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In Defense of the Big American Bone

Or— Those With Big Bones, Hide Them NOW!

Nobody’s Opinion

She’s Italian, she was raised Catholic, and she fits right into what I was going to talk about today. Her name is Liz Trotta. She is a contributing commentator on Fox News, and this morning her subject was…the Pope. People should stop picking on him, especially Rush Limbaugh, she said. She went on: Just because the Pope said that he knew and liked a lot of Marxists, doesn’t mean that he likes Marxism.Lis Trotta

According to MS Trotta, the Pope sees the great misery and poverty in the world, and he is just doing what Jesus would do, what we all should do—- be concerned about the little children of this world growing up in poverty.  (It’s the new progressive argument.)

I had just read a piece from Charles Krauthammer’s new book, “Things that Matter” called, The Mirror-Image Fallacy, (Time, Aug., 1983) in which the good psychiatrist explains the progressive concept of Solipsism, which says that everyone in the world is alike.

“Fundamentally, it is a radical denial of the otherness of others.” said Charles.

This philosophy —everyone in the world is the same, because we all sleep, drink, feel pain, get common colds etc,  and therefore utopia could be reached if we just got the right system in place—is crazy.   Nobody needs to suffer, they believe.

I hate to say this, but sometimes it’s what people leave OUT of their talking points that can really get you pissed off. (Obama does this every day.) In Liz’s great defense of the Pope, she forgot to mention that the Pope WAS attacking capitalism.  Sorry Liz, that quite a big point to leave out.

h/t The Exchange:Pope

The pope has gone a bit overboard, however, in his recent attack on free-market capitalism. In a lengthy “apostolic exhortation,” Pope Francis rails against “an economy of exclusion” and a “ financial system which rules rather than serves.” The pope points out that, in a time of miraculous technological progress, alarming numbers of people still live in misery and desperation.

“The culture of prosperity deadens us,” the pope writes. “We are thrilled if the market offers us something new to purchase; and in the meantime all those lives stunted for lack of opportunity seem a mere spectacle; they fail to move us.”

The pope has urged everyone from charities to Italian authorities “to do everything possible so that every family can have a house.” this holiday season.

Great idea!  Hey, that Vatican is pretty big— just THINK of how many homeless families you could fit in that sucker.

According to the Pope, and the progressives, the only way to rectify this horrible injustice of people who have nothing, is to redistribute the bones…I mean the money, by force if we must. Both Obama, and now the Pope, and quite a few members of Congress are ready to implement…equality upon the world. Obamacare is just the start.

(John McCain would add the Ukraine, Japan, North Korea, the Sudan, Syria…..Mercury, the planet Venus…)

The world leaders are desperate in their compassion, are they not? Even Liz today was full of it. I was looking for the picture of the poor starving children walking barefoot in Rio to pop up behind her.

To the progressives, the only way to bring utopia to the earth is to take a bone from one dog, and give it to the other dog.  Anybody who has dogs knows there WILL be a fight. Even the sweetest dog on the planet will bare her teeth and growl, protect that bone, even hide it, from the other dog. That is her bone, and NOBODY has a right to it. This happens every single morning in my house.Dog with Bone

It’s dog survival 101.

And everybody knows the best way to lift people out of poverty is to let the people run their own lives, in free markets, without government interfering, and collect as many bones as they possible can.  And that’s true capitalism. That was once the American Dream.

My subject today was going to be when did America stop believing in individual success? When did the American Dream turn into— America is greedy, selfish, and rich?

When did the man become less important than the collective? Even in sports, it’s the home-run that wins the games. While the collective can win at many things, true progress is made, in almost every instance, by the individual with a little help from his friends.

(Thank you Ringo)

I know when it happened in my life. The social conditioning started in 1st grade. If one bully hits a kid, and the kid sticks up for himself, BOTH kids are sent to the office. What can of justice is that? There is no justice.Communism Cartoon

It’s all about teaching that the children must obey and do what’s best for the collective.

If a bully in class damages something while the teacher is gone, and nobody in the class is willing to be beat up by the bully, they remain silent. The whole class will be punished for one man’s crime. I believe this is done in the military too.

