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Lemonade, RV’s, and Capitalism

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I was coming home from an RV show (in which I learned that you should buy one in Texas because there are no taxes, and rent one first) when I passed a bunch of kids waving signs saying, “Lemonade 50 cents.”

There is nothing more important than teaching kids at an early age that you can make money if you work, so I decided to risk getting my car towed since it was a busy road, and stop to help promote capitalism in the young minds of tomorrow.lemonade stand

“Have you got change for a dollar?” I asked.

“Sure!” Said the cute little blond kid. He took my dollar and gave me back two quarters, and then, I looked down at the table and saw…empty cups.

“We ran out of lemonade.” said the kid. “Dad’s inside making more.”

Well, Dad evidently had either never make Kool Aid before, or he was watching  the football game because five minutes stretched into ten, and my patient of standing in the 100 degree hot sun was disappearing  the hotter I got.

“You know, in business it’s not good policy to keep the customer waiting, and you should have HAD THE lemonade already made so that when you run out, you can easily get the refill.” I said.

“Well, mom went to take my sister to her ballet lesson.” said some chunky kid. “And dad said to fill up the glasses only half full so that we don’t run out. ”

Good old dad. He was teaching the kids how to rip off customers. Clearly the adults had not thought this whole thing out.capitalism

“You can have some water!” said the chunky kid.

“Okay, you win. ” I said. I poured myself a small glass of water and left….who knows what dad was doing. …. “But I won’t’ be back tomorrow when I pass this way again.”

Hey…kids have to learn to deal with the dissatisfied customer.

As I was driving home, I noticed that my air conditioning vents were rattling. I had just gotten the car back from a major brake job, and I couldn’t help but be suspicious. Did the mechanics mess with my air conditioning vents just so that I would bring it back to be fixed?

And that’s one of the reasons why capitalism gets a bad rap. It is SO easy to rip people off for your own benefit. Without honesty, and integrity in capitalism, you get to the rich elites ripping off the lower classes and then you have demands for communism.

Even Glenn Beck rips off people……and he’s a Mormon.

As for the RV show…it’s amazing what they can fit into a big van.cap two

One guy, who looked liked Donald Sutherland, told me that he had one, and traveled all over the West, and  that his transmission to his car blew somewhere in the Sierra Mountains. And he used it to go to Canada and get drugs….His wife wanted another one.  They told me they had children scattered all over the country.


“Oh, so you want to go and visit your children?”

“No…we want to get away from them!”

Some days, I wonder why I even leave the house.



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Do You Want Paper or Your Ipod?

Nobody Gets Email

Hey! This is just fun! That’s me reading books, writing on paper….I really have no desire to get a Kindle.

BUT…having said that, everybody I know has an IPOD and loves it.


(Thanks to JR)

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