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Happy Worker’s Day Comrades! For those of you who are working hard to support the 47 percent who are not working, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!Workers one

The Muslim Brotherhood wants to thank you for all the support.

The IRS wants to thank you for your support.

The NEA wants to thank you for your support.

The people receiving food stamps want to thank you for all your hard work. And we expect more from you in the future BECAUSE:

The decline in labor force participation is not a new problem. After peaking at 67.3% in early 2000, the rate has been falling ever since. As these trends continue, the Chicago Fed expects the labor force participation rate will keep falling, hitting 62.4% by 2020.

That poses a problem for a variety of reasons.

It hits tax revenue and makes it harder to fund social safety nets like Social Security. Not to mention, it’s likely to increase income inequality.

Most importantly though, it makes the U.S. economy less productive and weighs on growth

Obama, sends his thanks for all those time you had to skip your family vacations because he needs to take them every other week.Barack Vacation

It’s a tough job you know.

Yes, Comrades! I know many of you have to work today, on this holiday celebrating workers of America, but remember….you are the reason Obama can give away cell phones.

Thanks! Keep up the good work! Go ahead and enjoy that extra shot of caramel mocha at Starbucks…you deserve it!                

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