Nobody Thinks the very insanity of blaming millions of white people now, for crimes of their ancestors of long ago, is no different than punishing the whole class for crimes none of them committed. We are…forever being conditioned to guilt. And the Catholics and politicians, are masters at it.

It’s one of the reasons a whole race of white people are silent now on the injustices being propelled on them, for crimes they didn’t even commit.

So I ask myself: Will America put up a fight for her bones, the biggest one being freedom and the right of the individual to decide his own fate? George Carlin

And why should such an intelligent woman such as Liz Trotta, ignore the obvious?. Has she no clue that she is suggesting we all stop buying I-Phones and start giving our money to countries all over the world?

( I don’t have an I Phone, but the black guy who just came over to fix my internet connection had two, which he got the old-fashioned way. He worked for them.)

Liz Trotta, we perhaps could say, is just a product of her Catholic upbringing, which never told her, there isn’t enough bones in the world to fix poverty, and who never pointed out to her, that politicians will go farther than a dog for their right to keep their bones: They hide them in offshore bank accounts while they take ours, which Nobody Thinks is an injustice we have been conditioned to accept.

And speaking of dogs: Today, Raul Castro issued a stern warning to entrepreneurs to not push the boundaries of the state. Nobody is to collect too many bones in Cuba..he is adamant.

The Pope would no doubt, find Castro very friendly, because Castro, has a house for all his people, even if they all leak.Dog digging hole

I just hope our American doggie survival instincts kick in before it’s too late…and if not, we can always go back to the old Jesse James’ method.

You dig a BIG hole….

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Communism, Capitalism, and the Sweet Ism Sound of Sucking…

Nobody’s Opinion

Well, bust my plastic buttons: The Pope is complaining about capitalism.Pope Francis

Democracy Now:

Pope Francis has used his first major written work to attack capitalism as a “new tyranny,” while urging global leaders to fight poverty and inequality. In a document published Tuesday, Pope Francis denounced the ‘idolatry of money’ and “trickle-down” economic policies, as well as consumerism and a financial system which he says rules rather than serves. The Pope urged politicians to guarantee all citizens “dignified work, education and healthcare.”

This coming from a guy who gets money from the poor and lives in a house which has the biggest collection of art in the world, and probably has his own foot massager.  I love a good hypocrite. Gee…another con job. And I thought this guy was going to be the real deal. (sigh)

I side with Mr. Adams who found the Catholic Church full of that very same ‘tyranny.”  The Catholic people are poor, but the Vatican is not suffering. Maybe the Pope should practice what he preaches and sell off those Bernini’s so that Peru can have free health care.

I was thinking about the rich today, because I was reading about that very big capitalist, Ross Perot, in Forbes magazine.

True Confession: I voted for Ross Perot…twice. It was said that Ross was the reason Daddy Bush lost to Bill Clinton, and so, the Clinton’s will make sure that some third-party libertarian will run against whomever runs against Hillary, to assure her election, because that worked so well with Bill. It’s all getting rather boring and predictable, isn’t it? Having our Presidents picked years in advance?Ross Perot

The reason I like Perot so much, is that he kept trying to warn everyone about NAFTA, and CAFTA. What he called the sucking sound of America losing its jobs to other countries.

I really don’t think Perot is suffering after his defeat, and neither is Mitt Romney, because they are both what the Pope is talking about: capitalists— In fact, there is one thing both Ross and Mitt have in common: They know how to get the government to fund their big money-making projects and they use that free money from the taxpayers to further their empires.

From “Love That Giant Sucking Sound”, Christopher Helman, Forbes Magazine, Sept., 2013:

The Federal Aviation Administration came to the Perots (in Texas) says Perot Jr., “and asked us to donate land for an airport,” an industrial airport to be built with public funds.

Perot like the idea–and saw a greater opportunity. He convinced Fort Worth Mayor Bob Bolen and the city council of his grand plan. Perot would put up the land for the airport but only if Fort Worth agreed to pay for utilities and infrastructure, allow Perot to operate the airport and promise future tax abatements so he could lure in companies and develop yet more of his land.

