1200 a mo so I have to sell. The affordable care act is going to cost me 148.00 mo for a Blue Choice Silver plan with dental added.. My deductable is 500 and total out of pocket is 1500. Big difference… My income is just under 20,000 now because I am just living on my SS and pension and take out if needed from my 401k. It’s tough.. I use to make 48,000 a year. Now no one wants to hire older workers which is flat out discrimination crap. I have my first appointment with a therapist on Tuesday and then with my new doctor next week. I had to get a new doctor but I can live with that. At least I’m going to be able to get the help I need so I can go back to work at least part time. There was no way for me to get any help before the ACA went into affect. If peoples insurance is going up then it possible that they are making too much to get the ACA. If your son is on his own he should be able to get coverage fairly cheap.. Everytime the GOP extremists put one of those fake stories online, it’s torn to shreds by fact checkers. It is pure crap. If your son still can’t get coverage then you are not telling me the whole story. Its that simple.. It is what some of those republicans fail to tell that makes it look like they were left out.. And about Ted Cruz… he makes me want to throw up! That man is not about politics.. he’s about getting himself a nice fat pension for wreaking havoc for a short while. I want that man voted out of politics altogether, thank you very much. The ACA is going to help literally millions of people just like you and me. And they are not all indigent like the GOP would have you believe!. There are things to be worked on and tweaked and that is normal and to be expected with any new programs. That is just the way it is. But overall…. this is long overdue in my opinion and I will forever be thankful…. It was allow me to work part time instead of being forced to work full time when I physically can’t right now… just to get insurance. Smaller businesses will be able to get people to work for them easier that don’t have benefits because people can get insurance through the ACA. It’s going to allow people to start their own businesses from home if they want… because now they don’t have to worry about not being able to get insurance. The CBO has already said that insurance rates are increasing at a slower pace . You also have to take into account what kind of coverage a person goes from to. I have much better coverage and yet instead of paying almost 400 a month, I now pay 148 mo. I have some co pays but did before too.. Not bad though. I am much more hopeful now than a year ago. Unless a person is going to tell the whole truth about their particular insurance situation… I don’t believe the Ted cruz stories at all… He’s been caught lying too many times. I can’t stand that man.


        Comment by JC | April 20, 2014

      • First: I’m so sorry your— life sounds so rough. I mean that sincerely.   For the people making UNDER 20,000 a year, I can imagine that Obamacare is helping them. I met a man in the doctor’s office the other day who was 40, had lost his job, living in his mother’s basement, and was ecstatic that Obamacare was going to give him a full ride. He didn’t have to get a job. In fact, if he did, he would lose that benefit. He wasn’t married. And he was happy. No job, nothing to do but watch TV.   Some people are happy with that.   Second, I do my own research. So many of these ‘fact check” and other websites are funded by George Soros, who is the democrats Koch brothers to you. EACH party gets their money from rich billionaires, and major corporations. We have become a fascistic nation.    I still stand  by Ted Cruz. Tell me what lies you believe he is saying, and I can match those lies tenfold with Obama’s.   And that is why so many people are suffering, and WANTING help. We are now an oligarchy. Run by the rich, and the little guy like you and me, suffer. There are VERY few politicians that are looking out for you or me.   Now, companies are laying off workers right and left…   First, George Bush bailed out Wallstreet. Then Obama bailed out the companies. (AND WALL STREET) The Fed is inflating our dollar.   AND the companies can’t afford Obamacare because it will cost them too much. They will just throw people off their insurance.   over 9 million have LOST their insurance, and can’t quit their jobs…so they are paying extra high prices.   Why did you get laid off? Yes, there was big problems with insurance, but that came with the HMO’s which happened when Hillary Clinton got in charge of it all. Sure, the HMO”s seemed great, but it help ruin the system.   And it’s not just age that is keeping people from finding decent jobs. They are just not there. I know kids out of college with degrees that are working at pizza hut. I saw a woman the other day at Lowe’s who had had a stroke! She had trouble talking. And she was about 67, and she HAD to work. So sad. So very sad.   We are…a ‘service’ economy now. Know what that means? We don’t manufacture anymore. Only service jobs…for the private sector thank you  very much. At least YOU have a pension. I don’t. I was a self employed musician for most of my life. I paid DOUBLE social security and had to buy my own health care. And you know what? It WAS affordable.   Both parties have damaged our economy. They have promoted globalization, to up their own stocks. We are not that America…the middle class has been decimated by our own government.   I’m not a GOP lover. Bush was a globalist. Obama is a globalist. They WORK for the fortune 500 companies. Who…by the way, wanted universal health care. The goal is to put insurance companies out of business.  And then the government will decide if you get that cancer treatment at 65. Odds are…you will not.   My son lost his job as a personal trainer because the ‘rich’ people couldn’t afford personal trainers anymore. Yes, 2008, killed the middle class. But, if he makes even 30,000 a year, he will not be able to afford Obamacare. He has major back injuries, and he needs back surgery, which would take 6 months to recover (100,000) which he doesn’t have, and then he would lose his home because he couldn’t pay his bills while recovering. So he just deals with the pain.   so many people are in the same boat. Please don’t say I lie about my son. That’s hurtful. I know you’re hurting, and depressed, but so are millions of others. YOU are suffering. Are YOU lying? I could say the very same thing about you, couldn’t I?   Those people you hear on TV, are really suffering. JUST LIKE YOU! But, Harry Reid wants you to think EVEYRONE is lying.   Bull shit.   Okay, I had to laugh about Ted Cruz getting a big fat pension. Last time I looked, every single member of Congress, AND most people in the government get that. Why just pick on him?   The rest of your rant, sounds like you’ve been listening to talking points on CNN. Do you KNOW any small business owners. My brother runs his own DJ service, and he is REALLY suffering badly. Small farmers, small businesses, they are closing down everywhere.   I have three patents, and I can tell you, you cannot compete with big business. They will crush you. And they have.   For instance, look at Wal Mart. Look how many little businesses they destroyed all over the country. Did you know that both Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama were on Wal Mart’s board? And I bet you thought they were a GOP invention.   The economy is changing. And each party wants YOU to HATE the other party. In the meantime, Michelle takes million dollar vacations, and Obama tells you things will work out okay.   But look around…got any malls that closed where you live? See any small business closing after being in business for years? ARE YOU STILL SUFFERING?   The GOP has put in plenty of bills with improvements to health care, even the pre-condition one. but Harry Reid refuses to allow it to the floor.   If you want to know what America is going to look like in the future…just look at Detroit.   We are just on two different sides of the street. I don’t believe a word this administrations says. You hate Ted Cruz.   And I believe those stories. Too bad you believe your government before you believe regular people like yourself. .   I think the difference between the both of us, is I remember what the country was like when Ronald Reagan was President. I remember when you could go to the doc for a few dollars, and the hospital bills didn’t kill ya. I remember my grandfather getting surgery at the age of 78.   Obamacare will NOT do that. You will be given pain medicine and told to die.   And you will, unlike me, say “well, it’s my time to go” ….NOT ME.   I don’t think ANY government has the right to refuse you treatment. And Obamacare will do that.   AFTER 2016.   I’m glad you’re happy with Obamcare.   It’s unconstitutional, and my ancestors would have had a LOT more to say about it. Be glad I’m just a nobody with a blog.      


        Comment by Joyanna Adams | April 20, 2014

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