Why settle for just an airport?

And this is how it works all over the United States: The billionaires get the ‘people’ to pay for the football stadiums, and malls, and on and on and their property taxes go up, and while jobs ARE created, the bulk of the money goes to….the billionaires.cartoon

Why do you think there are more than 500 big B’s on the Forbes lists? And when the Supreme Court gave big companies “personhood”, you have the mom and pop small business up against the Wal-marts. (I understand where the Pope is coming from, but he just doesn’t get it does he?)

The Perot airport has become the main industrial hub for the lower United States. Sharon Boyd, who tried to stop Perot getting public financing had this to say:

“He’s the ultimate welfare baby. He doesn’t do anything without subsides or tax rebates. He has a mentality that views the public sector as a fat pig that’s going to be slaughter anyway, so it might as well be by us.”

So…here’s where maybe somebody should get the Pope aside and ask him: You, dear sir, can fly all over the world BECAUSE men like Ross Perot build airports for your plane to land upon. Maybe you should think about that next time you take a tour.

Is it any wonder the Pope is complaining? Mom and Pop just don’t have the money any more to fork over to the church. Instead of blaming governments for giving handouts and sweet deals to billionaires friends, he is campaigning for communism. Think about that….Communism and the Church.

Talk about a great sucking sound…put those two together and the wall of China might get sucked up into the Vatican overnight.Capaitalism

I can’t wait. Where’s my straw?

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Lemonade, RV’s, and Capitalism

Nobody’s Notes

I was coming home from an RV show (in which I learned that you should buy one in Texas because there are no taxes, and rent one first) when I passed a bunch of kids waving signs saying, “Lemonade 50 cents.”

There is nothing more important than teaching kids at an early age that you can make money if you work, so I decided to risk getting my car towed since it was a busy road, and stop to help promote capitalism in the young minds of tomorrow.lemonade stand

“Have you got change for a dollar?” I asked.

“Sure!” Said the cute little blond kid. He took my dollar and gave me back two quarters, and then, I looked down at the table and saw…empty cups.

“We ran out of lemonade.” said the kid. “Dad’s inside making more.”

Well, Dad evidently had either never make Kool Aid before, or he was watching  the football game because five minutes stretched into ten, and my patient of standing in the 100 degree hot sun was disappearing  the hotter I got.

“You know, in business it’s not good policy to keep the customer waiting, and you should have HAD THE lemonade already made so that when you run out, you can easily get the refill.” I said.

“Well, mom went to take my sister to her ballet lesson.” said some chunky kid. “And dad said to fill up the glasses only half full so that we don’t run out. ”

Good old dad. He was teaching the kids how to rip off customers. Clearly the adults had not thought this whole thing out.capitalism

“You can have some water!” said the chunky kid.

“Okay, you win. ” I said. I poured myself a small glass of water and left….who knows what dad was doing. …. “But I won’t’ be back tomorrow when I pass this way again.”

Hey…kids have to learn to deal with the dissatisfied customer.

As I was driving home, I noticed that my air conditioning vents were rattling. I had just gotten the car back from a major brake job, and I couldn’t help but be suspicious. Did the mechanics mess with my air conditioning vents just so that I would bring it back to be fixed?

And that’s one of the reasons why capitalism gets a bad rap. It is SO easy to rip people off for your own benefit. Without honesty, and integrity in capitalism, you get to the rich elites ripping off the lower classes and then you have demands for communism.

Even Glenn Beck rips off people……and he’s a Mormon.

As for the RV show…it’s amazing what they can fit into a big van.cap two

One guy, who looked liked Donald Sutherland, told me that he had one, and traveled all over the West, and  that his transmission to his car blew somewhere in the Sierra Mountains. And he used it to go to Canada and get drugs….His wife wanted another one.  They told me they had children scattered all over the country.


“Oh, so you want to go and visit your children?”

“No…we want to get away from them!”

Some days, I wonder why I even leave the house.



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Nobody’s Fool: Aston Kutcher

Nobody’s Fool

This week’s Nobody’s Fool award goes to that “sexy” guy, Aston Kutcher, who came to his senses and divorced Dimi Moore, (Really, next time she should pick a liberal to marry) and has surprised us all by giving this wonderful uplifting speech at the Teen Choice award.

I still haven’t gotten over Bono coming out and saying capitalism WORKS! HA! And now this! And it’s not even a full moon!

Enjoy! I certainly did.



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Prosuming the American Picker

Nobody Knows

Have you ever watched America Pickers? Pawn Shop Wars? Do you think all these programs popping up are just demanded by people because they are so poor, or are they “social engineering” classes? Nobody Wonders….

I have a wonderful friend named Missy, whose family used to be the typical middle class, and she is a great American Picker. Missy is an American woman in the style of Sarah Palin…don’t mess with her, or you’ll liable to find yourself up a tree.  She’s feisty, intelligent, loyal, honest, compassionate, and very patriotic.

Her son used to own his own fitness center. Her husband, Mark, used to work for the Post Office. Missy and Mark used to live in New York, but they moved to North Carolina because the New York property taxes were just too much to bear.

Like millions of baby boomers all over America, they are struggling. Mark lost his pension that was promised, and they get a little from Social Security. Mark is good at being a handyman so they spent their lives buying homes, fixing them up, and then sellng them for a profit. They worked hard for their dream, and succeeded many times over.

You know where I’m going with this.

They have downsized to a smaller house, and their son, who lost his business and can’t find a job, is living in a trailer in the back. He just finally got food stamps after a year. Not only that, he is in sore need of major medical attention. He can’t get any medical. He needs dental. He can’t get that either. He’s over 30 and it’s rough. Missy has told me she sees many people moving trailers onto properties, and many people living in one house.

Nobody Wonders how Obama misses this stuff?

Her son has the usual divorce problems, and he is ordered to pay child support… but no matter how hard he tries, he can’t find a job. He went to a job fair and there were thousands applying. The jobs are just not there. And yet, he is still expected to pay child support. He hardly ever sees his daughter and it’s tearing him up inside.

It’s the same in every city of America.

These are the kind of tough Americans the country was built on. Mark can fix, any car, build any house, fix any problem. Missy can cook fantastic meals from scratch, make her own jellies, skin and cook a deer— tell you how to store onions and eggs in sand. Whenever I have a medical problem I go to her first. Her knowledge of just about every single subject on disease is almost unmatched.

Yes, Missy has a very high IQ. She has saved me over my own doctor too many times to count.

But money is tight. And so, the family goes every Sunday and sets up their booth at the local community “fair.” They trade, they sell, they barter— whatever they can. Missy’s son goes almost every day, selling off stuff that he can find, make or barter.  

This is HOW the family makes money: Flea markets.

It was so touching last week, when Missy told me about how Mark found some pajama’s she liked for $2.50 cents at some booth, so he bought her three. It’s a strong marriage. It’s a good team.

Mark and Missy were once middle class. Those days are now…gone. We are not only the food stamp nation, we are the flea market, dollar store, pawn shop, and Criagslist..give it your best shot…country.

Now…Obama and Mitt are going to talk on and on about the “middle” class, but we will have no middle class: most of our jobs are “service.”  If you listened to Obama say today we were on the path to recovery, remember: We owe $16 trillion.

The country is NEVER going to be the same. They just don’t want you to know that, because it’s an election year.

Missy and Mark get by, selling what little they have left, and I must admit, I’m looking around my house wondering..old comic books, old family deeds, heirlooms, old coins, drum sets (oh no!) …but, my house is mostly books. I bought books for knowledge, no collector items. So, really…not worth much. Luckily, my house is paid for. And common sense tells me, I’ll probably live here till I die.

And that’s okay.

But, this is what bothers me. Now that the middle class has been downsized, and we are all feeling the pain, you can look at most of the millions anywhere on the planet and see people barely exiting.  So, the very powerful see this: and see no problem with “downsizing” the people who live in United States to ‘Upsize” the rest of the world. The UN wants a universal purchase tax put on all rich countries to feed the rest of the world. They were going to use global warming to do this, but that’s not working out too well.

And that brings me to Alvin.

Alvin Toffler ( author of Future Shock),  predicted that in the future, we would all become prosumers. We would work at something we loved and would not get paid. He said we would become a nation of barterers and money would become extinct. Alvin said capitalism would become extinct.

He said this many years if he WISHED it would happen. Now, if you have read me at all, this isn’t the first time I have talked about Alvin And Heidi Toffler.

As I watch American Pickers on TV, I can’t help but think that the popularity of this program is because of our dire economic situation. Obama can say all he wants…

The facts are there: The US deficit will never be repaid, not in our lifetime. The jobs and money will run out…and bartering will be, as Alvin predicted, the only way to eat for many.

Alvin also predicted corporations would do this too:

Many corporations are now moving to a form of internal corporate money so that their subsidiaries can do off the books trades that do not require either taxation or foreign exchange transactions.  Barter exists among government-to-government trades, or big company-to-big company trades, where the controversy about internal pricing may be too high to translate into pricing

And that’s what bothers me…Alvin Toffler and his wife are social engineers. They think capitalism is outdated, as is America. They spent their life living in China. They have been advisers to all the leaders of the world.

Alvin Toffler wants YOU to be a prosumer, which in the American vocabulary means: slave.

Nobody says Alvin Toffler should meet my friend Missy. She’d pick him so bad, he would never heal. We must fight to save capitalism, and put the Toffler’s of the world back in the dark ages where they seem to want everyone else to be…or someday, there will be nothing left to pick.

When you find a “social engineer” who writes books for years predicting the future, Nobody seems to want to ask: Could he predict the future? Or…did Alvin Toffler help shape it?

Nobody Knows, but Nobody’s Opinion on the matter is very strong.


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Wal-Mart Hosts the Federal Reserve?

Nobody’s Opinion

Banks…have become a dirty word. Attach the minds-eye image of Barney Frank sweating in a wet tee-shirt in front of the Bank of America, and you might want to take a shower. Everyone knows by now, it was Barney who kept up the good work of telling us all that the banks of Fannie and Freddie were sound, before the great bank robbery of the history of the planet happened. In fact—I bet Barney personally thought up those names…Freddie and Fannie…in honor of some of his past stable boys.Last year, we saw all the Kings Horses (but none of the King’s men) came tumbling down in 2011, and yet, I managed to not panic. Every pundit from FOX to CNN was screaming..”BUY GOLD! BUY GOLD! BUY …BUY!!!”

And bring us all your little gold bracelets too, my little kiddies! I have no money to buy gold…but Glenn Beck did, and he bought enough for all of us. He told us so, every single day.

My bank, the Bank of America, has always been pretty good to me. I always thought..gee..if I go to South America some day to go white water rafting in the Amazon (okay, I dream) …my bank will be there.

How cool.

When the Bank of America announced that it was going to add a five dollar fee to debit card transactions last year, right away, there was Tricky Dick Durbin (come on…I miss saying Tricky Dick) on the Senate floor telling everyone in the world who had their money with Bank of America to take it out and put it in a local bank, Nobody was a bit concerned. Remember that?

“Bank of America customers, vote with your feet, get the heck out of that bank,” Durbin said. “Find yourself a bank or credit union that won’t gouge you for $5 a month and still will give you a debit card that you can use every single day. What Bank of America has done is an outrage.”

(Right. Five dollar fee…as compared to Obamacare, Dubin? Which will cost more?)

Well…sure, I could do that. But then I’d have to drive ten miles out of my way to my new little community bank, every time I wanted to go to the ATM. The gas alone would be suck up my five dollars.

What to do? Well…I like to tiptoe first before I do know…stick my toe in the water…so I looked for the nearest community bank near me…and there it was.  It was even called First Community! I put a whole $75 dollars in. I was officially supporting a small Bank— God…bless my little American soul.

As I was throwing out my junk mail tonight, and I came upon a brochure from my new little bank. Much to my surprise, my new little community bank’s President had been appointed to the Federal Reserve Bank. And more importantly, you could go to Wal-Mart and do your banking there! He wanted you to do that. Cash that check and go spend!

Let me see….My little community bank was part of the Federal Reserve and it was using Wal-Mart to get customers…have I missed something here?

From Forbes:

Four years ago, Wal-Mart abandoned its plans to obtain a long-sought federal bank charter amid opposition from the banking industry and lawmakers, who feared the huge retailer would drive small bankers out of business and potentially conflate its banking and retail operations. Ever since, Wal-Mart has been quietly building up à la carte financial services, becoming a force among the unbanked and “unhappily banked,” as one Wal-Mart executive.

Let’s talk about this Wal-Mart, We do everything but change your underwear retail experience, shall we?  

In the past twenty years, America has replaced its vast network of privately owned retail shops to the big shopping retail stores: Home Depot and Lowes have annihilated the small mom and pop hardware stores. This is progress…we are told. This is American capitalism at its finest. Our country was flooded with cheap products from China.

When Wal-Mart popped up all over the STILL had competition: you had Kmart and Target.

Competition is good–Right? So said Adam Smith. Competition is what makes capitalism so great…so….this year, my local Wal-Mart is going to move a few miles down the street…just so it can be between K mart and Target. Almost on the same block.

Kmart will be crushed. We all know it’s days are numbered. I know it’s the job of the CEO’s to smash all competition…but when there’s no one left standing, you have a monopoly. And that’s NOT good. That’s China. One Store. One Party. One Food supply. Yuk.

Nobody is confused here: Bank of America…is not part of the Federal Reserve…right? BUT…Wal-Mart is hosting banks from the Federal Reserve in its stores…which go all over the world. And..what if…Wal-Mart is the last store standing, and it holds the cheapest banking rates in the world, and those banks are all owned by the Federal Reserve some day?

Aren’t we all suppose to be going towards MORE competition..not less? Isn’t that just a bit too…scary? All the little banks will go under, and the only ones left standing will be the big ones…and the Federal Reserve Bank will be the only place the lower classes will be able to bank. It might not happen…but then…did you ever think that we’d have a President named Barack Hussein Obama?

Wal-Mart’s slogan is: Low prices, everyday. I don’t know about you…but the last time I was in Wal-Mart, all I wanted to do was leave.

Obama would be proud. Wal-Mart is fundamentally changing America. When all Wal-Mart’s competition is gone, you will be able to buy everything you need…in just one store, and you will get your money right there at Wal Mart. To the Federal Reserve and Wal-Mart, it’s a win/win.

I remember not too long ago, Rush Limbaugh lauding the wonderful world of it helped the poor with low prices, what a model of success it was…etc. etc…but sometimes you can get too much of one thing. The rich will aways have their stores, but the poor will have only one place to go: Wal-Mart. It’s already the story here in North County, St. Louis.

 The banking will be cheap, the groceries will be…cheap. The drugs will be cheap….but the price you really pay, you might never know.

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Trolling for Capitalists!

Nobody’s Opinion: Not many history books talk about it, but the 1776 American Revolution was not just about the price of stamps, or not being represented in Parliament: in 1740, Boston had reached the crisis of an economic depression. The aristocrats had heaped up vast estates, by profiteering at the small farmers expense.

There was a scheme called the “Land Bank” which promised hard pressed farmers and town mechanics a Utopia of paper money backed by real estate. The promoters were inflationist’s who propose to bring back prosperity by flooding the country with paper bills, and at the same time, to “humble the Merchants” by taking the control of currency out of their hands. (John C. Miller) So here we are, 2011, and we have just seen two administrations do the very same thing, with billion dollar stimulus bailouts. Don’t tell me that they are not encouraging a “revolution” because we see the signs of it all around us. Pitting the rich, against the poor. And when the cashless online society finally becomes reality, ALL of us will be at mercy of the banks. The main leaders of the world want a one world currency— it’s what they all are calling for. And the control of currency will be out of all our hands, if that happens.

 Don’t tell me they do NOT have this planned. Somewhere in tall buildings, global Think Tanks are working this stuff out.
So, while you have to laugh at a man (my troll) who thinks Communism and Marxism.. two systems which have cause the most pain and suffering in the history of the world, are the answer — the problem is: capitalism without checks and balances, as we are seeing now, can also cause damage. We shouldn’t all be so naive to say it doesn’t. It comes down to controlling the corruption of men.
(Good luck with that!)
The problems of capitalism makes it very easy for uneducated people to be manipulated back into communism when it runs into bumps.
Our founders KNEW that men were corrupt. So they wisely thought up, and hoped that every branch of the government would check the other. That’s what we need in capitalism, because let’s face it…we have none.
You have the referee in any sports game. You commit a foul, you get sent out of the game. And once upon a time, we had morals and the Ten Commandments to guide us. We do not have that in our capitalistic system anymore. Today, it’s the bottom line and damn the torpedoes.
Our politicians now work for the biggest donors. Our justice systems work for the Presidents, and the President only. We’ve seen it time and time again.
Our executive branch has become a King…with Czars appointed to ignore the laws. How many undeclared wars have we fought on some President’s whim?
Tell me— if there was a citizens watchdog group made up of the common man, elected by each state, to over look the monopolies— and corrupt politicians— and dealers like Fannie and Freddie Mac, then the bunch from Wall Street would all be in jail now.
Who went to jail for the damage? Did Barney Frank serve time? How many huge companies have been allowed to merge, creating such powerful monopolies that soon there will be just ONE place for the poor to shop?
Comrade Wal-Mart.
Does the Supreme Court help us? No, they can pick and choose what case to take. A lot of good that does the common man.
Our politicians (many) are global brokers for the big international companies, who want to put strip malls in every country of the world. It’s a nice thought…but it stifles creativity, and therefore, human progress. And now, they are selling off our cities and assets to the highest foreign bidders.
Who gave them that right? Certainly not the taxpayer.
Redistribution is not the answer. Russia was the perfect example of that. And I don’t know about you, but I resent every dime some President send to a country that hates us.
Since the beginning, the inequality among all men has been hard to deal with. Some people are just better at making money, and when those people get enough power, they can hold millions of others from even making it to first base. I observed this from my many years at patent conventions.
The biggest problem with capitalism is monopolies. To keep prices low, you must have competition. Competition brings out the best in everyone. The elite have stifled it at every turn. Monopolies are now encouraged. And this is because we now have communistic and socialists infiltrating the halls of our government. Chirping “democracy” at every turn in order to disguise themselves.
When one man can control the market, you then have tyranny. Google, has become a tyrant we are finding out, in bed with our government— as is General Electric.
No one else can make the light bulbs that we all love, and compete with General Electric… Congress has outlawed them—which gives GE the monopoly. Can you believe that this has happened? I don’t care how &$%# cute that baby elephant is—it scares the hell out of me.
Congress should not be in bed with GE. For that matter, government workers should never become unionized, which puts all the votes in one party. The military isn’t unionized, why should everyone else be? Yes, our government is really screwed up…our nation is becoming fascist.
But, here’s the naked truth: for all its faults, the world would not survive without capitalism– so far, it’s the best system for developing our species that mankind has invented. We need MORE of it, not less.
But it needs improvement. We need to add independence referees to check it. Men not paid off by the very men who they guard. And that’s the trouble, Every committee that is appointed to investigate crimes, is filled with the same people who committed the crimes. JFK and 9/11 are perfect examples Both committees— filled with men to cover who covered up the truth.
So here’s my nobody thought: Every night, underneath my mouse, is my favorite mouse pad. It has a quote on it by Thomas Edison.

“There is always a way to do it better….find it”  And I agree…there is a better way. Instead of sending the world back into communism, we should be foraging ahead to a new improved capitalistic system, free from government manipulations of monopolies who aim to push the common man down into the slavery of the few global elites. We need to get some checks and balances somehow to allow again the creativity of every individual mind who dares to dream, and to allow his or her dream to be protected, in freedom.

 I’m not sure I got that last paragraph as succinctly as I wanted, but…I tried.
Feel free to put in your two cents….in the spirit of capitalism, the more ideas the better!
This nobody is now…trolling for capitalists!

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